Thomas Cup 2018, Group A: India vs France, Live updates

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Live coverage underway!


11:50 (IST)20 MAY 2018

But it's Popov who has the last laugh as he seals the final set 21-19. 
Final Score: Popov def Sen 22-20, 19-21, 21-19.

It's all done and dusted as Lakshya Sen too, much like the Indian contingent failed to end up on the winning side. With this loss, India suffers a 4-1 upset at the hands of the French.

11:48 (IST)20 MAY 2018

What drama!

Lakshya Sen saving his best for the last as he takes 3 points on the trot to make it 19-20. 

11:45 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French shuttler edges closer to set and match point. Can Lakshya Sen script a comeback or will he suffer a setback?
Score: 19-15.

11:43 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French takes the lead once again in the penultimate moment.
Score: 17-15, Popov leads

11:42 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And Sen squanders the lead for the umpteenth time in this match as Popov level terms at 15-15.

11:40 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen exerting his dominion in the final set as he leads 15-12.

11:36 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Popov is showing good fight, but the Indian shuttler is not letting the French have it easy.
Score: 11-9, Sen in the lead

11:35 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen looking consistent as he maintains the 3 points lead. 
Score: 10-7!

11:33 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian extends his lead to three points.
Score: 8-5.

11:31 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen looking to build on the momentum from last game as he takes the lead at 5-4.

11:30 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Set 3 evenly poised so far with the scores reading 2-2.

11:29 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's time for Set 3!

11:27 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian shuttler scripts an emphatic victory in set 2 to keep himself in the hunt for the match. 
Score: 21-19

11:25 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And it's set point for Lakshya Sen. Score 20-19

11:23 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Looks like the set will go all the way down to the wire with the scoreline evenly poised at 17-17.

11:21 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian shuttler takes the lead after an in intriguing net rally. Sen leading 16-15.

11:19 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Sen shows strong character to pull the game back at 14-14!

11:17 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen with a clever drop shot to make it 12-13. Can he overturn the deficit and take the lead?

11:16 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Looks like Lakshya is finding it hard to establish his foothold as he again succumbs to a two points deficit.
Score: 11-9, in favour of the French shuttler. 

11:13 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian has negated the deficit with 4 consecutive points. It's even-stevens currently in set 2 at 9-9

11:12 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen not letting his guards down as he pulls back two points to make it 9-7.

11:11 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Popov doubles his lead to four points.
Score: 9-5, Sen trails.

11:10 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French shuttler establish a two point lead with the scoreline reading 7-5 in his favour.

11:07 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Score tied currently at 2-2 as Lakshya Sen will be keen to not repeat his deeds of Set 1.

11:05 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Set 2 begins!

11:04 (IST)20 MAY 2018

What a turn of events!
Popov seals a thriller of a Set 1, 22-20

11:02 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Sen finally breaks the jinx to make it deuce.
Score: 20-20!

11:02 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And Popov pulls of the impossible as he overturns a 9 point deficit to take the lead at the penultimate moment.
The French leads 20-19

11:00 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Popov showing strong nerves as he takes five points on the trot to reduce the deficit to three. Score: 19-16, Sen in the lead.

10:57 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen edges closer to set point. Can the French script a comeback or will the Indian take home the game?
Score: 19-11

10:55 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's turning out to be a one-sided affair as the Indian takes a massive 9 points lead. 
Score: 15-6, Popov trailing

10:53 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The players head for a short breather.
Score:11-4, Sen in the lead

10:51 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Sen living upto his loft standard as he is currently schooling the French opponent. The Indian leads 10-4

10:49 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lakshya Sen extends his lead to six points.
Score: 7-1

10:48 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian with a strong start to the match as he takes a 4 point lead.
Score: 4-0 

10:47 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And we are underway as Sen takes the first point of the match.

10:44 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Next up, we have Lakshya Sen take on Popov Toma

10:39 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And it's over as the Indian pair succumbs to a crushing defeat in straight sets. 
Final score: (A.George/S.Shukla) lost to (Gicquel T. / Labar R.) 10-21,12-21

10:37 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Game point for France. Looks like there's no coming back for India as a loss in this game would imply an overall French victory.
Score: 20-12

10:36 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French duo looking confident of a win now as they edge closer to set and match point.
Score: 18-11, in favour of the French pair

10:35 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French duo gradually establishing a solid lead. They currently are ahead by 5 points with the scores reading 15-10 in France's favour. 

10:31 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The players head for a breather with Shukla and George trailing at 8-11. 

10:29 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian pair showing strong nerves as they reduce the lead to two points. Score: 7-9, India trailing.

10:28 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The French once again looking to exert their dominion early in the game as they lead 7-4. 

10:26 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian pair has started strong in the second set.
Score: 2-2

10:24 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Set 2 underway!

10:24 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It has been a one-sided affair so far as the French duo seals the first set comfortably at 21-10!

10:21 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And the French team race towards set point. They have taken an unassailable 10 point lead with the scoreline reading 19-9 in favour of the French pair.

10:19 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Gicquel T. / Labar R makes a strong return after the break as they take two points on the trot to extend their lead to seven.
India trailing 8-15.

10:17 (IST)20 MAY 2018

France with a 6 point lead as the players head for a breather.
Score: 11-5
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