Senior National Kabaddi Championships 2017 Live Score: Haryana vs Services semifinal, Live match updates

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Haryana 28-32 Services (Full time)


20:03 (IST)5 JAN 2018

They now enter the final, where they will take on Maharashtra to decide who will take home the trophy!

20:02 (IST)5 JAN 2018

AND IT'S OVER! Services seal their place in the final with a fine 32-28 win over Haryana.

20:01 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Manjeet comes looking to equalize for his team but Jaideep seals the deal with a strong ankle hold on the left.

20:01 (IST)5 JAN 2018

In the last minute, Nitin Tomar goes on the do-or-die but is tackled to the ground. SUPER TACKLE! 

31-28 with less than a minute to go!

20:00 (IST)5 JAN 2018

This should be the game for the Services as Sandeep Narwal can only pick up a bonus.

19:59 (IST)5 JAN 2018

But on his next raid, he is unsuccessful as it is Nitin Tomar on the right corner who produces a fine double thigh hold.

19:58 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Deepak Dahiya also gets a bonus point to reduce the gap in the score. 30-25 now!

19:58 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Haryana are still in this! Ajay is brought down by Ravinder Pahal to complete a super tackle!

19:57 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Haryana down to three now! Anup Kumar snapped by Surjeet, this time with an ankle hold.

19:56 (IST)5 JAN 2018

The Services defence continues its dominance, with Surjeet producing a strong double thigh hold on Ashish.

19:55 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Manjeet Chhillar on the do-or-die next but he is tackled well by the Services defence, who time the dash from the right to perfection.

19:54 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Do-or-die raid for Monu Goyat and it's a die as Ravinder Pahal cuts him into half with a powerful double thigh hold.

19:52 (IST)5 JAN 2018

With six-and-a-half minutes to go, Services lead 27-21!

19:51 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ashish on the do-or-die for Haryana and gets his side a touch point, luring in Mahender Singh to make a false tackle.

19:51 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Monu Goyat does it again, this time getting a touch on the left corner on Surender Nada.

19:49 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Manjeet Chhillar reduces the deficit for his team as he gets a quick hand touch on Mahender Singh.

19:48 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Do or die for Services and Haryana have three men on the mat.

And it's a super tackle as Nitin Tomar loses his balance and steps into the lobby.

19:47 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Services add another point to their tally! Surjeet takes out Anup with a fine ankle hold.

19:46 (IST)5 JAN 2018

But Services strike back as Surjeet and Nitin Tomar complete a chain tackle on Deepak Dahiya.

19:46 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Sandeep Narwal strikes for Haryana next, with a strong ankle hold on the right corner.

19:45 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ashish Kumar is sent in again but he is cut down to size by a vicious double thigh hold on the right corner.

19:43 (IST)5 JAN 2018

One point each as Monu Goyat steps into the lobby on his retreat and Surender Nada too follows him in.

19:42 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Deepak Dahiya, who is on as a sub, is brought down next by the Services defence in the centre. Ajay goes in next and nicks a touch off Ravinder Pahal on the right corner.

19:41 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Another point for Haryana as Surender Nada pins Nitin Tomar down with a double thigh hold.

19:40 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ashish on the do-or-die raid and returns with a bonus point! 20-14 in favour of the Services now.

19:39 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Monu Goyat goes in to raid for the Services but is met by Manjeet Chhillar, who swings in from the right.

19:38 (IST)5 JAN 2018

We're off in the second half!

19:33 (IST)5 JAN 2018


Sandeep Narwal is left stranded on the surrender raid and on the stroke of half time, Services complete the first all out of the match to take a 20-12 lead.

19:33 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Anup is then brought down on the next raid, reducing his side to one man.

19:32 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Do or die raid for Ashish and it's a die as he is dashed out from the left! And in the next raid, Nitin Tomar reduces Haryana to two men, tumbling away from Manjeet Chhillar's tackle.

19:29 (IST)5 JAN 2018

SUPER TACKLE! Mighty Manjeet!

Comes in from the left to produce a double ankle hold on Monu Goyat.

19:28 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Anup goes into raid and brings back a point, with a touch on the left corner and uses his height to cross the midline with his hand.

19:27 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Haryana down to three men, that becomes two as Monu Goyat slips away from Surender Nada's tackle on the right!

19:27 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Services score another point as Surjeet completes a double ankle hold on Rajesh Narwal! 13-9 to the defending champions now!

19:26 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Monu Goyat adds to his tally with a fine hand touch on Ravinder Pahal on the right corner.

19:25 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ashish goes in next but is brought down by a combined team challenge from the Services team.

19:25 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Do-or-die for Services and it's a point for Haryana! A fine ankle hold from Ravinder Pahal on the right corner.

19:23 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Sandeep Narwal goes in next for Haryana and is stopped in his tracks with a fine ankle hold on the left corner!

19:22 (IST)5 JAN 2018


Anup Kumar wades too deep into the left corner and is dashed out by the three Services defenders.

19:21 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ajay now has to leave the mat as he is met with ankle hold on the right corner.

19:19 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Services down to three as Nitin Tomar now leaves the mat.

However, the trio of defenders is enough to bring down Ashish as the Services complete a super tackle!

19:16 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Monu Goyat goes off now as he is snapped up by Ashish Kumar with an ankle hold.

19:16 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Cover gets the cover as Manjeet Chhillar spins away from Surjeet's advanced block! 5-5 now!

19:15 (IST)5 JAN 2018

One point each as Anup falls into the lobby after slipping and Jaideep on the left corner also loses his balance to fall out of bounds.

19:15 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Monu Goyat has to leave the mat as he steps into the lobby while raiding.

19:14 (IST)5 JAN 2018


Gets the bonus, skips away from Surender Nada's ankle hold and then also scores off an incoming Rajesh Narwal who came in with a mistimed dash. Services lead 4-2 now!

19:13 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ashish Kumar goes in for the do-or-die raid and he scores! A bonus point with his right foot.

19:12 (IST)5 JAN 2018

Ajay picks up Services' first point of the semifinal with a running hand touch on Anup Kumar.

19:11 (IST)5 JAN 2018

First point of the game goes to Haryana as Manjeet Chhillar brings down Monu Goyat.
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