Uber Cup 2018, Group A: India vs Japan, Live Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 23, 2018 16:25 IST

Japan def India 5-0; (Nehwal squandered 4 match points in loss to Yamaguchi)


16:25 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And that brings us to the end of our live coverage of this tie!

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16:21 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Irrespective of the final result, this Uber Cup outing will surely benefit India's upcoming generation. Hope they take the positives from their experiences and improve themselves in an attempt to reach greater heights.

16:14 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Japan complete a 5-0 whitewash over India and send India out of Uber Cup.

They came, they saw, they conquered. The result was expected, although Saina was very, very close to making it one point for India. She had FOUR MATCH POINTS but could not manage to close it out vs Yamaguchi.

16:09 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Japanese closes it out!

21-12, 21-7 in 26 minutes

16:09 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Takahashi has got 14 match points.


16:08 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Seems the teenager has run of options now


16:07 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's too easy for Takahashi now as she adds four straight points post-interval.


16:05 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Takahashi is up 11-5 at the time of the mid-game break.

16:04 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's 9-5 to the Japanese now

16:00 (IST)23 MAY 2018

They continue to be evenly poised.


15:59 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's 1-1 in Game 2

15:56 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Takahashi takes the first game 21-12

15:54 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's all Takahashi now as she takes the next three points.


15:53 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And 15-9

The points are short, fast and aggressive now

15:52 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's 13-8 for Takahashi now after Prabhudesai takes one point after the break.

15:50 (IST)23 MAY 2018

But Takahashi accelerates from there and quickly goes up to 11-7 heading to the mid-game interval.

15:48 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indian teenager has now fought back to trail by just one point.


15:47 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's 7-4 for the Japanese shuttler

15:45 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And it has been all levelled!


15:45 (IST)23 MAY 2018

In the final rubber of the tie, Sayaka Takahashi is up 3-1 over Anura Prabhudesai

15:35 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Japan now up 4-0

15:35 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And the Japanese pair wraps it up!

21-18, 21-17 in 30 minutes

15:34 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians have really done well in the second game

15:34 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Match points for the Japanese after a stiff resistance from the Indians!


15:32 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians are still trying their best to prevent the Japanese from running away to the finish line.

Indians trail 14-18

15:28 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Excellent fightback from the Indians, who take 3 points in a row

They have reduced the deficit to two points.


15:26 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Five-point lead for the Japanese now, at 13-8

15:24 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Japanese have inched ahead to 11-6 heading to the break

15:22 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It's 8-4 to the Japanese now

15:21 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians are still hot on their heels at 4-6

15:19 (IST)23 MAY 2018

But the Japanese quickly establish their control.

With 2 points in a row, they are up 3-2

15:18 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians have shaken off that disappointment and have jumped out to a 2-1 lead in Game 2.

15:15 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Japanese have completely outplayed the Indians to take the first game 21-8

15:14 (IST)23 MAY 2018

19-8 to the Japanese at present as they look keen to close out the first game

15:12 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And the confident Japanese are stretching their lead further!


15:11 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Japanese are up 11-5 heading into the break.

Total domination!

15:09 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians couldn't manage to add any more point after that.

Team Japan up 7-5

15:07 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The Indians now trail 3-5

15:06 (IST)23 MAY 2018

In the fourth rubber of the tie, Tanaka and Yonemoto are up 4-1 over Jakkampudi and Bhale

14:57 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Japan now have an unassailable lead in this tie!


14:56 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Okuhara completes the rout!!!!

21-10, 21-13

14:56 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Jakka saves a match point


14:55 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Eight match points at 20-12

14:55 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Ir's 19-12 to Okuhara now as she inches closer to a win

14:55 (IST)23 MAY 2018

The teen stops her opponent's march by taking a couple of points.


14:54 (IST)23 MAY 2018

Okuhara has overpowered Jakka to go up to 18-9

14:51 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It is 14-7 to the former All England champion now

14:49 (IST)23 MAY 2018

11-6 to Okuhara at the break as Jakka makes too many unforced errors.

14:48 (IST)23 MAY 2018

It is 8-5 to the Japanese now, who has seized complete control of the proceedings

14:46 (IST)23 MAY 2018

And, as expected, the Japanese is back!

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