Santosh Trophy 2018, Semi-final: Kerala vs Mizoram, Live Match Updates

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The match will start at 2.30 pm IST.


16:28 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Till next time, It's GOOD-BYE !!!

16:27 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage !!!

16:27 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Final score: Kerala 1-0 Mizoram

16:26 (IST)30 MAR 2018

It's all over !!!! Kerala will play West Bengal in the final of the 72nd Santosh Trophy on Sunday evening !!!!

16:25 (IST)30 MAR 2018

We are a few moments away from the final whistle !!!

16:20 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Mizoram: Lalnun: OUT, Malswamzuala: IN

16:18 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Mizoram: K.Lalmalsawma: OUT, Lalmuanzova: IN

16:17 (IST)30 MAR 2018

We are into the final three minutes of the regulation time, as of now, Kerala will play the final !!!!

16:15 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kerala 1-0 Mizoram

16:15 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Kerala: Jithin Gopalan: OUT, Jiyad Hussain: IN

16:12 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram almost scored, but the ball was too stubborn to enter the target

16:09 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram pressing hard to restore parity but still trail by a goal !!!

16:06 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Drinks Break !!!

16:05 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Mizoram: Tulunga: OUT, Lalrammawia: IN

15:59 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Kerala: Anurag: OUT, Shrekuttan: IN

15:57 (IST)30 MAR 2018

66' Mizoram's Lal Remruata missed a header which could have easily brought his side back into the contest !!!

15:47 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kerala's star player Jithin M.S with a wonderful run down the sideline then passed laterally and then after a miss by a forward, Afdal calmly sent the ball towards the target !!!

15:44 (IST)30 MAR 2018

GOAL !!!! Afdal scores for Kerala !!!!

15:42 (IST)30 MAR 2018

53' Mizoram began from where they ended in the first half, always hunting in the opponent's half !!!!

15:36 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Substitution for Kerala: Sajith: OUT, Afdal: IN

15:35 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram kicks off the second half !!!!

15:20 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram 0-0 Kerala

15:20 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Half Time !!!!!

15:16 (IST)30 MAR 2018

43' Mizoram is making merry at the moment but is yet to do the needful. That is, to score a goal !!!!

15:13 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Score: Mizoram 0-0 Kerala

15:09 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kerala still trying to get a control in the game but failing to do so

15:03 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram is looking the more organised team in the first half-an-hour of play 

15:02 (IST)30 MAR 2018

29' A string of attacks by Mizoram, but it yielded nothing !!!

14:57 (IST)30 MAR 2018

25' A nice cross Lalmalswama was wasted as none of the two forwards got a foot near it !!!!

14:54 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Players take a drinks break under the hot sun in Kolkata's Maidan region !!!

14:52 (IST)30 MAR 2018

20' Mizoram gets a free-kick, Lalnun's shot hits straight at the human wall !!!

14:46 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Nice shot from Lal Romawia, but an excellent save from Kerala's goalkeeper !!!!

14:43 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Mizoram the better side so far .... Scores 0-0

14:34 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Its kick off time in the semi-final of the Santosh Trophy at the Mohun Bagan ground !!!!

13:30 (IST)30 MAR 2018

Kerala will compete against Mizoram to get a spot in the Finals of 72nd Santosh Trophy Championship. The match will take place at Mohun Bagan Ground on Friday, March 30. 

A tense match with lots of pressure, both the teams were dominant in the previous matches. Kerala, the five-time champions have been dominating from the beginning of the series. They have defeated big teams like Manipur, Chandigarh and even Maharashtra, holding the best 
defensive record.

On the other hand, Mizoram is the team which do not evades these type of matches and gave their best performances in the recent games. It seems like Mizoram have shown improvement in each of their games and will not lose hope easily, especially the chance to get into the finals. 

This will be a game full of excitements not only for the fans but also for both the teams as the pressure for getting into finals is on the way.
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