Srikanth Kidambi vs HS Prannoy, Live Badminton Score and Updates, French Open Super Series 2017 Semi-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 28, 2017 20:59 IST

Srikanth def Prannoy 14-21, 21-19, 21-18 to enter the final


20:59 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And with that, we wrap up our liveblog of the French Open Superseries 2017 semi-finals.

Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for staying with us.

Do join us tomorrow for the live coverage of the final.

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Goodnight and goodbye!

20:55 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And we'll have yet another Sunday with an Indian fighting for a Superseries title. Has become a regular affair these days, hasn't it? But we are not complaining at all. In fact, we would want more of it!

20:53 (IST)28 OCT 2017

HS Prannoy is nearly there, just did not do enough towards the end to stave off the Srikanth challenge. But we are sure his time will definitely come sometime soon.

This was a day to be proud of Indian badminton. How far our men's singles has progressed, this showed.

20:50 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Wow! What a match that was! 

Just no words left to describe Srikanth Kidambi's finishing skills. Looked jaded, yet won. Says a lot about why he's been winning so much. He continues to amaze us all! Knows when to raise one's level. And that is the sign of a true champion!

20:42 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Final score: Srikanth def Prannoy 14-21, 21-19, 21-18

20:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

No celebrations from Srikanth considering it was his friend and training partner that he beat. Great gesture!

20:39 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth takes it 21-18 as the two have a warm embrace at the net!

20:38 (IST)28 OCT 2017


20:38 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And the Denmark Open champion moves up to 19-18

20:38 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Nailbiting it is!

20:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017


20:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And he is now trailing by one point...17-18

20:37 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth struggles to put a high shuttle over the net

Prannoy up 18-16

20:36 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Remember how he had a two-point lead even in Game 2? 

20:35 (IST)28 OCT 2017

17-15 it is for Prannoy right now!

20:34 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy's turn to dump a backhand into the net.

Lead reduces to 15-14

20:33 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth looking jaded and his tired hands at the net give Prannoy a 15-12 advantage

20:32 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Another error from the US Open champion...13-12

20:32 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy sends the shuttle long!


20:31 (IST)28 OCT 2017


Prannoy up 12-10

20:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Still no clear winner they are playing a very, very close game.

20:30 (IST)28 OCT 2017

At the interval, Prannoy has a slender advantage of 11-10

20:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy can't keep the advantage when he is being handed it.

It is back to 10-10

20:29 (IST)28 OCT 2017

An error from Srikanth sends Prannoy up to 10-9

20:28 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth inches ahead to 9-8 now

20:27 (IST)28 OCT 2017

7-7 now

This will be a long game!

20:26 (IST)28 OCT 2017

6-6 it is currently

20:24 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth rolls to the floor as he tries to retrieve a smash but Prannoy makes the work easier for him, having sent it wide, anyway.

Sri up 5-4

20:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

We are all even at 4-4

20:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

This will be another tight battle!

20:23 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Now Sri builds a 4-2 lead

20:22 (IST)28 OCT 2017



20:19 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Seriously, Srikanth just never ceases to amaze us!

20:18 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Srikanth takes the second game, 21-19

Wow! That came out of nowhere!

20:18 (IST)28 OCT 2017



20:17 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is back to level


20:17 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is 19-18 now

Getting tight!

20:17 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy still keeping distance from Srikanth....can he snap Sri's winning streak?

Leads 19-17

20:16 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Great injection of pace and power from Srikanth...he trails 16-18

20:14 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Srikanth is lacking a bit of sharpness at the net.....Prannoy up to 17-15 now

20:14 (IST)28 OCT 2017

A crosscourt smash from Prannoy to snatch the lead again...16-14

20:12 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And Srikanth has stormed back to 14-14

This man is such a picture of determination these days!

20:11 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy up 14-12 now

20:09 (IST)28 OCT 2017

Prannoy does look the one with more confidence now...14-11 is his lead

20:08 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is a two-point gap after the break!

Prannoy up 13-11

20:07 (IST)28 OCT 2017

It is Prannoy, who inches ahead to 11-10 at halftime

20:06 (IST)28 OCT 2017

They train at the same academy so they know each other inside out!

20:06 (IST)28 OCT 2017

And it is 10-10 to noone's surprise!

20:05 (IST)28 OCT 2017

The pace of the match has slowed down! Srikanth currently has a 10-8 advantage

20:03 (IST)28 OCT 2017

A long rally ends in favour of Prannoy...he trails 8-9
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