Senior National Kabaddi Championships 2017 Day 3: Live score and updates, January 2, 2018

The action is underway.
Updated: 02 January 2018 21:59 IST - Published: January, 02 2018 07:56 PM IST
And with this we wrap up today's coverage. See you tomorrow as the knockouts begin! Goodbye and good night!
The final results are as follows for the remaining men's matches:

Himachal Pradesh 46-33 Manipur
Tamil Nadu 44-36 Chandigarh
Railways record a thumping 15-46 win over Chhattisgarh!
Next up, we have two more men's matches lined up - the last two of the group stages.

Himachal Pradesh vs Manipur
Tamil Nadu vs Chandigarh
The Uttarakhand vs Tripura match has come to a quick end, with the score reading 33-6.
In the men's section, Uttarakhand have taken a 23-2 lead against Tripura while Railways lead 13-7 against Chhattisgarh.
Final result in the women's games:

Kerala 27-10 Jharkhand
Assam 6-17 West Bengal
Finally, we're underway again. The women's matches between Jharkhand vs Kerala and Assam vs West Bengal have begun.
A function has been organized to felicitate the IFK and AKFI Presidents, which is why the matches have been delayed. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates!
Delhi go past Rajasthan 33-17 in the women's group stage encounter.
Full time in the men's matches as well:

Haryana 47-26 Assam
Maharashtra 48-23 Pondicherry
Odisha defeat Gujarat 27-21 in the women's match!
The second women's match of the evening round between Delhi and Rajasthan is underway as well!
The second half in underway now in both games, with the scores reading: 

Haryana 31-13 Assam
Maharashtra 21-13 Pondicherry
The women's clash between Gujarat and Odisha is also underway.
First half scores:

Haryana 22-8 Assam
Maharashtra 11-8 Pondicherry
The clash between Maharashtra and Pondicherry is also underway, with the former enjoying a 7-4 lead.
The Haryana vs Assam is underway and Anup Kumar starts off with a two-point raid.
The next four matches lined up in the men's section feature some of the biggest Pro Kabaddi stars! The list is:

Haryana vs Assam
Maharashtra vs Pondicherry
Railways vs Chhattisgarh
Uttarakhand vs Tripura
The final results are:

Bihar 45-43 Chandigarh
BSNL 41-34 Manipur
Andhra 44-43 Chhattisgarh
The women's matches have come to an end. The final results are:

MP 54-27 Jharkhand
Telangana 50-23 Assam
Full time in the Punjab vs Tripura match as the side from North India clinch a comfortable 60-15 win.
Half-time scores:

BSNL 14-14 Manipur
Andhra 23-15 Chhattisgarh
Bihar 27-25 Chandigarh
In the women's encounters, it's halftime and the scores are:

MP 30-8 Jharkhand
Telangana 42-8 Assam
At halftime, Punjab lead Tripura 26-6.
First half-scores:

Punjab 16-4 Tripura
BSNL 1-1 Manipur
Bihar 8-11 Chandigarh
Andhra 5-6 Chhattisgarh
In the women's section, we have the two matches starting:

MP vs Jharkhand
Telangana vs Assam
The teams are finally making their way on to the mat. The following four matches are lined up to begin:

Andhra Pradesh vs Chhattisgarh
Punjab vs Tripura
BSNL vs Manipur
Bihar vs Chandigarh
The action resumes at 4 pm. Stay tuned to this space for the latest updates. 
Final scores:

Gujarat 35-11 Uttarakhand
Himachal 39-21 Delhi
On the second court, Delhi will take on Himachal Pradesh.
Next up, we have Gujarat vs Uttarakhand in the women's section.
The next two women's matches have also been completed. The final scores are:

Karnataka 20-19 Chandigarh
Kerala 17-13 Punjab
Here is the final list of results from the second round of the morning session:

Tamil Nadu 27-39 Bihar
BSNL 18-44 Himachal
Assam 39-49 Odisha
Gujarat 44-37 Pondicherry
Gujarat register a 44-37 win over Pondicherry in a hard-fought encounter.
The next set of women's matches have begun. Karnataka are playing Chandigarh while Punjab take on Kerala.
Bihar stun Tamil Nadu 39-27, who had the likes of Dharmaraj Cheralathan, C Arun and Chandran Ranjith in their lineup!
Full-time between Assam and Odisha, with the latter recording a 49-39 win.
Full time between BSNL and Himachal Pradesh as Ajay Thakur's men clinch a 44-18 win.
Gujarat lead Pondicherry by 20-15 at the break.
We're into the second half of three men's games now!

Tamil Nadu 18-21 Bihar
BSNL 13-20 Himachal
Assam 22-39 Odisha
The next set of women's matches is done and dusted! The scores are:

UP 27-25 West Bengal
Maharashtra 64-15 Odisha
The first half scores are:

Tamil Nadu 14-19 Bihar
BSNL 10-16 Himachal
ASsam 20-29 Odisha
Gujarat 5-3 Pondicherry
The next set of fixtures is underway:

BSNL vs Himachal
Tamil Nadu vs Bihar
Gujarat vs Pondicherry
Assam vs Odisha

UP vs West Bengal
Maharashtra vs Odisha
Thus, the results for the first half of the morning session are:

Railways 45-15 Andhra
Maharashtra 58-20 Gujarat
Punjab 23-51 Uttarakhand
Jharkhand 23-45 Rajasthan
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