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TNPL 2018: Lyca Kovai Kings vs iDream Karaikudi Kaalai Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 15, 2018 23:32 IST

Welcome to the live coverage of the match between Lyca Kovai Kings and iDream Karaikudi Kalai.


23:32 (IST)15 JUL 2018

What a contest here in Tirunelveli! Both the teams deserved to win but Kovai came out on top in super over. 

23:31 (IST)15 JUL 2018


23:31 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 6: Nattu to Kavin, dot ball. 

23:30 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 5: Nattu to Anirudha, 1 run. Six needed off the last ball. 

23:29 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 4: Nattu to Kavin, 1 run. Seven needed off two balls

23:28 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 3: Nattu to Anirudha, 1 run. Eight runs needed off three balls.

23:28 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 2: Nattu to Anirudha, 2 runs. 

23:27 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 1: Nattu to Anirudha, 4 runs. A brilliant short over covers. 11 runs needed off 5 balls. 

23:25 (IST)15 JUL 2018

R Kavin and Anirudha Srikanth to bat for Kaalai. 

23:23 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Death over specialist T Natarajan to bowl the super over for Kovai. 

23:23 (IST)15 JUL 2018

If Karaikudi Kaalai score 14 runs, Lyca Kovai Kings will win on the virtue of scoring more boundaries (20 vs 17). 

23:21 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Lyca Kovai Kings finish with 14/1 in the super over. iDream Karaikudi Kaalai need 15 runs to win. 

23:20 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 7: YoMi to Dhas, 2 runs. 

23:19 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 6: YoMi to Mukund, 1 run. 

23:18 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 5: YoMi to Mukund, FOUR.

23:17 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 4: YoMi to Dhas, 1 run. 

23:17 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 3: YoMi to Shahrukh, out. 

Shahrukh Khan c Maan K Bafna b Yo Mahesh 0 (1) 

23:15 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 2: YoMi to Dhas, 1 bye. 

23:15 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ball 1: YoMi to Dhas, 5 runs, no-ball and a four. YoMi oversteps and Dhas scoops one to the cover boundary. YoMi is not happy with the umpire's call. 

23:13 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Antony Dhas and Shahrukh walk out to bat for Kovai. 

23:10 (IST)15 JUL 2018

It looks like Yo Mahesh will be bowling the super over for Kaalai. 

23:08 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Lyca to bat first in the Super Over because of them chasing in the match. 

23:07 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Swaminathan defended 10 runs off the last over and gave away just 9 runs taking the game to a super over. 

23:06 (IST)15 JUL 2018

SUPER OVER! The scores are tied and we are having the season's first super over. 

It was a good stop from Srinivasan and he threw the ball to the non-strikers end. 

23:05 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Last ball of the match and Kovai need two runs to win. Pradosh Ranjan Paul on strike. 

23:04 (IST)15 JUL 2018

WICKET! R Rohith tries to loft the penultimate ball and offers R Srinivasan an easy catch at mid-wicket. 

R Rohith c R Srinivasan b Swaminathan

23:03 (IST)15 JUL 2018

The bowler bowls a wide and the keeper fumbles. In the mean time, the batsmen steal a runs to make it 2 runs off the ball. 

2 needed off 2 balls. 

23:02 (IST)15 JUL 2018

A dot ball now. Four needed off two balls. 

23:02 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Two runs off the third ball. Kovai need 4 to win off 3 balls. 

23:01 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Kovai need six runs to win off the last four balls. 

23:01 (IST)15 JUL 2018

After conceding a four off the first ball, Swami comes back strongly as he castles Akhil Siddarth.

Akhil Siddarth b Swaminathan 5 (3)

22:59 (IST)15 JUL 2018

10 runs needed off the last over. Swaminathan comes on to bowl the final over. 

22:59 (IST)15 JUL 2018

A crucial wicket for Kaalai off the last ball ball of Yo Mahesh's over. He has a well-set Antony Dhas back to the pavilion after the right-hander offered Swaminathan an easy catch at long-off. 

Antony Dhas c Swaminathan b Yo Mahesh 20 (18)

22:56 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ashwin is run out after trying to steal a run. Brilliant work from R Srinivasan, who collected it calmly and threw the ball to the stumps. 

V Ashwin run out (R Srinivasan) 34 (31) 

22:52 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Yo Mahesh to bowl the crucial 19th over.

22:50 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Ten boundaries including two boundaries came off that over. This brings the equation down to 18 runs off 12 balls. 

LKK 145/2 after 18 overs

22:48 (IST)15 JUL 2018

With 28 runs needed off 18 balls, Mohan Prasath to bowl the 18th over. The game can swing either ways now. 

22:47 (IST)15 JUL 2018

After starting the 17 over with a huge six, Kovai batsmen took five more runs off the next five balls to make it 11 of the over. 

LKK 135/2 after 17 overs

22:43 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Dhas' paddle sweep means nine runs came off the over bowled by Rajkumar. Kovai need 39 runs to win off 24 balls.

LKK 124/2 after 16 overs

22:39 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Dhas' six followed by four byes give Kovai 13 runs off the 15th over. Kovai need 48 to win off 30 balls.

LKK 115/2 after 15 overs. 

22:36 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Maan K Bafna continues and begins his over with a huge six over mid-wicket fence off the bat of Antony Dhas. That was huge!!!

22:34 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Just two runs off Rajkumar's over. He was unlucky not to have two wickets as the ball kissed the fingers of Rajkumar himself and the keeper on two occasions.

LKK 103/2 after 14 overs 

22:28 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Maan K Bafna strikes! After conceding a boundary, Bafna cleans up Abhinav Mukund. Kovai are already in a good position and it is their game to lose now.

Abhinav Mukund b Maan K Bafna 59 (44)
LKK 101/2 after 13 overs

22:26 (IST)15 JUL 2018

BTW. in case you missed it, which is very rare, France beat Croatia 4-2 in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. 

22:25 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Yet another brilliant over for Kings as they take eight off it.

LKK 96/1 after 12 overs. 

22:20 (IST)15 JUL 2018

FIFTY for Abhinav Mukund off just 39 balls with the help of seven fours.

22:19 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Mohan Prasath consolidates for Kaalai as he conceded just two runs off his over. He has been brilliant so far

LKK 85/1 after 11overs

22:16 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Finally, a 10-run over for Kings, thanks to that boundary from Abhinav. 

LKK 83/1 after 10 overs

22:14 (IST)15 JUL 2018

First boundary more than 20 balls for Kovai. Abhinav slashes one past the backward point fielder to take four runs.

22:11 (IST)15 JUL 2018

Yet another 5-run over from Kaalai. The Kings are finding it difficult to score freely after the field-restriction overs. 

LKK 73/1 after 9 overs
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