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Updated: 29 August 2017 15:02 IST - Published: August, 29 2017 02:44 PM IST
Unsporting declaration by team sparks massive outrage
The Welsh club faced its nearest rival, Cresselly, in the game. [Not actual image]

Welsh Cricket Club Carew CC caused a massive surge of uproar in the cricketing community after employing cunning tactics to snatch the league title from their opponents. 

The club faced its nearest rival, Cresselly, in the game and the teams had a 21-point deficit between them. Cresselly needed a certain number of batting and bowling points to overtake Carew CC, but the latter prevented the same from happening by making a shock declaration at 18-1 after only 2.3 overs. 

As a result, Cresselly did not have enough runs at their disposal to have a shot at the title. They did chase the target with 9 wickets in hand, but could only gain 20 points in the process. 

Hence, Carew CC were named as the Pembroke County Division 1 Champions by a margin of just one point. They won the title with a tactic that unethical and cruel, but extremely well-planned. 

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