Uber Cup 2018, Group A: India vs Canada, Live Updates

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Canada def India 4-1; (Nehwal upset by Li)


15:55 (IST)20 MAY 2018

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15:53 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Apart from the doubles win by Jakkampudi and Ram, India failed to win any other match. The biggest upset was of course the defeat of Saina Nehwal by Michelle Li.

India have a lot of hard work ahead if they want to win any tie. And obviously, they would hope Saina returns to winning ways in the very next tie.

15:48 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Canada def India 4-1

15:47 (IST)20 MAY 2018


Honderich and Tsai def Ghorpade and Sawant 21-15, 21-16

15:46 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Four match points for the Canadians at 20-16

15:45 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 19-14 now

15:44 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Canadians have surged to 17-14 as they look to complete the win

15:40 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 11-11

15:39 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Canadians have a slender lead of one point at 11-10

15:39 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The two teams are still evenly poised at 10-10

15:37 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 7-7 after a great fightback from the Canadians

15:35 (IST)20 MAY 2018

6-3 to the Indians now

15:32 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 3-2 to the Indians in Game 2

15:29 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Canadians take the first game 21-15

15:27 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Six game points for Team Canada at 20-14

15:27 (IST)20 MAY 2018

19-13 lead for the Canadians

15:25 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Finally, the Indians add a couple of points and now trail 12-17

15:25 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indians haven't been able to add any point to their tally after that.

17-10 lead for Canada

15:23 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Canadians are steadily increasing the gap between the two pairs now.

15-10 they lead

15:22 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 12-9 to Team Canada presently

15:20 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 11-7 to the Canadians heading into the mid-game interval.

15:18 (IST)20 MAY 2018

They trail by four points now at 5-9

15:17 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indians manage to add just one more point as the Canadians go up to 8-3

15:16 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Canadians accelerate to 6-2 with four quick points

15:15 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The pairs are evenly poised at 2-2

15:15 (IST)20 MAY 2018

In the final match of this tie, Sanyogita Ghorpade and Prajakta Sawant take on Honderich and Tsai of Canada

15:07 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Kudaravalli took some time to figure out her opponent and tried to build some rhythm in Game 2. But it was too late and her errors just did not help her cause.

15:05 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And with that, Canada now have an unassailable lead in this tie.

They lead 3-1

15:04 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And she can't keep fighting anymore after that!

Tam def Kudaravalli 21-11, 21-15

15:03 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Kudaravalli saves a couple of match points.


15:03 (IST)20 MAY 2018

But the lack of precision has been bothersome. Her ideas have been good but poor execution is letting her down.

Tam 20-13

15:02 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And that fires her up! She gets four points in a row!


15:02 (IST)20 MAY 2018

A great point construction from the Indian who puts the shuttle into the corner.


15:00 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian gets three points post-interval but Tam already is safe and secure at 16-9

14:57 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Tam builds an 11-6 advantage going into the mid-game interval.

14:57 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Lack of precision is hurting the Indian a lot.

She sends the shuttle wide.

Trails 5-10

14:56 (IST)20 MAY 2018

And it is 9-4 to the Canadian shuttler presently

14:56 (IST)20 MAY 2018

She gets a couple of points finally with clever dropshots but Tam has already surged to 7-3

14:55 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Kudaravalli trying to attack from the front court in Game 2 but her unforced errors are not helping her.

The Indian now trails 1-4

14:54 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Tam takes the first game 21-11

14:50 (IST)20 MAY 2018

One drop from the Indian takes her to 10-18

14:49 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Quick change of direction from the Indian gives her a point but Tam already has a big lead of 17-8

14:48 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Seven-point difference now as Tam inches ahead to 14-7

14:48 (IST)20 MAY 2018

This is slipping away fast from Kudaravalli's grip.

She now trails 6-13

14:46 (IST)20 MAY 2018

It's 11-6 to the Canadian going into the mid-game interval.

14:45 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Tam still keeps her three-point advantage intact!


14:44 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Tam is looking the stronger of the two at the moment.

She is up 6-3

14:43 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Tam takes the next 3 points to lead 3-2

14:42 (IST)20 MAY 2018

The Indian girl off to a 2-0 lead

14:42 (IST)20 MAY 2018

Next up is 20-year-old Sri Krishna Priya Kudaravalli against Brittney Tam.
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