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Santosh Trophy Live | Services vs Karnataka Indian Football Live Score, Result, Commentary and Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 19, 2019 18:34 IST

Services beat Karnataka via penalties.


18:34 (IST)19 APR 2019

Services overcome a gritty 10-man Karnataka via penalty shootout to set up a Santosh Trophy final with Punjab, who earlier beat Goa.

18:33 (IST)19 APR 2019

Manoj Swamy Kannan for Karnataka.
Services 1 (4) - 1 (3) Karnataka

18:32 (IST)19 APR 2019

Mukesh Kumar sends Jayanth Kumar the wrong way and directs it into the right corner.
Services 1 (4) - 1 (3) Karnataka

18:32 (IST)19 APR 2019

Shelton Paul, another Karnataka substitute, powers the ball into the bottom-right corner.
A decisive penalty up next for Services.

18:31 (IST)19 APR 2019

Sushil Shah for Services.
Finds the top-right corner, scores.
Services 1 (3) - 1 (2) Karnataka

18:30 (IST)19 APR 2019

John Peter, the substitute, confidently steps up and slots it into the bottom-left corner for the Karnataka.

18:29 (IST)19 APR 2019

Harikrishna AU converts for Services.
Services 1 (2) - 1 (1) Karnataka.

18:29 (IST)19 APR 2019

Karnataka are back in this shootout.
Biswa Darjee shoots to his left. Goalkeeper dives the right way but cannot stop the goal.

18:28 (IST)19 APR 2019

Suresh Meitei to take the first one for Services.
He SCORES, slotting the ball into the right corner!
Services 1 (1) - 1 (0) Karnataka

18:27 (IST)19 APR 2019

Penalty shootout.
Karnataka's Vignesh G takes the first one.
He hits the post and misses.
Karnataka X

18:21 (IST)19 APR 2019

End of extra time. Penalty shootout next.

18:18 (IST)19 APR 2019

Three minutes added.

18:17 (IST)19 APR 2019

120' Leon Augustine flagged offside and a promising move for Karnataka abruptly ends.

18:14 (IST)19 APR 2019

117' It looks like this match will be decided through a penalty shootout as neither side is able to make a decent attempt on goal.

18:11 (IST)19 APR 2019

113' Play finally resumes and Namgyal Bhutia shoots wide after a throw-in.

18:09 (IST)19 APR 2019

111' Jayanth Kumar is down again for Karnataka and has been receiving treatment for the last 3 minutes.

18:06 (IST)19 APR 2019

107' Substitution - Services, their final change
OFF - Bikash Thapa
ON - Pradeesh C 

18:05 (IST)19 APR 2019

We're into the second period of extra time.

18:01 (IST)19 APR 2019

105' Substitution - Services
OFF - Anoop Pauly
ON - Mukesh Kumar

17:58 (IST)19 APR 2019

103' Now, a Services player is taken off the pitch after suffering cramps. The coach is yet to prepare a substitute.

17:55 (IST)19 APR 2019

99' Namgyal Bhutia tries to curl the free-kick into the far post from the left but Vishnu intervenes with some much-needed glove-work.

17:53 (IST)19 APR 2019

Nikhil Raj intercepts the ball and leads a counter for Karnataka. He passes to Vignesh, a poor one, and drags himself into the box. Vignesh, however, goes for goal from distance and shoots above the bar.

17:50 (IST)19 APR 2019

95' Substitution - Karnataka
OFF - Shafeel
ON - Manoj Swamy

17:48 (IST)19 APR 2019

93' Karnataka's Shafeel is down with cramps and the referee calls the medical staff in to take him off on a stretcher.

17:45 (IST)19 APR 2019

91' Services with 11 men against Karnataka with 10. First period of extra time underway.

17:40 (IST)19 APR 2019

That's the end of the regulation time.
We'll have extra time being played now.

17:38 (IST)19 APR 2019

90+4' Substitution - Services
ON - Md Rajak Ahmed
OFF - Benno BA

17:37 (IST)19 APR 2019

Leon so unlucky.
He tries to poke into the goal from a tight angle and it goes wide.

17:34 (IST)19 APR 2019

90' SAVE!
Leon Augustine moves up with another counter attack for Karnataka but his shot is tame and no problem for Vishnu.

17:30 (IST)19 APR 2019

87' Karnataka goalkeeper Jayanth is down and there's a stoppage of play as he receives treatment. This could go to extra time now.

17:29 (IST)19 APR 2019

Vignesh wins the ball in Karnataka's attacking third and has acres of space on the left. But he waits for Nikhil Raj to rush in and then sets him up for the shot.
The substitute makes no mistake and slots it past Services goalkeeper Vishnu to score the equaliser.

17:27 (IST)19 APR 2019

83' There's a sense of panic among the Karnataka players. They are playing their passes quickly without thinking and are losing possession.
Substitution - Karnataka
OFF - Sunil Kumar
ON - Shilton Paul D

17:23 (IST)19 APR 2019

79' Lallamwkima hits a volley after a corner is haphazardly cleared but the attempt strikes his own teammate Anoop Pauly. Services continue the attack and win a corner.

17:17 (IST)19 APR 2019

74' Substitution - Karnataka
OFF - Naorem Roshan Singh
ON - John Peter

17:17 (IST)19 APR 2019

74' Namgyal Bhutia makes a goalline clearance to keep Karnataka in the game. Suresh Meitei takes the free-kick and Nitin tries to ninja-kick it inside the box but Bhutia stands tall.

17:16 (IST)19 APR 2019

73' Substitution - Services
OFF - Mohamed Danish
ON - Sabir Khan

17:15 (IST)19 APR 2019

71' Straight red!
Ashik is sent off for a foul on a Services player Mohamed Danish, who is writhing in pain.
The numerical and goal advantage with Services.
Red - Ashik

17:13 (IST)19 APR 2019

69' Vishnu, the Services goalkeeper, senses the danger from Nikhil Raj and ventures out of the box to head it away. A third Services player is down now.

17:10 (IST)19 APR 2019

67' Two injury concerns for Services and it's Nitin this time who needs some treatment and has to leave the pitch before joining back in.

17:07 (IST)19 APR 2019

63' Substitution - Karnataka
OFF - Manvir Singh
ON - M Nikhil Raj

17:03 (IST)19 APR 2019

60' The first card of the game goes to Sunil Shah of Services for a foul on Leon Augustine.
Yellow - Sunil Shah (Services)

17:02 (IST)19 APR 2019

Nitin has been sensational for Services and he rescues them once again.
Leon Augustine shakes up the Services defence with his pace and unpredictable dribbling. He sets up Manvir for a shot but Nitin swoops in to deflect it out for a corner.

16:58 (IST)19 APR 2019

53' An important block by Sunil Kumar to keep Karnataka in the game. 
Mohamad Danish does all the work but doesn't fire into the goal with all his power, getting his shot blocked by Karnataka's Sunil Kumar.

16:54 (IST)19 APR 2019

51' Suresh Meitei tries to head the danger away and almost ends up putting the ball back into his own net. Lucky there.

16:53 (IST)19 APR 2019

48' CHANCE! Vignesh finds himself in the danger zone after a near-perfect find by Biswa Darjee. With just the goalkeeper to beat, Vignesh takes a touch and tries to chip it over Vishnu only to have his shot blocked.
A crucial miss.

16:49 (IST)19 APR 2019

46' Back underway. Services with the early possession and the Karnataka defence retreats before Jayanth has an easy save to make.

16:47 (IST)19 APR 2019

Players are back on the pitch waiting for the start of the second half. Karnataka, in particular, will be hoping to score an equaliser soon after the restart.

16:33 (IST)19 APR 2019

Half time.

16:32 (IST)19 APR 2019

45+1' Suresh Meithei shows his presence of mind to wait for Manvir Singh to get his shot in before landing his tackle. Last attempt before half-time perhaps for Karnataka.

16:30 (IST)19 APR 2019

Three minutes added.
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