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SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumors and scoops 29th September

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Updated: 30 September 2016 02:16 IST - Published: 29 September 2016 13:13 IST

Paige hints possible surgery:
WWE Star Paige who was ongoing a 30 days suspension and was expected to come back soon after being backstage on Raw for past couple of weeks might not be returning soon. Paige tweeted:


Eric Bischoff Says The TNA Wrestling Sale Rumors Are "Sheer Chaos":
In a recent episode of his Bishopp on Wrestling podcast he said:

"Chaos. Sheer chaos. I have been reading it like everyone else. I don’t have any inside information. I have to give my disclaimer here: I am currently involved in on-going litigation with TNA. I have to be a little bit judicious and careful about what I say. Anything that I am commenting on are things that are in the public domain, so to speak. The other day I read that somebody put a valuation on TNA of approximately $40 million. I have no idea where that number came from. Valuations when you’re selling a company or trying to get investors or an investor company. One of the hardest things to determine is valuation. Back when I was running WCW, when I was first given the responsibility to oversee WCW, it was a company that was grossing $24 million a year. Unfortunately, it was losing $10 million in the process. Earlier this week someone said, 'Well, the valuation of TNA is probably two times revenue.' Well, that valuation works if you’re profitable, but if you’re losing like WCW was, $10 or $14 million a year on $24 million a year in revenue, I guaran-freaking-tee you that company would not have been valued at $40 million."


Latest Updates on Royal Rumble 2017:
Dave Meltzer is reporting that his sources in Southern California are insisting that the Royal Rumble will be taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

WWE will be running Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles on 10/3 and it’s expected that WWE will make that announcement. We should get answers on Monday because the sources in Southern California say that 10/3 is when the announcement was to be made.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


Why WWE Star Eva Torres Gave Up on the Dream of a Perfect Post-Baby Body

WWE star Eva Torres snapped a bathroom selfie of her stomach one week postpartum with big plans to post it four weeks later, when she was back to her pre-baby abs. But she soon realized that it wasn't going to happen – and that it wasn't important. 

"I had originally taken this photo one week after I gave birth to Raeven with the intention of putting it side by side with my future 'skinny' body after I lost all my baby weight 'in just 4 weeks!' (Like they do in the magazines). Well 4 weeks passed. And then 4 months. And we are almost at a year, and I still haven't reached my pre-baby body, and maybe never will," Torres, 32, writes on Instagram. 


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