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TNPL 2018: Siechem Madurai Panthers vs Chepauk Super Gillies Live Score, Commentary & Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 16, 2018 23:02 IST

Madurai Panthers register their maiden win in TNPL after beating Chepauk Super Gillies by 26 runs.


23:02 (IST)16 JUL 2018

And that's a wrap. History was made in Tirunelveli as the side from Madurai registered their first win in the history of the TNPL. Next, the action shifts to Dindigul as LYCA Kovai Kings take on Dindigul Dragons in the seventh game of TNPL 2018 on Wednesday. Till then, goodbye.

22:58 (IST)16 JUL 2018

What an excellent catch to finish the innings. Super Gillies are bowled out for 127 and the Madurai Panthers win by 26 runs. The defending champions lose two in a row.

22:57 (IST)16 JUL 2018

AND IT'S ALL OVER. Madurai have won their maiden TNPL game. Madurai Panthers have won. I repeat, this is not a drill. Madurai have finally won. And just like that the agony is all over as joy fills the air in Tirunelveli.

22:55 (IST)16 JUL 2018

A single off the first ball. Now just five sixes needed off the next five balls. Easy peasy.

22:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Super Gillies need six sixes to claim an improbable win. Madurai need just one wicket for their maiden TNPL win.

22:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

That was an expensive over but that merely delayed the inevitable. 12 came off that over but the required rate is over 30.

Super Gillies 123/9 after 19 overs

22:51 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Madurai Panthers just one wicket away from victory and it looks like it might come in the penultimate over the innings.

22:50 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! The batsman are swinging hard but this is just going high and not very high. And the ninth one goes back as the keeper pouches the catch.

Super Gillies 112/9 after 18.2 overs

22:49 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Madurai Panthers two wickets away from creating history. They have two overs left. Will they bowl out the defending champions?

22:48 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! Two wickets in two balls. Varun finishes with figures of 3/16 and the ball goes to the long off fielder once again and it looks like we are closing in on history in Tirunelveli.

Super Gillies 111/8 after 18 overs

22:46 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! That was might be the final straw as Varun gets rid of the dangerous M Ashwin. Nelson strikes as Ashwin perishes trying to go for a maximum.

Super Gillies 111/7 after 17.5 overs

22:46 (IST)16 JUL 2018

50 runs needed off the last three over. And this is all but over. 

22:46 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Although he didn't pick up a wicket Abhishek Tanwar went a long way towards setting the platform for the Panthers and he finishes with figures of 0/22 and his six-run over to finish the spell meant that the run rate has gone up over 16.

Super Gillies 104/6 after 17 overs

22:36 (IST)16 JUL 2018

An excellent spell from Rahil Shah comes to an end as he finishes with figures of 3/27. Now the run rate climbs to 14 off the last four overs.

22:36 (IST)16 JUL 2018

The run rate keeps climbing and now it looks like it is just a matter of time before the Panthers get their first win in the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

Super Gillies 98/6 after 16 overs

22:33 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! Rahil begins with a wicket and the arrow is out again. Is that the game? the Panthers will certainly hope that is the case as Sunny Singh has to depart. The ball just clips the bails and Rahil gets his third.

Super Gillies 94/6 from 15.1 overs

22:30 (IST)16 JUL 2018

60 needed off the last five overs. The experienced Rahil Shah comes in to bowl the 16th over.

22:30 (IST)16 JUL 2018

There was a much-needed six to end the over from M Ashwin but the asking rate is still at 12 even after that six. He needs to be there at the end if the defending champions are to have any chance.

Super Gillies 94/5 after 15 overs

22:25 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Super Gillies need 71 off the last six overs. They have struggled to hit boundaries consistently and to make matters worse, Kiran, who bowled with fire and brimstone during the powerplay is back into the attack.

22:24 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Varun finishes another brilliant over that leaves with figures of 1/9 from his three overs. This is slowly starting to get out of hand for the Super Gillies.

Super Gillies 83/5 after 14 overs

22:22 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! Karthick is gone and Super Gillies are in deep trouble as Varun gets rid of the well-set Super Gillies batsman. Is that the beginning of the end for the defending champions? The run rate continues to rise and the wickets are falling far more frequently than they would like.

Super Gillies 82/5 after 13.4 overs

22:21 (IST)16 JUL 2018

12 runs came off that over but more importantly for Madurai, they picked up another wicket and that is something they are doing on a consistent basis.

Super Gillies 80/4 after 13 overs

22:19 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! What a crucial wicket for the Panthers. That was the arm ball from Rahil Shah and Rahul goes a bit too far and he loses his stumps. B Rahul b Rahil 9(5)

Super Gillies 74/4 after 12.2 overs

22:17 (IST)16 JUL 2018

There was a six in that over. Just the second of the match and the first since the second over. Still 10 runs came off that over but that is still less than the required run rate. 

Super Gillies 68/3 after 12 overs

22:13 (IST)16 JUL 2018

That over took a while to complete as a result the rain delay but still just went for just four runs and included a wicket as well.

Super Gillies 58/3 after 11 overs

22:10 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Super Gillies need 98 off 57 balls and the players are back on the field.

22:06 (IST)16 JUL 2018

The covers are off. And it should just be a matter of time before we begin again. Madurai's pursuit of a win, their first in TNPL history can begin again.

22:04 (IST)16 JUL 2018

The players go off the field but it looks like it is just a passing shower. The Panthers haven't left the field but the covers are on.

22:02 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It looks as though we might be on course for history. The Panthers are on a roll but wait. The heavens have opened up. This is the last thing they would have wanted.

22:01 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! Another one bites the dust. Sasidev moves to the off side, giving himself some room and tries to scoop that but he gets nothing on it and the ball just crashes into the stumps.

Super Gillies 56/3 after 10.3 overs

22:00 (IST)16 JUL 2018

At the halfway mark, Super Gillies have managed just 54. In the final 10, they need 100 runs and it looks as though they have dropped anchor for some weird reason.

21:59 (IST)16 JUL 2018

After five overs, Super Gillies finally hit their first boundary. That was short and wide from Kousik and Sasidev says thank you very much as he slashes that to the cover boundary. Still just seven came off that over.

Super Gillies 54/2 after 10 overs

21:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

RUN-OUT! The pressure has paid off. The Panthers are on the prowl. This was hit straight to Thala Sargunam and Ganga Sridhar Raju goes for a non-existent run. Sargunam hits the bulls eye and the opener has to depart.

Gillies 47/2 after 9.1 overs

21:53 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It has been 25 balls since the last boundary for the Gillies. The bowling has been spot on, the fielding has kept up the pressure and the Super Gillies have been unable to do anything about the falling run rate.

Super Gillies 47/1 after 9 overs

21:52 (IST)16 JUL 2018

There is a collision between Ganga Sridhar Raju and Rahil Shah at the bowler's end. A direct hit from the deep or a better throw could have forced a run-out but the boundaries have dried up.

21:50 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Super Gillies are just struggling to get the ball to the fence. They are unable to get a move on as Varun's second over goes for just four runs. The run rate is just 5 after eight overs.

Super Gillies 40/1 after 8 overs

21:49 (IST)16 JUL 2018

The bowlers have been on target so far another tight over following the powerplay. J Kousik's over goes for just three runs.

Super Gillies 36/1 after 7 overs

21:39 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Productive powerplay for the Panthers. But can they add to that by picking up a few more wickets?

21:38 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Excellent start from Varun. It started with a single but ended with him almost picking up a wicket. He has consolidated the work done by the pacers and at the end of the powerplay, Super Gillies have just 33 to their name.

Super Gillies 33/1 after 6 overs

21:35 (IST)16 JUL 2018

First sign of spin as leg spinner Varun Chakravathi comes into the attack for the final over of the powerplay.

21:34 (IST)16 JUL 2018

While drying up the runs, both pacers have done a great job of creating pressure on the Super Gillies. Although some of it was released in the fifth over that went for a couple of boundaries, the pacers have done their job.

Super Gillies 31/1 after 5 overs

21:31 (IST)16 JUL 2018

OUT! Panthers finally get a wicket. Kiran gets rid of Gopinath, who was trying a bit too much. Much-needed breakthrough for the Panthers. Just seven runs came off that over and the wicket as well.

Super Gillies 22/1 after 4 overs

21:25 (IST)16 JUL 2018

The pacers are on a roll so far for the Panthers. While they haven't got the wickets, they have troubled the openers. Tanwar follows up a great opening over with one that goes for just 5 runs.

Super Gillies 15/0 after 3 overs

21:18 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It was far from the ideal start for Kiran as he began with a wide way down the leg side. But after a good start, a mishit went for six third man but Kiran brought things back at the end as well. Just eight off that over where Kiran generated plenty of pace and bounce.

Super Gillies 10/0 after 2 overs

21:14 (IST)16 JUL 2018

It will be pace from both ends as Kiran has the ball from the other end. Can the right-arm seamer start with a wicket?

21:13 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Excellent start from the pacer and just what the Panthers would have wanted as they look to defend a slightly below-par total. Just two runs came off it.

Super Gillies 2/0 after 1 over

21:12 (IST)16 JUL 2018

We are back underway for the chase with Gopinath and Ganga Sridhar Raju at the crease. Abhishek Tanwar will open the attack for the Panthers.

20:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

We will be back for the Gillies' chase in around 15 minutes. 

20:54 (IST)16 JUL 2018

Just five runs came off the 20th over that also had two wickets in it. Panthers finish at 153/9 and have set Chepauk a target of 154.

20:50 (IST)16 JUL 2018

In spite of conceding a six to Abhishek Tanwar, M Ashwin bowled a brilliant over that had the wickets of J Kousik and Abhishek. Just seven runs came off the penultimate over. 

Panthers 148/7 after 19 overs. 
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