U15 I-League 2017-18 Live Score: Mohun Bagan vs East Bengal, Live Match Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 17, 2018 16:04 IST

Its a battle for the top spot in the U15 I-League as Mohun Bagan face East Bengal at 2pm today.


16:04 (IST)17 JAN 2018

It was an exciting match nevertheless. Hope you all have enjoyed the coverage.
Until next time, it's Goodbye.

16:00 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal is the top placed side in the U-15 I-League from the Kolkata Zone !!!!

15:58 (IST)17 JAN 2018

It's all over !!! Final Score: East Bengal 1-0 Mohun Bagan !!!! East Bengal script a vital win in the U-15 I-League and go to the top of the table surpassing Mohun Bagan by 
3 points !!!!

15:54 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan creating a lot of chances but time is running out

15:51 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Bagan still on the hunt for the equaliser !!!

15:50 (IST)17 JAN 2018

5 minutes added on

15:47 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Yellow Card for Mohun Bagan

15:45 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal gets their third Yellow Card !!!!

15:42 (IST)17 JAN 2018

The Red and Gold brigade holding to the lead nicely and occasionally creating chances for the second goal

15:36 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Scores remain the same, East Bengal leading by 1-0, as we approach the last quarter of the match

15:34 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan's junior and senior team have the same problem, they are just not being able to convert the chances into goals.

15:28 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Bagan miss a sitter, it was probably the easiest chance of the game. The player only had the keeper to beat, but the shot went wide

15:26 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan's Fardeen gets a Yellow Card 

15:26 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan gets a corner. It was a good place one but there was no one to head it

15:19 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Spectators getting involved in the game as much as the players are, with both the teams aiming for a win

15:17 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Typical Kolkata Derby situation occuring at the moment, tackles everywhere and the referee having a hard day at work

15:13 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan warned for committing a had ball, East Bengal get a free-kick but danger averted

15:10 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal players getting scrappy, gets another Yellow Card

15:07 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Action from the starting whistle as one of East Bengal's player goes down after getting a blow, but nothing serious

15:05 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Second Half gets underway !!!!

15:04 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Players make their way to the field for the second half !!! Mohun Bagan has an uphill task ahead, while East Bengal will be eager to secure full points from the vital encounter

14:49 (IST)17 JAN 2018

HALFTIME !!!!! East Bengal 1 - 0 Mohun Bagan

14:46 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal get a corner at the stroke of half-time but the scores remain the same

14:44 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Seems like East Bengal will hold on to the lead as we approach the end of the first half

14:36 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Esat Bengal get the first booking of the match, the referee shows a yellow after a rough challenge

14:31 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan's goalkeeper living dangerously as he saved yet another kick from a close distance

14:27 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal get yet another free-kick and they almost doubled the lead

14:24 (IST)17 JAN 2018

A light tussle between the players but East Bengal awarded a free-kick which was wasted

14:22 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan's Sanjoy Oraon has been substituted after getting injured 

14:20 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Mohun Bagan trying hard to make a comeback but East Bengal's defenders are doing a great job

14:15 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal lead 1-0 after the first quarter of the game

14:13 (IST)17 JAN 2018

The away team is dictating terms at the Mohun Bagan ground, they are in complete control

14:12 (IST)17 JAN 2018

GOAL !!!!! East Bengal draw first blood via a spectacular back-volley, their fans are overwhelmed 

14:09 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal get a free-kick from a dangerous position but the shot was blocked easily by the goalkeeper

14:07 (IST)17 JAN 2018

East Bengal winning back to back free-kicks but failed to make use of the set pieces

14:05 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Both the teams trying to control the midfield, fighting to gain possession

14:02 (IST)17 JAN 2018

The hosts Mohun Bagan kicks-off the match

13:59 (IST)17 JAN 2018

The players making their way into the filed. Mohun Bagan in their traditional Green and Maroon while East Bengal in their Red and Gold attire

13:58 (IST)17 JAN 2018

Hello everyone!! We are just 10 minutes away from the kick-off
A lot of people have braved the sun and made their entry into the stands.

12:26 (IST)17 JAN 2018

It’s that time of the year again! The Kolkata Derby is here! However, it will not be the likes of Katsumi Yusa or Dipanda Dicka, who will be ruling the pitch today. Instead, it will be the teenagers from Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, who will be fighting it out for the three points in the U-15 Youth League at Maidan. 
The two sides had earlier faced last month at the Barasat Stadium when the young Mariners came off with a 2-1 victory over their arch-rivals. In fact, Mohun Bagan are as of yet, unbeaten against East Bengal in the U-15 and the U18 I-Leagues, as well as the senior I-League so far this season. The only time the Red and Golds did manage to pip the Mariners was in an U-13 I-League match, which they won 2-1. 
This match takes on all the more important, as both the sides are locked on 20 points at the top of the U-15 I-League table, and will be looking to take the unanimous lead after 10 rounds. 

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