Srikanth Kidambi vs Lakshya Sen, Live Badminton Score and Updates, Senior National Badminton Championships 2017 Semi-finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 07, 2017 17:21 IST

Srikanth def Sen, 21-16, 21-18 to enter the final


17:21 (IST)7 NOV 2017

PV Sindhu is yet to play her semi-final match. Her match will be coming up shortly. You can follow it LIVE here:

17:18 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It's Srikanth vs Prannoy in the final. Repeat of the thrilling French Open semi-final they played recently.

What a match that would be!

17:16 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Final score: Srikanth def Sen, 21-16, 21-18 to enter the final.

17:17 (IST)7 NOV 2017

And Srikanth takes it!


17:16 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Big smash by Srikanth and he reaches match points.


17:15 (IST)7 NOV 2017

An error from Srikanth allows Sen to come back to 18-19

17:15 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen attempts a smash but the shuttle lands on the net.

He trails 16-19

17:14 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth seems to have weathered the storm.


17:13 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen dives on the court but can't stop Srikanth from going up to 17-15

17:12 (IST)7 NOV 2017

And once more, it is all level at 15-15

17:11 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It is now evenly poised at 14-14

17:11 (IST)7 NOV 2017

After winning six points in a row, Sen finally concedes a point.

17:10 (IST)7 NOV 2017

He even snatches the lead and goes up to 14-12

17:10 (IST)7 NOV 2017

And Sen does indeed come back to level at 12-12

17:09 (IST)7 NOV 2017

And he gets yet another to make it 11-12

17:09 (IST)7 NOV 2017

The fire has been reignited in Sen and he gets 3 points on the trot through beautiful winners.


17:08 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It's 12-7 now for the top seed

17:06 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth adds 3 more points to lead 11-5 at the break.

17:05 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Now Srikanth misses the sideline.


17:04 (IST)7 NOV 2017

What a superb crosscourt smash by Sen!


17:03 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen looks a bit clueless now.

6-2 to the top seed

17:02 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth goes for a jump smash and leads 5-2

17:02 (IST)7 NOV 2017

The World No. 2 goes up to 3-1 amidst cheers of 'Srikanth, Srikanth'.

16:56 (IST)7 NOV 2017


Srikanth opens up a 2-0 lead.

16:58 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth bags the opener, 21-16

16:57 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Big smash from the teen and he trails 16-20

16:57 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Lakshya saves one.


16:56 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen trying out some variety but Srikanth has been able to get the better of everything.


16:55 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It is 18-14 to the World No. 2 currently

16:54 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Now Sen finds an opening. Big smash and now he trails 13-16

16:53 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen continues to defend well but Srikanth manages to inch ahead to 16-12

16:53 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Sen's returns are fantastic even though he is not able to put the shuttle within the court all the time. Bodes well for the future.

16:51 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth has now built a three-point lead.


16:50 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth has his nose in front at the break.


16:49 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Thanks to a netcord, Sen is ahead 10-9

16:48 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It is very competitive right now...9-9

16:47 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Now it is 8-7 for Kidambi

16:46 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Now the teen inches ahead to 7-6

16:46 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Wow! What an attack from Sen!

Draws level at 6-6

16:45 (IST)7 NOV 2017

A couple of errors from Srikanth.


16:44 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It's 5-3 for the top seed

16:44 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth is using his jump smashes a lot from early on in this match.

16:43 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Body smash from Srikanth for a 4-2 lead

16:43 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Srikanth misses an angular smash.


16:42 (IST)7 NOV 2017

The top seed goes up to 2-1

16:42 (IST)7 NOV 2017

It's 1-1

16:36 (IST)7 NOV 2017

What a match we have!

16:36 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Welcome to the liveblog. The match is about to start now.

13:14 (IST)7 NOV 2017

Good afternoon and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the 2017 Senior National Badminton Championships semi-finals. 

What a match this is! Top seed Srikanth Kidambi takes on 2016 runner-up Lakshya Sen for a place in the summit clash. It is the battle between the very best of two generations. Sen is very much primed to be the successor to the India No. 1 Srikanth. 

He has shown enough potential for that. He has been the junior World No. 1 and already has two international titles at the senior level. He made it to the final last year and this year, he had a lead over the fourth seeded Ajay Jayaram in the quarter-finals when the latter called it quits due to discomfort in the heel.

Sen has all the tools to make it big on the circuit which makes this match so exciting. 

Srikanth has been on a roll on the BWF Tour, winning Superseries titles like it is child's play. He has come to this tournament on the back of twin title triumphs at the Denmark Open and the French Open. 

Tiredness, though, could be a factor that might make this a very competitive match. Srikanth did have trouble in his quarter-final match against Shubham Prajapati, who even held a couple of game points before the World No. 2 slammed shut the match in straight games. It remains to be seen if Lakshya too can similarly stretch Srikanth.
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