Satish Kumar vs Bakhodir Jalolov Boxing Quarterfinal Olympics 2021 LIVE: Satish loses 5-0 to Bakhodir

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Catch live updates from Satish Kumar vs Bakhodir Jalolov Boxing Quarterfinal bout at Olympics 2021


10:03 (IST)1 AUG 2021

That will be all from Sportskeeda. Later in the day, PV Sindhu will be in action in her bronze medal match and the Indian men's hockey team will lock horns against Great Britain in the quarter-finals. Bye-bye and take care!

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Uzbekistan's Bakhodir Jalolov outclasses India's Satish Kumar in the men's super heavyweight category

Satish knew that getting a win against the World No 1 would require a monumental effort and the Indian Army man succumbed to the pressure ultimately. All the five judges awarded the bout 30-27 to Bakhodir Jalolov. 

The first round was closely contested with both Bakhodir and Satish landing some clean punches on the face. However, Bakhodir had a higher success rate and grabbed the attention of all five judges. 

The second round was a one-sided contest with Bakhodir connecting with his jabs all the time. Satish tried to go on the frontfoot but he let his guard down in the process. 

Satish tried to go for the knockout in the third round but the greater reach of Bakhodir made it impossible for the Indian to connect one punch. At the end of the day, it was an easy decision for the judges. 

Bakhodir looks the clear favorite in the men's super heavyweight category and is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. It remains to be seen if he can get the gold medal. 

09:53 (IST)1 AUG 2021

The winner on points by unanimous decision in the red corner Bakhodir Jalolov. All five judges have awarded the bout 30-27 to the Uzbek.

Looks like Uzbekistan will top the medal table in boxing once again. 

09:52 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Doesn't matter what the result is! Satish needed a knockout to win and he fails to get that. And, Bakhodir dominated this round as well. 

09:52 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: TING!

09:51 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Into the final ten seconds and Satish charges. 

09:51 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Satish receives treatment. He has suffered a cut above his right eye. 

09:51 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Bakhodir is toying with Satish. His massive reach is a clear advantage in this 91+kg category. 

09:50 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Needless to say, Satish is finding it tough here. Whatever punches Bakhodir is attempting, most of them are landing straight on the face. 

09:49 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: A sweeping left hook from Bakhodir as Satish drops his guard down. 

09:49 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Bakhodir lands a one-two right on the face of Satish and then slowly goes behind. Meticulous play from the Uzbek. 

09:49 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: Satish tries to go for a sweeping hook. But, Bakhodir evades. 

09:48 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Third Round: TING!

09:48 (IST)1 AUG 2021

All five judges once again award the round 10-9 to the Uzbek. It is all over for Satish unless he can get a knockout. 

09:47 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: TING!

09:47 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Into the final ten seconds and Satish tries to go all out.

09:47 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Satish slowly finds himself near the ropes. Bakhodir is landing most of his punches right. 

09:46 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Bakhodir penetrates through the guard of Satish and lands some punches clean in his face. The Indian hasn't given up yet. 

09:46 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Satish tries to charge towards Bakhodir but the Uzbek replies with a jab and that slows down the Indian. 

09:45 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Bakhodir is in the ascendancy so far. He is attempting few punches but landing all of them nicely. 

09:45 (IST)1 AUG 2021

2nd Round: Both boxers have started the round cautiously before Bakhkodir lands some body blows. 

09:44 (IST)1 AUG 2021

You are landing good punches. The message from Satish's coach. 

09:44 (IST)1 AUG 2021

All the five judges award the first round to Bakhodir! 10-9, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9, 10-9. Strange! I thought it was close. 

09:43 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: TING!

09:43 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: Into the last ten seconds and Bakhodir has upped the ante. 

09:43 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: Satish lands a nice cross from the backhand. This bout is even stevens. 

09:42 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: Bakhodir is trying to evade the punches more. The referee tells Satish to keep his head up. 

09:42 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: Now Bakhodir has landed some clean punches before Satish grabs him and ties him to the ropes. 

09:41 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: Satish lands some punches clean and gets a body shot as well. Nice defense from Satish. He is on the frontfoot. 

09:41 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Bakhodir is trying to land some jabs while Satish goes for a hook. A cautious start in the first thirty seconds. 

09:40 (IST)1 AUG 2021

First Round: TING!

09:39 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish comes into the arena next. He is wearing blue. He is flexing his shoulders and looks serious as well. 

09:39 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Bakhodir comes into the arena first. He is donning red. He walks slowly enjoying his music. He looks angry for reasons best known to him. 

09:38 (IST)1 AUG 2021

The judges will be from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Colombia, Bulgaria, and Tunisia. 

09:37 (IST)1 AUG 2021

The referee for the bout will be from Argentina. 

09:35 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Great Britain advances to the finals of the men's lightweight category. The boxer does a Kamehameha celebration following his win. And, now it will be India vs Uzbekistan. 

09:33 (IST)1 AUG 2021

ROC vs Great Britain has come to an end. The judges' decision should come at any moment from now. Then, we will have India vs Uzbekistan. 

09:30 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish Kumar was born in Bulandshahr at Uttar Pradesh to a farmer with four sons. He joined the Army following in the footsteps of his brother and that is where he was suggested to try his hand in boxing. 

09:26 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish and Bakhodir squared off against each other at the 2020 Asia & Oceania Boxing Olympic Qualifiers. There, the Uzbek beat the Indian 5-0 in a one-sided contest. Can Satish turn the tables this time?

09:24 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish Kumar received the Arjuna Award in 2018 and also won the bronze medal in the 2014 Asian Games. Most likely, it is going to be the first and last Olympics for the 32-year-old. 

09:22 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Here is a fun fact for you. Satish Kumar initially didn't know what boxing was. He thought it is similar to WWE and wanted to emulate John Cena and the Undertaker. And now, he finds himself one win away from winning a medal for India.

09:19 (IST)1 AUG 2021

It is going to be ROC vs Great Britain in the semi-finals of light heavyweight category. Then, we will move into the super heavyweight category where Satish Kumar will be the first one in action. 

09:16 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish Kumar is the last male boxer in contention at Olympics 2021. If he loses, the men will return empty-handed for the third consecutive time. Vijender Singh's bronze in the 2008 Olympics was the last one from a male boxer. Mary Kom won a bronze in 2012 London Games. And, Lovlina Borgohain has assured herself of at least a bronze in Tokyo 2020. Can Satish Kumar follow in their footsteps and win another medal for India? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

09:13 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Wow, Philippines' Eumir Marcial has knocked out Armenia's Arman Darchinyan in Round 1, courtesy of a three-punch combination. A right jab, a left jab, and a sweeping right hook. He will progress to the semi-finals of men's middleweight category. One more bout and then Satish Kumar will be in action. 

09:10 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Want to know more regarding Satish's injury? Do read this exclusive article from Sportskeeda. 

09:08 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Satish sustained cuts on his chin and forehead in the previous bout against Jamaica. He was placed on the injury list but the Army Man has been given a clearance from the medical team. Satish isn't going down without a fight. 

09:05 (IST)1 AUG 2021

09:02 (IST)1 AUG 2021

Just two more bouts and then Satish Kumar will be in action. 
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