Australian Open 2019 Live Updates: Prajnesh Gunneswaran vs Frances Tiafoe - Match Highlights

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03:34 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

That's all from us here at Sportskeeda. Join us later in the day for the coverage of the match between Roger Federer and Denis Istomin.

03:33 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

With that, India's run in the singles category comes to an end. All hopes will now be on the doubles players. However, there were a lot of positives for Gunneswaran in his first ever Grand Slam match and he will hope to grow from strength to strength in the coming few months. 

03:33 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Prajnesh started off the match extremely well and was going toe-to-toe with the world no. 39 in the first set. However, an error at the crucial moment gave the American the first set. Gunneswaran got an early break in the 2nd set but wasn't able to consolidate as he got broken back immediately. There was no turning back for Tiafoe from there as he went on to win the 2nd and 3rd sets with relative ease. He will take on South Africa's Kevin Anderson in the 2nd round. 

03:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And thats the MATCH! A huge forehand winner from Tiafoe gives him the match against Gunneswaran.  It was a quick match which lasted just under 2 hours. 

Frances Tiafoe def. Prajnesh Gunneswaran 7-6(7), 6-3, 6-3

03:26 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

An easy hold of serve with 2 aces in it gives Tiafoe the game. He is just one game away from moving into the 2nd round now.

Gunneswaran 3 - 5 Tiafoe. 

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:24 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe gets the break! An extremely poor game from Gunneswaran riddled with unforced errors gives the break to the American once again. Surely, its match over now.

Gunneswaran 3 - 4 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:17 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe seemed to give up on the fianl point which was quite odd. Anyway, it was a great service game by the Indian, with 2 aces in it, to consolidate the break of serve. Its back on serve now.

Gunneswaran 3 - 2 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:15 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Well, its not over yet! On his 5th break point, Gunneswaran finally converts to get back on level terms in the 3rd set. Will we see a comeback from the Indian?

Gunneswaran 2 - 2 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:06 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

An excellent forehand winner gives Tiafoe the break in the 3rd set. Is that the match for the American? 

Gunneswaran 1 - 2 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:02 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

After winning the first point of that game, Tiafoe won the next 4 to win the game. He is high on confidence now.

Gunneswaran 1 - 1 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3.

03:01 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Gunneswaran starts off with a strong hold of serve to take the lead in the 3rd set. He ended the game with a wide ace.

Gunneswaran 1 - 0 Tiafoe.

3rd set. Tiafoe leads 7-6(7), 6-3. 

02:58 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Prajnesh's first serve percentage dipped from about 70% to just 43% in the 2nd set. He had a couple of double faults as well. Meanwhile, Tiafoe improved his first serve percentage

02:57 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And Tiafoe wins the 2nd set to take a 2-0 advantage! It will take a monumental effort for Prajnesh to make a comeback now, given the temperature as well. 

Tiafoe wins 2nd set 6-3. Leads 7-6, 6-3. 

02:54 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Finally, a hold of serve by Gunneswaran. Tiafoe just needs one more hold of serve to win the 2nd set.

Gunneswaran 3 - 5 Tiafoe.

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:50 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe is just one game away from winning the set now. Another good hold of serve by the big American.

Gunneswaran 2 - 5 Tiafoe.

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:47 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

After a good hold of serve, Tiafoe breaks the Indian once again to get the advantage in the 2nd set. Gunneswaran is starting to lose his way a bit here.

Gunneswaran 2 - 4 Tiafoe.

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:40 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The sun seemed to be a hindrance as Gunneswaran hit two double faults to hand the break right back to the world no. 39.

Gunneswaran 2 - 2 Tiafoe.

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:36 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And Gunneswaran gets the first break of the match! A couple of errors and a few good forehands hands him the vital break in the 2nd set.

Gunneswaran 2 - 1 Tiafoe. 

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:33 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Gunneswaran starts with a good hold of serve as well. It is quite hot out there and the players are feeling it. 32 degrees celsius.

Gunneswaran 1 - 1 Tiafoe 

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:30 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe begins the 2nd set with a hold of serve. A few errors coming from Prajnesh's racket. 

Gunneswaran 0 - 1 Tiafoe 

2nd Set. Tiafoe won the first set

02:24 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

It was a great set between the two but that one error in the end cost the Indian the set. He served well and hit a few winners throughout the set but wasn't able to close it out. Let's he if he can make a comeback in the 2nd set.

02:23 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe wins the first set!! An unfortunate overhead miss by Gunneswaran gave him the set on his third set point. 

Gunneswaran 6 - 7 Tiafoe [7-9]

02:19 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Prajnesh saves a set point with a big wide serve to make it 6-6 in the tie-break! 

02:16 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And its 3-3 in the tie-break at the exchange! A couple of mini-breaks exchanged between the two. 

Gunneswaran 6 - 6 Tiafoe [3-3]

02:12 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

And we're going to a tie-break in the first set! A couple of errors from the Indian in the final game.

Gunneswaran 6 - 6 Tiafoe

02:08 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

A couple of errors from the Indian but he manages to hold on and ends the game with an incredible forehand down the line.

Gunneswaran 6 - 5 Tiafoe 

Set 1 

02:06 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Its been just 29 minutes and we're already at 5-5 in the first set. These two are going through their games quite quickly

02:02 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Once again, a strong service game from Prajnesh to make it 5-4 in the first set. He has begun quite well and would hope to keep the momentum going!

Gunneswaran 5 - 4 Tiafoe 

Set 1

01:59 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Some big hitting in that game from Tiafoe along with a few good net points gives him another hold of serve.

Gunneswaran 4 - 4 Tiafoe 

Set 1

01:58 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

It continues to go on serve as Gunneswaran pulls out another big serving game. Both the players have hit 3 winners so far.

Gunneswaran 4 - 3 Tiafoe 

Set 1 

01:54 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Tiafoe with another hold of serve. What's interesting to note is that Gunneswaran has won all 4 points on his second serve so far.

Gunneswaran 3 - Tiafoe 3 

Set 1 

01:50 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

These 2 are serving quite well so far. 79% for the Indian and 80% for Tiafoe. 

Gunneswaran 3-2 Tiafoe

01:45 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Two holds of serve each by the American and the Indian. They have both started off well and would look to continue the momentum as the match progresses. 

Gunneswaran 2-1 Tiafoe, Set 1

01:39 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

The Indian starts off with a strong hold of serve. 1-0 to him in the first set

01:33 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

Prajnesh will get the match underway

01:22 (GMT)14 JAN 2019

With the conclusion of the women's match, we are just a few minutes away from the start of the match between Gunneswaran and Tiafoe

17:36 (GMT)13 JAN 2019

India's Prajnesh Gunneswaran came through three rounds of qualifying to qualify for the main draw of the Australian Open for the first time in his career. He will be up against USA's Frances Tiafoe, who is ranked 39 in the world, in the first round of the tournament. 
The two players have never faced each other before. 

The match will take place on Court 15 and will start approximately at 06:45 IST or 12:15 AEDT. It is the second match scheduled on the court.

17:32 (GMT)13 JAN 2019

Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of the Australian Open 2019 first round encounter between Prajnesh Gunneswaran and Frances Tiafoe.
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