Syed Modi International 2018 Badminton Live: Sameer Verma vs Chico Aura Dwi Wardoyo, Live score & Updates | 24th November 2018

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Verma def Wardoyo 21-13, 17-21, 21-8 in 57 minutes to enter the final


18:06 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Final score: Verma def Wardoyo 21-13, 17-21, 21-8 in 57 minutes to enter the final.

18:04 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Another two points for the Indian and he gets the win!!!!!

Sameer enters the final!!!!! He is one win away from successfully defending his title!!!!

18:02 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Total dominance by Sameer now! He takes four points on the trot to go up to 19-8

17:59 (IST)24 NOV 2018

15-8 to the defending champion!

17:58 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Two more points for Wardoyo as he trails 7-14

17:57 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 14-5 to Verma now!

Can he finish it off?

17:54 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Sameer is in complete control of the proceedings now!

He is 11-3 up at the time of the mid-game interval.

17:52 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's a five-point difference between the two now. Sameer is 8-3 up!

17:51 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Sameer adds two more points and now leads 5-2

17:49 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 3-2 to Verma now in the decider!

17:44 (IST)24 NOV 2018

What resilience from Wardoyo! He takes the second game 21-17 and sets up a decider!!!!

17:43 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Wardoyo has game points as well!


17:42 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And he has extended it further!

Wardoyo up 19-17

17:42 (IST)24 NOV 2018

For the first time in this game, Wardoyo has a lead!

18-17 now

17:41 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 16-16 now!!!!!!

17:38 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And a long rally goes Wardoyo's way!

He now trails 13-14

17:36 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 14-12 to Verma now

17:33 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It has become a competitive game but Verma has a slender lead of 11-10 at the mid-game interval

17:29 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 9-7 to Verma now after a brief fightback from the youngster!

17:27 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 8-3 now for the Indian shuttler!

17:27 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Sameer is 7-1 up...this is such a strong show now from Verma!

17:25 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Wardoyo is now on the board at 1-4

17:25 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's a 3-0 lead for Verma in the second game...he looks hungry and determined!

17:22 (IST)24 NOV 2018

This has been an exceptional display by Verma ever since he trailed his young opponent at the time of the mid-game interval.

He takes five of the next six points to bag the first game 21-13

17:20 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Sameer is now accelerating with his array of aggressive shots! He has gone up to 16-12

17:18 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Wardoyo took an 11-10 lead at the time of the mid-game interval but Sameer has once again come back to make it 12-12

17:16 (IST)24 NOV 2018

Sameer levels this!!!!!


17:15 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And the Indonesian is in the lead for the first time!


17:13 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And the youngster draws level now, at 9-9

17:12 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 8-7 to the Indian now!!!

17:10 (IST)24 NOV 2018

It's 7-5 to Verma now as he adds a couple of points!

17:09 (IST)24 NOV 2018

The youngster isn't giving up yet.....trails Verma by one point only at 4-5

17:08 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And Verma is slowly separating himself from his opponent...he is up 5-3

17:07 (IST)24 NOV 2018

The Indonesian is now on the board at 1-3

17:06 (IST)24 NOV 2018

The defending champion takes a 2-0 lead

17:05 (IST)24 NOV 2018

First point to Sameer!


17:05 (IST)24 NOV 2018

And the match is under way!
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