Spanish GP 2017 Live Race Updates

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19:14 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Mercedes lead the constructor's championship by 8 points, but Sebastian Vettel leads the drivers' championship still by 6! 

19:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

19:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

A solid showing from Force India F1 as well, who finish in P4 for Sergio Perez and P5 for Esteban Ocon. 

19:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Commendations for Daniel Ricciardo - who scores his first podium of 2017 here in Barcelona! 

19:12 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Hamilton wins, with Vettel in second. A solid solid fight from both right till the last few laps . 

19:10 (IST)14 MAY 2017


19:10 (IST)14 MAY 2017


19:10 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Haas F1 mixup with Kevin Magnussen gunning for points and he has a right rear puncture! 

19:08 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Felipe Massa comes along right behind teammate Lance Stroll, STR in P14 and MAS in P15

19:05 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Lots of confusion on the track right now. Force India are really giving Williams a run for their money in the championship. Solid points scoring! 

18:59 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Plan C is very likely Vettel pitting again. We've only got 8 laps to go so unlikely anyone's going to do that now, but Vettel's losing time and how. Same as Vettel. Mediums aren't doing too well here in Barcelona! 

18:54 (IST)14 MAY 2017

That is one MASSIVE gap between the top 3. P1 and P2 close enough.. P3 RIC 62 seconds behind race leader Hamilton. Surreal. 

18:51 (IST)14 MAY 2017

18:49 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Vettel is dropping back and Ferrari, curiously, tell him they want to switch to Plan C. What's up there? 

18:49 (IST)14 MAY 2017

EVERYONE is Kimi today! Radio comms keep hearing drivers asking to be left alone.

18:45 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Hamilton's clearly having problems. "It's hard to pull away from him," he says over radio.

18:44 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Hamilton's rears are overheating. May have to pit. Giving Vettel the lead. Heart's got to go out for Pascal Wehrlein though, he's raced brilliantly for P7 today but he'll have a 5s penalty - for failing to stay on the right side of the bollard! 

18:41 (IST)14 MAY 2017

But there's another twist in the tale! Hamilton's taken the lead but "the rear is already overheating," he complains! It's not so easy for Mercedes just yet...

18:40 (IST)14 MAY 2017

"There was no chance" Vettel says, "he was going like a train." 

We'll say. 

The pace is ALWAYS with the soft tires. 

18:39 (IST)14 MAY 2017


18:38 (IST)14 MAY 2017

A moment of lightness in what is a VERY tight, very tense race as Sainz says "leave me alone" on team radio. 

18:37 (IST)14 MAY 2017

18:36 (IST)14 MAY 2017

HOOO BOY. What a fight for P1 between VET and HAM! Vettel is driving very defensively to hold off Hamilton here and it's working...for now, but Hamilton is GAINING. 

18:33 (IST)14 MAY 2017

So we have Mercedes and Ferrari on equal footing again - and by that we mean each team has one driver remaining! 

18:33 (IST)14 MAY 2017

BREAKING: That's the END of the race for Valtteri Bottas! He has smoke pouring out of the back of his car. 

18:32 (IST)14 MAY 2017

At the start-stop chicane at Barcelona-Catalunya, Vettel is fighting on AND HOW! Vettel just releases the steering and sticks on the lead.

18:30 (IST)14 MAY 2017

WOW that was CLOOOOOSE! VET pits and gets mediums for his final set - he comes out JUUUUUUUUUST ahead of Hamilton and stays in P1. I definitely held my breath there! 

0.586s separating VET and HAM. Whew.

18:28 (IST)14 MAY 2017

HAM pits - and he's going on to a set of softs for his LAST set of tyres for this race! He comes out same as he came in, in P2! 

18:24 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Wehrlein and Kvyat pit, so does Stroll! The Virtual Safety Car is out and we're just ahead of the halfway mark! 

18:24 (IST)14 MAY 2017

THAT is the end of the race for McLaren's Stoffel Vandoorne - and for once, it's through no fault of the car. VAN misjudges an overtake of Massa, who passes him, and now ALO is still out there. In p16.

18:21 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Alonso pits in Lap 33 and goes onto another set of softs. 

18:19 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Mercedes push Hamilton to close the gap to Vettel - but he's not sounding happy with the tyres. "I don't think I can do five laps on this tyre" he says. 

Trouble in championship paradise?

18:14 (IST)14 MAY 2017

FYI: Vettel is quicker on the softs than Hamilton is on the mediums.

18:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Force India moves on up though, with Perez in P5 and Ocon in P6! Two talented drivers for the team and this year, both performing really well! 

18:13 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Hamilton on Medium tyres while Vettel is on softs. Look like Mercedes are trying for a one-stopper for HAM - expect they believe he can go the remaining 39 laps on one set. Can that gap be made up? 

I wouldn't be so sure. 

18:11 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Hamilton now closes in over Bottas and there's now a VET-HAM P1/P2! There's now a 4s gap between VET and HAM and Ferrari won't mind that Kimi shunt too much...

18:10 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Curves, chicanes, and FINALLY, Sebastian Vettel TAKES THE LEAAAAD! 

Vettel pretends to take the inside line and goes on the outside of Bottas instead. Brilliant commitment from the German.

18:09 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Bottas in the lead is getting a whopper of a fight from Vettel and the 4-time champion is REALLY putting everything into that car! 

18:06 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Sergio Perez of Force India pits and loses a spot with a slow pit stop! Less than ideal that, but Vettel races ahead as HAM pits - and he's now in P2 behind Bottas!

18:03 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Stoffel Vandoorne tries - and gets up a position on Jolyon Palmer of Renault! 

18:03 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Team Mercedes can hear it - and so can we! Lewis Hamilton is really, really wanting to pit - and team Mercedes tell him NOT to.

17:57 (IST)14 MAY 2017

"This is your window Lewis, give it all you got" say Mercedes. He's not too pacey now given the tyre wear he's already seen.

17:57 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel now in P3 - HAM, BOT and RIC all yet to pit!!

17:56 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Vettel gets past Daniel Ricciardo! 

17:56 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Race leader Vettel pits on lap 15 and exits in P2 - but Massa enters the pits just ahead and delays him! Hamilton and Bottas now in the lead with Ricciardo behind them - Vettel in P4 now! 

17:55 (IST)14 MAY 2017

What on earth was Carlos Sainz thinking? The driver and Kevin Magnussen go side by side with Sainz on the grass saying Magnussen (HAAS) pushed him off! 

17:54 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Mercedes say on team radio they are now eyeing HAM's pit window. This one's looking like a three stopper with all of these drivers pitting.

17:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Let's take a quick moment to remember Alonso's phenomenal racing yesterday. Despite a struggling engine with no pace on the straights, the two-time F1 champion finished quali in P7. Not a mean feat. And it's a testament to the Spaniard's talent more than anything else.

17:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Teammate Stoffel Vandoorne has also pitted.

17:53 (IST)14 MAY 2017

Alonso pits in lap 13! He comes out quickly in P14. 
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