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  • Sport Chain Cup 2018: 3rd Match - India U16 vs USA U16, Live Match Updates

Sport Chain Cup 2018: 3rd Match - India U16 vs USA U16, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 19, 2018 17:16 IST

The match is underway!


17:16 (IST)19 APR 2018

It's a wrap here!

17:15 (IST)19 APR 2018


17:15 (IST)19 APR 2018

Match over!

17:12 (IST)19 APR 2018

They miss out on this opportunity as well!

17:11 (IST)19 APR 2018

India with a great opportunity as they win a free kick just outside the box

17:10 (IST)19 APR 2018

Just 5 minutes remaining for India to make a difference.

17:09 (IST)19 APR 2018

Vikram with a powerful header towards goal but the USA goalkeeper is also up to it.

17:08 (IST)19 APR 2018

Another good save by Biaka

17:06 (IST)19 APR 2018

10 minutes remaining. India will consider themselves lucky to only be a goal down right now!

17:03 (IST)19 APR 2018

Sensational save by Biaka to deny USA of their 2nd goal

17:01 (IST)19 APR 2018

Bibiano Fernandes with 2 consecutive changes as Lalrokima comes on for Ricky & Ravi comes on for Ridge.

16:59 (IST)19 APR 2018

India tries to build play by retaining possession in their own half

16:56 (IST)19 APR 2018

Just 20 minutes remaining on the clock!

16:53 (IST)19 APR 2018

Biaka has also been as good as Niraj in the Indian goal. India has 2 excellent goalkeeping options now.

16:46 (IST)19 APR 2018

Another corner for USA. This time the defenders clear away the danger

16:45 (IST)19 APR 2018

Corner for USA. Biaka is up to it and jumps high to collect the ball safely!

16:44 (IST)19 APR 2018

Gurkirat is solid in defense as he blocks a shot!

16:42 (IST)19 APR 2018

It would have certainly been an uphill task for India if they had to recover from 2 goals down.

16:42 (IST)19 APR 2018

A simple tap in for the USA striker but he misses it and gives India a lifeline!

16:39 (IST)19 APR 2018

Corner for USA but they fail to make an impact as the solid Indian defense clears it away safely.

16:37 (IST)19 APR 2018

Vikram tries a shot from long range but it is very wayward!

16:34 (IST)19 APR 2018

Good start for the Indian boys as they win a corner early on

16:33 (IST)19 APR 2018

Bibiano Fernandes decides to take give Biaka some playing time. Biaka comes on for Niraj.

16:28 (IST)19 APR 2018

The action has resumed!

16:26 (IST)19 APR 2018

The 2nd half is about to commence!

16:17 (IST)19 APR 2018

Each half consists of 40 mins

16:17 (IST)19 APR 2018


16:16 (IST)19 APR 2018

Free kick for India but this also goes down as a wasted opportunity!

16:14 (IST)19 APR 2018

Givson crosses it to Sailo who just misses the goalpost by a foot. This was the best chance India had in the match till now!

16:13 (IST)19 APR 2018

Free kick for USA but Niraj is rock solid in his goal. 

16:02 (IST)19 APR 2018

Another corner for USA with the same result.

16:01 (IST)19 APR 2018

A corner for USA. Poor ball in and does not trouble the Indian defense at all.

15:59 (IST)19 APR 2018

A good through ball by Givson but Ricky does not time his run properly and is caught off-side

15:58 (IST)19 APR 2018

India looking strong to get an equalizer in the first half itself!

15:56 (IST)19 APR 2018

Givson is 1 on 1 with keeper! AAAANDD he misses

15:52 (IST)19 APR 2018

Vikram with a through ball but it is too close to the keeper and it is easily collected by him!

15:51 (IST)19 APR 2018

SCORE: INDIA U16 0 - 1 USA U16

15:49 (IST)19 APR 2018


15:47 (IST)19 APR 2018

Danu with the good cross in but there is no one in the right place to capitalize on it

15:45 (IST)19 APR 2018

Ridge with a through ball to Thoiba who scuffs his attempt at goal

15:44 (IST)19 APR 2018

Niraj pulls off another save!

15:43 (IST)19 APR 2018

Shabas evades the danger and clears the corner!

15:43 (IST)19 APR 2018

USA wins 2 corners in a row

15:38 (IST)19 APR 2018

USA counters and Niraj has to pull off an smart save!

15:36 (IST)19 APR 2018

India almost has the opener early on as the ball comes off the post!

15:32 (IST)19 APR 2018

Starting squad of India: Niraj (GK), Shabas, Gurkirat, Harpreet Singh, Moirangthem Thoiba, Ricky, Givson (C), Sailo, Ridge, Vikram, Danu

15:31 (IST)19 APR 2018

15:31 (IST)19 APR 2018

15:31 (IST)19 APR 2018

Hello and welcome to the live coverage! The match is about to kick off.

14:39 (IST)19 APR 2018

India U16 side will take on USA U16 in their final match of the Sport Chain Cup on 19th of April.
India has been without a win in the Sport Chain Cup so far. This is the 3rd and final chance of the India U16 football team to win a match. They faced USA U16 team first up, where they lost 1-0 and in the 2nd match which they played yesterday, they lost 3-1 to Norway.
Bibiano Fernandes has a lot to learn from the Sport Chain Cup 2018. The Indian strikers just have not been upto the mark in both the matches. Bibiano Fernandes, the Indian U16 football team coach is sure to make some tactical changes coming into this game. The same formation and tactics were followed in the previous two games and one can say that they worked to a certain extent as well because India created a lot of goal scoring opportunities. However, as India were not ultimately able to convert the opportunities into goals, something new certainly needs to be tried. 
India has been a strong bunch in the Defense and in the midfield. We will have to wait and see how they fare in their third and final match. 
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