Syed Modi International 2018 Badminton Live: Saina Nehwal vs Kate Foo Kune, Live score & Updates | 21st November 2018

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2018 13:27 IST

Nehwal def Kune 21-10, 21-10 to enter R2


13:27 (IST)21 NOV 2018

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13:27 (IST)21 NOV 2018

That was a very good start by Nehwal and should stand her in good stead in her quest for her first BWF title of the 2018 season.

13:25 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina converted her first match point and won the match 21-10, 21-10 in just 30 minutes!!!!

13:22 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Two more points for Saina and she has reached match points now, at 20-10

13:21 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina finally stops her run and goes up to 18-10

13:21 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Fifth point in a row for the Mauritius girl....she trails 10-17

13:20 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Suddenly, Kune builds some momentum here...gets FOUR POINTS ON THE TROT!

Saina is still up 17-9

13:19 (IST)21 NOV 2018

17-7 now for the Indian

13:19 (IST)21 NOV 2018

17-5 to the former champion!

13:18 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's a 10-point advantage for the Indian now as she leads 15-5

13:17 (IST)21 NOV 2018

No stopping Saina!

She is up 13-5

13:15 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Nehwal leads 11-4 at the time of the mid-game interval.

13:15 (IST)21 NOV 2018

9-4 to Nehwal now

Absolutely stamping her class here!

13:13 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina is in complete control now...has gone up further to 7-3

13:12 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina breaks away from the tie and goes up to 5-3

13:11 (IST)21 NOV 2018

And 2-2 now

Better display from Kune so far!

13:10 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's 1-1 in Game 2

13:08 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina bags the first game 21-10

What a commanding display from the former World No. 1

13:07 (IST)21 NOV 2018

10 game points for Nehwal


13:06 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's 18-10 to Saina after Kune attempted a brief fightback

13:03 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Kune is trying hard to build some confidence here....she gets two points and now trails 7-15

13:02 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Kune gets one more point but Saina is simply unstoppable!

Up she goes to 15-5

13:01 (IST)21 NOV 2018

No change after the break as Saina cruises smoothly to 12-4

12:59 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Total domination by the two-time champion so far! She goes up to 11-3 at the time of the mid-game interval.

12:58 (IST)21 NOV 2018

It's 9-2 to Saina as she builds a seven-point advantage here!

12:57 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina is already showing some exceptional defense. She wins a long rally and goes up further to 7-2.

12:55 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Saina is now 5-2 up

12:54 (IST)21 NOV 2018

Kune gets on the board after Saina gets the first four points.

Saina 4-1 up

12:53 (IST)21 NOV 2018

And Nehwal gets two more quick points to extend her lead to 3-0

12:53 (IST)21 NOV 2018

First point goes to Saina!
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