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Spanish Grand Prix 2017 Qualifying Live Score Race Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 13, 2017 18:40 IST

Race No. 5 of 2017 sees Mercedes and Ferrari frontrunners for pole at the Spanish Grand Prix!


18:40 (IST)13 MAY 2017

18:35 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Fernando Alonso HAS to be the driver of the day - finishing in P7 for the race tomorrow! 

18:34 (IST)13 MAY 2017

It'll be LEWIS HAMILTON on pole - but Vettel is 51/100ths of a second behind in P2! Valtteri Bottas rounds up P3 for tomorrow's race but for now it's a Mercedes-Ferrari front row! 

18:30 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Alonso is currently in P7 - and it's over in Q3! WAITING FOR POLE! 

18:28 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Alonso's out on track and WHAT a tremendous effort! Final two minutes and ALO is the first onto a flying lap! 

18:27 (IST)13 MAY 2017

18:24 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Vettel is in P4 and having some sort of power problem - not a major one, but not ideal if VET is to extend his championship lead! 

18:23 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Lost a bit of speed there with a bounce over the kerb did Bottas. HAM BOT ...and Raikkonen 3/100ths of a second ahead of Vettel in P3! 

18:23 (IST)13 MAY 2017

BOTTAS TOPS -----and then Hamilton gets ahead with a bounce from the Finn! 

18:21 (IST)13 MAY 2017

BOT starts off his lap - he's won his first ever GP last race in Sochi and has momentum behind him! 

18:19 (IST)13 MAY 2017


18:17 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Alonso is a deserving champion and then some. After repeated DNFs, DNS, and that horrendous showing from the car in FP1, the racer till the end keeps his morale up. 

18:15 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Also, HOW GOOD is Fernando Alonso? Brilliant stuff from the former champion to push a struggling McLaren-Honda into Q3. Solid effort doesn't even begin to cover what he just did, despite McLaren having NO pace on the straights.

18:15 (IST)13 MAY 2017

We now have our top 10 . But who'll be on POLE?

18:11 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Romain Grosjean almost had Q3 - and absolutely messes up that turn! He's gone somewhere we don't know, and that pushes Alonso into 7th...but wait, there's more.

But despite a first sector that McLaren-Honda cars might struggle with, ALONSO IS IN Q3!!! 

18:08 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Just under 3 minutes to go and Grosjean, Massa, Hulkenberg, Perez and Wehrlein all in the drop zone. Alonso hanging on in 10th by 0.007 of a second. 

18:07 (IST)13 MAY 2017


18:05 (IST)13 MAY 2017

But let's look at the top of the grid - Mercedes - Ferrari split and it's INSANE. Hundredths of a second  close to each other. HAM leads, VET + 0.085, BOT + 0.090. 

That's how close.

18:04 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Red Bull have quite the team! Verstappen up 0.133 on teammate Ricciardo.

18:01 (IST)13 MAY 2017

HAM BOT RAI at the moment - 1:20.210 HAM, +0.090 for BOT, and +0.411 for RAI. Hulkenberg now out on track as Renault look to set a better lap. Fans still awaiting Vettel with bated breath! 

18:00 (IST)13 MAY 2017

RAIKKONEN: "Last chicane at the corner was bad."

17:59 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Considering he might have to use those tyres for his race start, that lock-up wasn't great! 

17:58 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Hamilton and Raikkonen on simultaneous laps - might as well be simulating a race! 

17:58 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Woah that was wide! Bottas snags and runs out wide - no issues with tires but that wasn't the greatest...

17:56 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Q2 underway and Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton are out on track! 

17:50 (IST)13 MAY 2017

A sterling effort from Felipe Massa  and from Pascal Wehrlein - who gets his Sauber through to Q2! 

17:50 (IST)13 MAY 2017

17:50 (IST)13 MAY 2017

That's the end of Q1! 

17:46 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Grosjean moves up into P7 ahead of Checo Perez of Force India as teammate Kevin Magnussen also makes it through! P7 and P8.

17:46 (IST)13 MAY 2017

IN THE DROP ZONE: Romain Grosjean (HAAS), Lance Stroll (WILLIAMS), Jolyon Palmer (RENAULT), Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat! 

17:44 (IST)13 MAY 2017

TYRE UPDATE: Every single driver is on softs. Every single one. Makes you think Pirelli made a mistake making hards available this weekend - not really going to be used much, I reckon. 

17:37 (IST)13 MAY 2017

"All fine with the car" say Scuderia Ferrari engineers over the radio. What a relief! 

17:37 (IST)13 MAY 2017

REMINDER for all of you: Vettel had an engine change, and initially had been asked to box - but stays out to set the top time..for now, as both Mercedes drivers are out on track. Bottas now in P2 behind VET...but HAM is just about half a second faster.

17:36 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Haas F1's Romain Grosjean spins out at the final chicane. The Frenchman's troubles with braking continue and then some.

17:35 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Vettel is asked to box box box, but he doesn't - and now it's worked! He continues to stay out on track.

17:33 (IST)13 MAY 2017

""STOP THE CAR, STOP THE CAR NOW!" say Ferrari to Sebastian Vettel. Oh no...

17:31 (IST)13 MAY 2017

McLaren's Stoffel Vandoorne first out on track and Sebastian Vettel follows early on! 

17:31 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Q1 is underway! 

17:31 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Home race for Fernando Alonso of the struggling McLaren. P1 was so bad the car failed midway through Lap 1 for the 2-time World Champion - what we know is that it was a rear axle failure. That lead to a LOT ...and we mean a LOT of oil leaking out onto the track - and McLaren WILL have penalties for the next race.

In Monaco.

Taken on by Jenson Button instead as ALO drives the Indy 500.

17:27 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Live at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - some lovely lovely weather and if we weren't watching the race we kind of envy the people in the pristine blue waters! 

17:11 (IST)13 MAY 2017

A FULL preview:

17:08 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Bottas and Vettel are looking in great form - but Kimi looks ready to upset the apple cart as well, here.

17:08 (IST)13 MAY 2017

Max Verstappen is the defending champion here, winning the 2016 edition of the race on debut for Red Bull Racing after his transfer from Toro Rosso.
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