Santosh Trophy 2018: Kerala vs Manipur, Live Match Updates

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Kerala take on Manipur at 3 pm today.


16:59 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Until next time, It's GOOD BYE !!!!

16:58 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage !!! 

16:58 (IST)23 MAR 2018

The South Indian side will be very pleased with their performance while Manipur will have to work hard on their flaws !!!!

16:57 (IST)23 MAR 2018

The final whistle is blown !!! Scores, Kerala 6-0 Manipur !!!!

16:57 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Kerala has been the better side my a mile and is the frontrunners to qualify for the semifinals !!!!

16:56 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Own Goal for Manipur, as the North Easterner's nightmare continues, its Kerala 6-0 Manipur

16:50 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Manipur looking for a consolation, but Kerala not ready to give an inch away

16:45 (IST)23 MAR 2018

GOAL !!! Jithin Gopalan puts the last nail in the coffin, as he Kerala scores it's fifth!!!

16:43 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Substitution for Kerala: Akhil Soman: IN, Midhun: OUT

16:41 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Players resume the game after a much-nedded drinks break

16:36 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Yellow card is shown to Roshan Singh after a clumsy tackle on a Kerala player !!!

16:32 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Substitution for Kerala: Shrekuttan: IN, Anurag: OUT

16:32 (IST)23 MAR 2018

GOAL !!! Jithin M.S's individual brilliance paid off as Kerala nets their fourth !!

16:23 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Jithin Gopalan's goal ensures Kerala bags full points from the match

16:22 (IST)23 MAR 2018

GOAL !!! it's the third goal for Kerala !!!

16:21 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Rahul K.P striker for Kerala after the ball rebounded and fell in front of him !!!

16:19 (IST)23 MAR 2018

GOAL !!! Kerala doubles the lead !!!

16:17 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Afdal's head causes no danger, but not to deny it was a good move !!!

16:14 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Substitute for Manipur: Tondomba Singh: IN, Naocha: OUT

16:11 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Afdal's run along the ground is followed by a weak shot, but nevertheless, they earn a corner !!!

16:09 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Manipur living dangerously at the moment, its sloppy defence could well cost them the match !!!

16:08 (IST)23 MAR 2018

GOAL !!! Kerala scores !!! half-time substitute Afdal on the scoresheet

16:05 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Send half begins at the Sailen Manna Stadium !!!

15:50 (IST)23 MAR 2018

First half ends, it's Kerala 0-0 Manipur !!!

15:49 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Jerry ambitious left kick goes in vain, the Manipuri could have done much better in that situation !!!

15:45 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Five minutes added 

15:44 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Jerry takes a brave shot, but the ball is straight in the hands of the goalkeeper !!

15:40 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Kerala gets back to back corners but fails to take advantage !!!

15:39 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Kerala almost got the first one !!! The best chance of the game so far !!!

15:38 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Jithin M.S, Kerala's backbone in the midfield is trying hard to penetrate through the defence, but the highlander's blocking every move

15:32 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Players take a drinks break to beat the heat on a humid afternoon at the Howrah Stadium !!!

15:29 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Manipur's goalkeeper Salam Dinakumar is down with an injury and he is being replcaced by substitute goalkeeper BomBom Singh !!!

15:28 (IST)23 MAR 2018

The game is pretty even as we nearly complete the first half-an-hour of the game

15:24 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Kerala pressing hard at the moment, but the score remains 0-0

15:20 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Although none of the teams have found a clear shot at goal, yet the match is proving to be an entertaining one !!!

15:18 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Manipur looking the better side till now !!!

15:18 (IST)23 MAR 2018

Apologies for the delayed start of today's coverage

15:12 (IST)23 MAR 2018

A dominant Kerala side is all set to face off against Manipur, where the beautiful game is ever so popular, at the Howrah Municipal Stadium, today. 
Kerala got their campaign off to a flying start as they thumped Chandigarh 5-1 in their first match. Now, they look all set to take on the men from the Northeast in their second game of the group stage. 
Meanwhile, Manipur have had a poor start to their campaign, as they slipped to a 3-0 loss at the hands of defending champions West Bengal. It will be interesting to see whether Manipur can bounce back from this defeat in the match against Kerala. 

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