Simona Halep vs Jelena Ostapenko French Open final live score match updates

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Jelena Ostapenko wins the French Open 4-6, 6-4, 6-3


15:29 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Ostapenko came into this tournament unseeded, unheralded, and made her way in.

From World No. 47 she moves to World No. 12.

15:21 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Fun fact: Guga Kuerten won his first ever Roland Garros title on 8 June 1997. Like Ostapenko, that was his first title and first GS. 

And 8 Jun 1997 is the day young Jelena Ostapenko was born. Poetic.

15:17 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Jelena Ostapenko is Latvia's first ever Grand Slam champion! She wins 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 after being a set and 0-3 down in the second. 

15:15 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

World No. 47 vs World No. 3. Former French Open runner-up vs relatively inexperienced player who only turned 20 on the day of her semi-final.

15:14 (GMT)10 JUN 2017


15:13 (GMT)10 JUN 2017


Ostapenko holds with a stupendous cross-court backhand. Halep just can't manage a return. 

Unfortunately she'll now serve to stay in the match. 

15:09 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

A fabulous backhand from Ostapenko across the court. We actually said *WOW* here, collectively.

Halep runs into the net for a great shot but Ostapenko is playing risky and it's paying off. YEAAAHH! 

Break to Ostapenko at 4-3.

15:06 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Some great defensive tennis and a couple of nervy shots from Jelena Ostapenko. She's really angry with herself for sending that otherwise well-executed shot just a touch wide and she loses ad. But no matter, she's held that game anyway.


15:00 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

How close are these Ostapenko shots?! They kiss the line and to an untrained eye look like they're out.

They ain't out, pardner. 

That was some brilliant stuff from Ostapenko and she sends a forehand just as close. Halep at the baseline RUNS to her right to get it and misses out.

Break to Ostapenko and we're back on serve in the decider. What do you think will happen?

Halep 3-2.

14:58 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Ostapenko is sending some big shoulder-heavy returns in there. She's got to break point - but nets it to give deuce to Halep.

14:56 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

After what seems like a tense service hold for 2-1, Simona Halep races to her first break point AT LOVE. 

A good forehand winner from Ostapenko. But Halep hits that one with some blistering force. 


14:49 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

And Jelena holds her own! She's hit 18 more winners than Halep has in the last set. 

14:48 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Halep holds serve now... but not after Ostapenko threatens her significantly with a couple of BP. 


14:41 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Did I say Ostapenko couldn't get back in this? I was wrong. She has. She's hitting the ball all over the court and Halep just can't make those shots in time. 

Ostapenko punches the air a la Stan Wawrinka and whoops and cheers - and so does her player's box. 6-4. Talk about a fight. Those angles were very, very good.

14:36 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

40-0?? What is this?? At 5-4 now, Ostapenko will serve for a decider!

14:35 (GMT)10 JUN 2017


14:26 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

And she holds! A couple of fabulous winners off Ostapenko's racket and she's clawing back in. Three games at a go for Osta and she's picked up momentum already! 


14:20 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

From 3-1.... Ostapenko breaks.

Didn't see that coming.


14:16 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

She holds that service game but it's looking a bit tired now and it's difficult to see Ostapenko come back from this.

14:16 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Ostapenko holds with a couple of great winners and her shots are really a joy to watch. They're just not enough though with 32 UE so far to 23 winners. 

14:09 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

That was a stunning winner from Ostapenko down the sidelines and she almost takes it to a break back. Can't really build on it though, and Halep holds out with a THUNDERING forehand. Best way to describe it.

Game Halep.

She leads 3-0. 

And it's not just Ostapenko's serve that looks broken at the moment...

14:03 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

And that's the break to Halep in set 2! She leads 2-0 now and the crowd is chanting loudly! SI MO NA! SI MO NA! 

14:01 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

13:58 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

After a 35-minute first set, Halep is on the attack in the second. She scores point after point after point and quickly that's her first service game.

1-0 in set 2.

13:51 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

And again errors, errors from Ostapenko. She sends that serve LONG, and Halep whoops! 


13:48 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

5-4 to Halep now and Osta serves to stay in the set. Rallies getting longer now and Halep comes out on top. Some raucous cheers for her there! 

13:45 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

She gets up, she gets knocked down again, you ain't never gonna keep her down.. 

Tubthumping or Jelena Ostapenko? Take a guess. 

A couple of great winners from Osta and then some errors but she holds in the end for 4-4.

13:44 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

One unforced error for Halep.

Seventeen. 17 for Ostapenko. Maybe the inexperience is showing.

13:35 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Finally, she holds! 

4-3 to Simona Halep in set 1.

13:35 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Ostapenko sends that one big and it goes long. Ad Halep. Halep at the advantage, nets a routine forehand. It really shouldn't have been this difficult to hold...

13:31 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Ostapenko FINDS THE NET! Simona Halep in there with a love hold and despite that thundering start for Ostapenko it looks like Halep has taken the wheel firmly.


13:30 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Halep is FAST. But Ostapenko is powerful. They'd be a brilliant superheroine, tennis or otherwise. Right now, Ostapenko, who was faulting on second serves, is now having issues with first serves too. From 2-2 we're now at 3-2 to Halep.

13:29 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

It's an even start here, even down to the breaks of serve. 

13:22 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Halep holds serve now and Ostapenko, all of 20 - and recently, on the day of her semi, too - makes a whole host of errors. Why wouldn't Halep grab that?


13:20 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Well that didn't last long... Ostapenko's second serve is not that great and Halep has grabbed on it. There's almost an opportunity for Osta to hold, but Halep breaks anyway.

1-1 and we're back on par again.

13:19 (GMT)10 JUN 2017

Aaaaand we're off. A blistering BREAK of serve to start the match off here from Ostapenko. Seeded or no, she's really intent on winning this. 

1-0 Ostapenko, who already leads a break of serve.
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