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Spain Tour 2018: ATK vs Fulham, Live Score, Updates, and Commentary

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 08, 2018 17:31 IST

The match is set to get underway at 3.30pm!


17:31 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Till next time, It's GOOD-BYE !!!

17:31 (IST)8 SEP 2018

That's all from here ... Hope all of you have enjoyed the coverage !!!

17:30 (IST)8 SEP 2018

This game will help the coach to analyse the players better than ever ahead of the ISL season !!!

17:29 (IST)8 SEP 2018

It was a pretty decent defensive display from the Steve Coppell led side 

17:28 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Full Time score: ATK 0-1 Fulham !!!

17:28 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Time's up for ATK !!! The Kolkata based team lost to Fulham FC by a 71st minute strike from German Andre Schurrle !!!

17:22 (IST)8 SEP 2018

86' Substitute Sheikh Faiaz crosses the ball into the box in an attempt to find Balwant ... but the shot was not precise !!!

17:12 (IST)8 SEP 2018

78' ATK pressing hard for the equalizer ... but the defense is hard to break !!!

17:09 (IST)8 SEP 2018

The German winger gives Fulham take the lead .... ATK 0-1 FULHAM !!!

17:08 (IST)8 SEP 2018

71' GOAL !!!! Andre Schurrle curls it into the bottom right corner after he received the ball outside the box !!!

17:05 (IST)8 SEP 2018

70' ATK substitutes: IN: Prabir, Arnab, OUT: Bikey, Sena

17:04 (IST)8 SEP 2018

The corner kick was not effective, Arindam came to rescue 

17:03 (IST)8 SEP 2018

68' Fulham substitute Harvey Eliot crops up with an attack, earns a corner ...

17:00 (IST)8 SEP 2018

65' Sena Ralte looking to combine with Balwant, but commits a foul instead

16:57 (IST)8 SEP 2018

60' Steve Coppell makes four substitutions for ATK: IN:Lanza, Zuala, Kalu, Bikey, IN: Faiaz, Balwant, Cavin Lobo and Eugeneson Lygndoh

16:54 (IST)8 SEP 2018

59' Everton Santos is back on his feet !!! 

16:50 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Meanwhile, Everton Santos has taken a blow a few moments back ... he is undergoing medical treatment at the moment

16:48 (IST)8 SEP 2018

51' SAVE from Arindam .... Fulham players were eyeing a first goal but the custodian did hid job to perfection !!!

16:45 (IST)8 SEP 2018

47' Bikey clears a ball early in the second half after it was sent in from the left !!!

16:43 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Half-time substitution for ATK: IN: Jayesh Rane, OUT: Komal Thatal

16:43 (IST)8 SEP 2018

  Welcome back !!!

16:35 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Stay tuned for the second half !!!!

16:28 (IST)8 SEP 2018

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16:26 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Half - Time: ATK 0-0 FULHAM 

16:26 (IST)8 SEP 2018

End of the first half ... It's goalless here at the Pinatar Arena Football Center !!!

16:22 (IST)8 SEP 2018

44' ATK player Mauel Lanzarote's free-kick is saved by the shot-stopper, Fulham break on the counter but nothing fruitful emerged out of the attack !!!

16:20 (IST)8 SEP 2018

42' John Johnson clears it this time ... ATK is defending well, a good sign ahead of the 2018/19 Indian Super League !!!

16:19 (IST)8 SEP 2018

40' A cross from the right by Fulham  into the box, Aibor again to the rescue !!!

16:18 (IST)8 SEP 2018

38' Koma's foul, Fulham get a free kick .... But Vietto hits straight at the wall 

16:17 (IST)8 SEP 2018

35' Fulham's defender Maxime Le Marchand shots from a long range, but the shot is narrowly wide !!!

16:12 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Score update: ATK 0-0 FULHAM

16:12 (IST)8 SEP 2018

33' Bikey clears the ball after one of Fulham's player made a cross from the left ... scores remain unchanged ...

16:04 (IST)8 SEP 2018

25' A cross down the left, Arindam makes use of his height to grasp the ball but he slips, eventually the ball deflects from a Fulham player to go out for a goal-kick !!!

16:00 (IST)8 SEP 2018

23' The English side is playing possessional football at the moment .... the shot from the right was way off target !!!

15:53 (IST)8 SEP 2018

15' Vietto's shot sails over the net .... Fulham FC yet to break the deadlock !!!

15:52 (IST)8 SEP 2018

It has been box to box action in the opening 15 minutes of play !!!

15:52 (IST)8 SEP 2018

14' Kalu Uche with a brave effort for ATK, but the shot was wide !!!

15:51 (IST)8 SEP 2018

9' A good free-kick taken by Fulham FC and an even better save from Arindam to deny them a lead

15:49 (IST)8 SEP 2018

6' Fulham on the attack, Aibor does the needful to avoid any danger

15:43 (IST)8 SEP 2018

4' ATK with a prompt start, Manuel Lanzarote with an attack down the left, he sent the ball into the box but the Fulham FC defenders clear it easily !!

15:37 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Young Komal Thatal is starting for ATK. Having already played in the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup, this will be another learning curve for him ...

15:32 (IST)8 SEP 2018

The game has kicked off under an overcast sky at the Pinatar Arena Football Center in Murcia, Spain !!!

15:29 (IST)8 SEP 2018

We are minutes away from the kick-off !!!

15:23 (IST)8 SEP 2018

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15:21 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Hello everyone !!! Welcome to the our live coverage !!!

14:31 (IST)8 SEP 2018

Two time Indian Super League champions ATK is looking for fresh start after a disappointing show last season, their worst ever. With a new faces in the squad and the presence of Steve Coppell at the helm of affairs, the ATK fans can expect a good show in the upcoming season. English Premier League side Fulham FC is in Spain for a one-week training camp due to the International break which gives the Indian side a perfect reality check ahead of the 2018/19 ISL. The match will be played in the Pinatar Arena Football Centre in Murcia.

This will be a great opportunity for Steve Coppell to check the strength of the players, especially the foreign recruits in the likes of John Johnson, Andre Bikey, Everton Santos, Kalu Uche and others. While the Indian players like Ricky Lallawmawma, Prabir Das, Sheikh Faiaz and Eugeneson Lyngdoh will get valuable experience playing against the London based club which is currently placed at the 13th position in the English Premier League standings.

This is the second time that an Indian side is playing against a top-tier English club. Delhi Dynamos was the first club to play against a Premier League side when they locked horns with West Bromwich Albion in a friendly in 2016.
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