Swiss Open 2018, Quarter-finals: RMV Gurusaidutt vs Kantaphon Wangcharoen, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 23, 2018 19:19 IST

Wangcharoen def Gurusaidutt 21-8, 21-15 to enter semi-finals


19:19 (IST)23 FEB 2018

And that brings us to the end of this liveblog. We'll be back around 12.30am IST with the live coverage of Sameer Verma's quarter-final match.

Until then, stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the world of sports.


19:18 (IST)23 FEB 2018

With that, Gurusaidutt's brilliant run at the Swiss Open ends! He had a couple of big wins this week, but could not keep his errors at bay today.

19:15 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Wangcharoen wraps it up!

21-8, 21-15

19:14 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Guru's errors are just not helping him.

The Thai has match points now.


19:14 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Kantaphon has now surged ahead to 19-15

19:12 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Can he level things here?

19:12 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The gap is closing!

Guru is 14-17 now

19:10 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Guru is fighting back now and trails by five points.


19:07 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Guru has bagged a couple of point but the Thai still looks very, very comfortable at 13-7

19:05 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Just like the first game, the Thai has gone up 11-5 heading into the mid-game interval.

19:03 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The Thai looks unstoppable currently and is up 10-4

19:00 (IST)23 FEB 2018

3-point advantage for the Thai.


18:58 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Once more Guru amps up his aggression but sends the shuttle long again!


18:57 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The Thai extends his lead to 3-1

Guru has to cut down on his errors, or else time is running out!

18:57 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Wangcharoen opens up a 2-1 lead in Game 2

18:56 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The Indian was simply outplayed in the first game. His frequent errors did not help his cause either.

He needs to step it up in Game 2.

Can he?

Let's find out!

18:54 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Wangcharoen doesn't make a mistake on the next point!

Duly converts it and takes the first game!


18:53 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The Thai sends the shuttle long on game point to gift one point to Guru.

Wangcharoen up 20-8

18:51 (IST)23 FEB 2018

And Wangcharoen adds two more to jump to 17-7

18:51 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Guru bags a couple of points but the Thai still has a sizable lead!

Up 15-7

18:49 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Once more Guru is overhitting...he is creating chances but is not able to capitalize on them!

Another crosscourt smash sails wide!

Trails 5-13

18:46 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Kantaphon comes up with a brilliant crosscourt smash to take an 11-5 lead going into the mid-game interval.

18:45 (IST)23 FEB 2018

An excellent dropshot from Guru takes him to 5-10

18:44 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Gurusaidutt's timing is currently off....he targeted a crosscourt smash but missed the line.

Trails 4-8

18:43 (IST)23 FEB 2018

A couple of errors from the Indian gifts two points to the higher-ranked player.

The Thai leads 6-4

18:41 (IST)23 FEB 2018

It continues to be even.


18:41 (IST)23 FEB 2018

And the Indian has taken two points on the trot to level things up!


18:39 (IST)23 FEB 2018

It's a 3-1 lead to the Thai

18:39 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The match starts. First point to the Thai.


18:36 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Guru to serve first

18:36 (IST)23 FEB 2018

The players are on court now and the match is about to begin.

17:34 (IST)23 FEB 2018

Good evening and welcome to the Sportskeeda liveblog of the Swiss Open 2018. Second seeded Sameer Verma and qualifier RMV Gurusaidutt are the only two singles shuttlers from India to enter the quarter-finals of this BWF World Tour Super 300 tournament.

This is the 2014 Commonwealth Games bronze medallist's first tournament of the year. After being out of action for one year, the former World No. 19 returned to action in 2017 and won the Bulgarian International as a qualifier. He also made it to the final of the Welsh International towards the end of the season.

Because of his inactivity, his ranking had dropped below 900. The performances last year hauled him up by over 700 spots into the top 250. Currently, he is ranked 233rd and faces the World No. 49 Wangcharoen for a place in the semi-finals. This is their first meeting.

Gurusaidutt has been in great form at this event and upset the third seed Ygor Coelho in the first round and followed it up with another big win over higher-ranked compatriot, Sourabh Verma.

He would surely make an effort to keep his winning streak going.
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