Tejaswini Sawant and Anjum Moudgil crash out of the 50m Three Position Rifle Shooting!

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LIVE updates - Tejaswini Sawant and Anjum Moudgil 50m rifle three positions shooting Olympics 2021


11:23 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Well it's unfair for the athletes to say this, but it is yet another opportunity in shooting that has gone begging for India. From a position of qualification to ending up being eliminated. It's been the story so far, in all shooting events where we had real chances to win medals. Yes, the pressure of a nation of over 1.3billion people is incomprehensible for us sitting at our homes, but all we can do is hope and have faith. 

That being said, our athletes have made us proud on the biggest stage without a doubt, but going ahead in the future, it is crucial moments like these we need to work on and need to take in the pressure. 

Talent and potential, we have aplenty, but it is the nerves that are needed to deal in pressure situations we seem to be lacking this year. Some first timers in the Olympics, some with a bit of experience, all have struggled at the same time. 

But it's been a remarkable outing. Our athletes have given it their all, and they should hold their heads up high, as the entire nation is with them and on their side. 

Today, Tejaswini Sawant, an experienced rifle shooter started off on the back foot and found it difficult to fight back after early hiccoughs. She did remarkably well in the prone position, but was a let down in the other two. She ended up quite low in the ranks and found it difficult to climb up.

Anjum Moudgil started off well, improved on her start in the kneeling position, finished just outside the top 8. She took charge in the prone position and found herself comfortably within the top 8. She was lethal with her shooting then, and also managed a series of 100. All she had to do in her final standing position, was get enough to stay in the top 8. But nerves got to her and she succumbed under pressure. 

Ended up with an under par performance at the time, and no efforts in the end were going to be good enough to avenge her. She ended up on the 15th position, well outside the qualification probables, and with that came her heartbreak. 

A valiant effort from our shooters, but just not good enough to claim a finals spot. It's been a tough outing and one they can learn a lot from, so let's hope the future is bright. 

That is all from here for now, but do keep checking SportsKeeda as we bring you all the live updates from the Tokyo Olympics. I have been Ankit Sharma, and it has been a pleasure bringing this event to you. Hope you enjoyed it! Goodbye for now, and do take care! 

11:20 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 4 Score Sheet of Anjum Moudgil

11:19 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 4 of Tejaswini Sawant

11:14 (IST)31 JUL 2021

It is official! Anjum Moudgil bows out too!
She gets a couple of 10's and a 9 to cap off her final shots of the qualifiers but her start to the standing position was nowhere near what it should have been for her to qualify. A 97 in her final series, and a total score of 1167-54x. She ends up in the 15th position and the heartbreak in the shooting discipline continues! 

11:13 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A 10, 9 and 10 for Tejaswini Sawant to wrap up her final series. She finishes 33rd with a total of 1154-50x. 

11:12 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil gets her sixth 10 in a row, only to follow it with an 8. This could be it for her as well, as recovery from here seems impossible. 

11:11 (IST)31 JUL 2021

An 8 to follow for Tejaswini, after a decent start. She follows it with a 9 and a 10, but the 8 has done too much damage. 

11:10 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil meanwhile, starts off with a perfect 50 off her first 5 shots. It does seem a little too late for her too, as she's still not near the top 8. 

11:09 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini kicks off her final series with a 10, 9, 10 and a 9. It's one last hurrah for her this year and she'll want to cherish the moment. 

11:09 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 3 Score Sheet of Anjum Moudgil

11:08 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 3 Score Sheet of Tejaswini Sawnt

11:07 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Sawant gets a 10 on her final shot to close the third series with 95 as well! Her best in this position today. 

11:07 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Two 10's followed by two 9's and a final 10 are Anjum's last five shots of the third series. A total of 95 to finish with, and placed 14th. Just 20 shots to go for her. Can she make it into the top 8?

11:05 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Sawant follows her 10 on the sixth on shot with a 9 and two more 10's. Nearly not as accurate enough as she would have liked it to be. One more shot to go for her in this series. 

11:03 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum continues with two more 10's to make it three in a row, but immediately after gets a 9. 

11:02 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A 9 and a 10 for Anjum Moudgil on her 4th and 5th shot. She's further slipped down to the 14th position. She's making life difficult for herself and she needs to find her rhythm. 

11:01 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant gets in a 10 on her fourth shot, follows it with a 9, and a second 10 of the series. 

11:01 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil meanwhile, is getting more 9's than 10's as she starts off her third series with three 9's and a 10 in her first four shots. 

11:00 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant starts her third series, not with an 8 this time, but with three 9's in a row. 

10:59 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 2 Score Sheet of Tejaswini Sawant

10:59 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 2 Score Sheet of Anjum Moudgil

10:58 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum finishes strong with a couple of 10's to cap off her second series. A total of 96, two better than the first one, but not good enough to qualify yet. 

10:57 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A 9 on Tejaswini's last shot as she finishes her second series with just 93. Qualification is out of the question for her now for sure. She's way down on the 30th spot. 

10:56 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil follows her consecutive 10's with two 9's and is slipping down the ranks slowly. She needs to do better. 

10:55 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant on the other hand, gets a hat trick of 10's herself after the 9 on her sixth shot. 

10:54 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A hat trick of 10's for Anjum as she makes her case to qualify. 

10:53 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil meanwhile, starts off with a 9, 10 and 9 of her first three shots in the second series. A better start this time. 

10:53 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Another 10 for Tejaswini, but yet another 8 to follow it up. Oh the nerves are getting to her. She follows the second 8 with a 9 and 10 each. 

10:51 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 1 Score Sheet of Anjum Moudgil

10:50 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A nice 10 on her final shot for Anjum Moudgil to cap off her first series with a 94. She will have to do better if she is to make the finals. She slips to the 10th spot for now. 

10:48 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant follows her 10 with a 9. A little shaky start for the veteran in her second series. 

10:47 (IST)31 JUL 2021

While ANJUM is still to hit her last shot, Tejaswini starts her second her series. She starts with an underpar 8 but follows it with a 10! 

10:42 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil seems to be nervous and letting pressure the better of her. She made it four 10's in a row but follows it with a couple of 9's. One shot left for her in her first series. 

10:41 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Standing Position, Series 1 Score Sheet of Tejaswini Sawant

10:40 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini scores a 9 and a 10 in her last two shots and concludes her first series. A total of just 94 to start with. She would have wanted more. She sits on the 27th position. 

10:38 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant follows her two 9's with a hat trick of 10's now. She's recovering and fighting back strongly. This could be her one and only shot to give it her best. 

10:37 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Anjum Moudgil follows her lone 10 with two more and makes it three in a row now! She was down to 10th and is now back into the 8th position. 

10:37 (IST)31 JUL 2021

A couple more 9's for Sawant as she's finding her way back. 

10:36 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Tejaswini Sawant is now underway as well, starts off with a 9 and a 10. But follows it with an 8. Nerves already for the Indians. 

10:35 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Right then, Anjum Moudgil continues with another 9 and finally a 10. Been a while since we seen that, eh! Don't worry about it, she'll come around.

10:34 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The 'x' is when you hit the smallest circle in the centre

10:34 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Meanwhile those of you wondering you what the 'x' in the score sheet stand for. It is sort of like hitting the bulls eye. We have scores of 7, 8, 9, 10 and a smaller circle towards the centre which means the bullseye. Here's a picture for you to understand it. 

10:31 (IST)31 JUL 2021

She follows it up with a 9 and is slowly finding her feet. Lets just hope the number 8 isn't seen on her score card again. 

10:29 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Well what do you know! Anjum Moudgil is underway, but it's with a paltry 8. She's not scored an 8 in all her 80 shots so far, but she stands the final position with one. Nerves taking over her you reckon? 

10:27 (IST)31 JUL 2021

To all you anxious folks, hold onto your seats. While it's natural to want the suspense to end soon, we've got to be patient. The Standing Position, which is the final position in this qualifier is underway, but Anjum and Tejaswini are yet to start. It will be any second now, that they start so stay with us! 

10:18 (IST)31 JUL 2021

The Standing Position Shooting is underway and certain results have gone in favour of Anjum Moudgil, who has climbed up to the sixth position. She will be under immense pressure to be lethal with her shooting and make sure she stays in the top 8. 

10:10 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Top 8 just as the Standing Position has commenced

10:07 (IST)31 JUL 2021

An exemplary performance from our two champions in the second position as they move up the ranks. While Anjum Moudgil is making her case for qualification and is right at the edge of the 8th spot, the veteran seems to be way down south. Tejaswini Sawant is 29th and for her to make the qualification is almost impossible. She'll need a lot of results to go her away, while giving an almost perfect performance herself. 

While a few athletes have begun their final position, which is the standing position, the two Indians will be out shortly. Among those athletes, one has slipped up, which has helped Anjum barge into the top 8. Here is the current top 8 for you, just before the standing position gets underway for our duo!

10:05 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Prone Position, Series 4 Score Sheet of Anjum Moudgil

10:04 (IST)31 JUL 2021

Prone Position, Series 4 Score Sheet of Tejaswini Sawant
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