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SKFabe: Daily WWE News, rumours and scoops 26th August, 2016

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Updated: 27 August 2016 01:12 IST - Published: 26 August 2016 12:06 IST

WWE 2K17’s Goldberg is open to a real-life return – and wants to wrestle The Undertaker

Both Lesnar and Goldberg left WWE in acrimonious circumstances after a WrestleMania 20 bout which fans booed out of the building, but Lesnar returned in 2012 – and Goldberg says he’s now open to doing the same. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: [the past is] water under the bridge. If WWE wants to make good money, and have a good opponent for Brock… hey, who knows?” 

Lesnar isn’t the only man on his list of prospective opponents, either. Goldberg also says he’s like to go one-on-one with Seth Rollins – “Captain Crossfit needs to be taught a lesson” – and reserves particular praise for a legend who he never got to wrestle during his brief 2003-04 WWE tenure: The Undertaker.

“Taker is an idol of mine,” he says. “I’ve know him since before I got into the business. I very much respect him both in and out of the ring – as a human being first and foremost, but also as a wrestler, with all he’s achieved. Going up against him would be a dream come true for me – and the fans, obviously.”

Goldberg also explained the deal he has with his nine-year-old son Gage, whereby the latter earns gaming time in exchange for real exercise. “It’s called the 100/100/100: 100 push ups, 100 sit ups and 100 push kicks for 20 minutes on a videogame," he reveals. "As far as I’m concerned he can continue playing it for as long as he likes, as long as he continues to do that stuff, as he gets something out of it at the same time.”


Tommy Dreamer believes that the Dudley Boyz will wrestle again:
During a recent interview given to WrestleZone Radio, ECW Legend and close friend of the Dudley Boyz Tommy Dreamer claimed that we will see the Dudley Boyz wrestling again.

Upon being asked how he felt about the final segment of the former Tag champs on Raw and being a close friend of both what it means to him to watch the moment on WWE TV, Tommy said:
"For me, letting the WWE Universe say, “Goodbye,” to the Dudleyz was a great and classy move by the WWE. It was cool for the Dudleyz to help get some more steam on The Club. I think that was great. "
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Bayley wasn't meant to fight for the Women's Title so early:
Bayley debuted on the main roster just this week and she’s already got a place in the fight for the Women’s title. According to, Bayley wasn’t supposed to be put in the main title picture after her arrival on the main roster. But, now that Sasha Banks is out of action, WWE are building a Baley vs. Charlotte feud for the WWE Women’s Title.

The company decided to go with Bayley because they don’t really have another top babyface on Monday Night RAW who can go against Charlotte.
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AJ Styles talks about Kenny Omega, Bullet Club, Raw SmackDown Rivalry:
In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, A.J Styles talked about Bullet Club and the Raw vs SmackDown rivalry among other things. 

Styles spoke about Keny Omega’s NJPW G1 Climax win and mentioned being jealous of him for being the first ‘Geijin’ to do so. Styles even mentioned the fact that he thought Kenny Omega using both the Styles Clash and Bloody Sunday DDT right before his big win was appreciated by him.

When asked about Bullet Club, styles mentioned that he was never the leader but they did whatever they wanted and while Finn and Omega might have been leading them, Styles never did.
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The Usos talks about why they’ve been getting negative reaction from fans:

On WWE network’s show Talking Smack, SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan asked the Usos about why they sometimes don’t get good reactions from the crowd even though they are pretty good performers. Jimmy and Jey Uso shared their thoughts about the issue saying that this is a result of fans associating them with Roman Reigns. A majority of the WWE fan base seem to not like Roman at all since his big push after leaving the Shield, and part of that hate has spilled over to the Usos since they’ve been spotted helping Reigns on various occasions on WWE.

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Roman Reigns suspension had major rippling effects to WWE's plans:
Vince McMahon had been pushing Roman Reigns straight up till WrestleMania 32, where he has meant to win and hold the title for a significant amount of time. The Wellness Policy violation issue, however, threw a wrench into the plans that Vince had been making with Reigns and the WWE World Championship in the picture. This eventually resulted in Finn Balor’s push toward the main title and even he got injured this week in his match with Seth Rollins.

Another change of plans was inevitable at this point and that came in the form of the Fatal-4-way match between Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Big Cass and Kevin Owens.
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Rob Van Dam has turned down WWE Return Offer:
During an appearance on the Buzzard Wrestling Podcast, Rob Van Dam revealed that WWE called him to return to the company back in October of 2015. He said that the company wanted him to be as the third guy in a program teaming with the Dudleys against the Wyatt Family.

Rob Van Dam well known as RVD has revealed that he turned down WWE Return offer last year in October. Van Dam said that the WWE officials wanted him to be the third guy with Dudley Boys against the Wyatt Family.

RVD added: "“It wasn’t a real good time for me and that affected the dollar amount it would take to make it worth my while and that was the last talk we had. And that probably left an impression on them, which I’m totally fine with.”"

Former WWE Champion Albert Del Rio

Former WWE Champion Albert Del Rio


Alberto Del Rio might be leaving WWE following suspension:
Following his termination from the company two years ago over unprofessional conduct involving a physical altercation with a backstage WWE employee, Del Rio was given an opportunity to work for the company again in the fall of 2015. Del Rio subsequently shocked audiences with his surprise return at the WWE at Hell in a Cell pay per view on October 25, 2015.

But over the course of the following eight months, Del Rio's matches and involved storylines would prove unremarkable. The most attention generated by the wrestling superstar was usually the result of his tumultuous real-life relationship with girlfriend Paige, a fellow WWE superstar.

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