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UFC 231 Results, December 8th 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 09, 2018 06:14 GMT

UFC 231 features 2 title fights, with the Women's Flyweight Championship up for grabs!


06:14 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Thank you for joining us for our coverage of UFC 231. Have a great day. See you later this month for UFC 232 when Jon Jones returns to reclaim the Light Heavyweight throne! 

06:11 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Post-fight, Holloway welcomes all comers, revealing that he does not plan to move up to Lightweight, because a king has to defend his throne. What a war this was! 

06:08 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

06:07 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

06:06 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

06:06 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Max Holloway def. Brian Ortega to retain the UFC Featherweight Championship

Ortega's eye was TOO swollen up. Right call by the doctor. The Holloway era continues! What an absolute classic! 

06:04 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Brian Ortega is medically unclear to continue. MAX HOLLOWAY RETAINS! 

06:04 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 4:

Holloway lands a clean right and follows it up with a left. He evades Ortega's counters and is turning it up with the same volume of punches. How on earth is he not drained out? He continues to punch and lands a hook on Ortega, who moves back.

Ortega lands a nasty right hook to the body and Holloway counters. He throws a flurry of punches and Ortega's unable to counter. ORTEGA'S HURT!  He's against the fence and Ortega lands one himself! Ortega tries to clinch but seems too tired to land it. They're getting into a freaking slugfest! 

How is Ortega standing? He continues to throw punches and once again, Ortega moves back and tries to get the takedown but Holloway blocks it. The crowd once more erupts into chants of "HOLLOWAY". T-City jumps on Holloway and tries to go for the guard. Ortega's eye is swollen up and Holloway tries going for A GUILLOTINE! 

He wisely gets up, not wanting to go to the ground. Ortega tries to take him down and Holloway has the guillotine there but he wants to BEAT HIM UP! He has Ortega down and Ortega has his leg inside but Holloway makes him stand up. HOLLOWAY HITS A TEN PUNCH COMBO! He can submit him but Ortega gets saved by the buzzer. WHAT.A.ROUND!

05:58 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:58 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:58 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Holloway's corner is telling him not to get into a slugfest. Clever call.

05:57 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 3:

The crowd chants for the champion as the round begins. T-City tries to go for a combo and eats a right hand again. Either way, he looks a lot more confident right now and lands an AMAZING combination on the champion. HOLLOWAY IS ROCKED! He lands one more on Holloway and goes for the takedown but the champion escapes. Holloway eats a spinning elbow and Ortega begins to get his timing on point. Max presses forward and lands a right on Ortega before going for a few more punches. Ortega lands an uppercut and Holloway lands a close distance punch and elbow. Ortega misses a spinning backfist and eats a punch.

He pressess Holloway against the fence and a portion of the crowd boos (I never understand why they do this).  Ortega noticeably slows it down but Max escapesd and punches Ortega and lands a clean-cut combo. Ortega evades an elbow and tries to go for the same elbow Yair Rodriguez did against Korean Zombie. Holloway eats a right but fires back. This fight is insane. Holloway blocks a headkick and lands atwo consecutive punches. Ortega ducks at one of Holloway's punches and goes for the takedown but fails. He has Holloway locked in the clinch and the champ hits a knee to the body as the round ends!

05:52 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:52 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:51 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 2:

Holloway keeps moving forward with 1-2s. Ortega goes for an uppercut but misses.  Holloway lands another great punch and follows it up with another. What precision, what timing! He keeps landing and Ortega slips up. Ortega is busted open and Max is in predator mode! 

Ortega doesn't look good but he comes back with his own combo! Holloway gets the kick and it's looking good for him! Ortega manages to land a right, but it's clearly not as impactful. He's being outclassed by Max on the feet and he probably needs to take it to the ground soon. Holloway's timing and evasion is absolutely beautiful and he's making Ortega look like nothing. 

Ortega has trouble breathing as his nose is busted but he keeps fighting on. Holloway continues to land punches while Ortega is getting his fair share as well. Ortega isn't showing signs of giving up. Max recognizes the counter right of Ortega and begins moving back before countering on his own. Holloway and Ortega both seem to land strikes on each other in the final ten seconds. What a second round!

05:45 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 1:

Here we go! They touch gloves and we're underway. They begin a feeling out process, with Ortega going for a few jabs and a light leg kick. Holloway pushes Ortega back with a few punches. Ortega now presses forward but Holloway tags Ortega. The crowd erupts in "Holloway" chants. 

Ortega goes for a combo and shows no fear in standing toe-to-toe with the champion. Holloway goes for a body punch and lands it. He does it once more but Ortega cleverly defends. He's landing on Ortega, from what it seems, but Ortega seems unfazed. He throws a good counter and continues to do so. One of the counters sees Holloway land a punch but Ortega counters with an elbow to the head, which the champ acknowledges. 

Holloway stuns Ortega with a CLEAN right hand. Ortega immediately goes for the take down and Holloway does go down but gets up immediately. He tags him again and Holloway is looking extremely confident. Ortega's countering but it's yet to be seen if he's slowing down or just how much those clean shots have affected him. Holloways throws a right hook wide and lands on Ortega. The challenger once again goes for the takedown and presses him against the fence. The round ends. WOW! This fight is tense.

05:38 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:38 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:37 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Are you ready? IT's TIME!!

Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega - UFC Featherweight Championship

05:32 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:22 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Judges score the contest 49-46 for the winner by unanimous decision and NEW Women's Flyweight Champion - VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO! 

05:20 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 5:

We are in the final round of this Flyweight war. Joanna presses with a few kicks to the body and Valentina waits carefully, looking for the counter. Shevchenko uses her strength to shove Joanna down and goes for a takedown attempt. Joanna defends while the referee calls for more action from Valentina. She's stalling and holding on. Very likely that she's gassed out.

The referee rightfully calls for the fight to go back to the centre. Joanna slips when throwing a punch and the two are now hitting each other with back and forth counters. Valentina looks like she's going for a spinning fist but gets kicked in the leg. Valentina's kicks clearly have less power in them now. Joanna aggressively goes for the punches but Shevchenko and evades and once more goes for the takedown. The final 15 seconds sees both competitors fire on all cylinders , trying to get a knock out. The fight ends in a clinch and they embrace as the buzzer hits. What a fight!

05:14 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Joanna starts off confident, evading a spinning fist and nearly landing a few punches. Shevchenko fires back with a couple of punches. Valentina lands a nice elbow to the top of her head but Joanna seems a LOT better, picking up the pace.

Aaaand we spoke too soon. Valentina's got control on the ground. If this goes to decision, we know who's won. Joanna gives out her back to Shevchenko but she cleverly gets up and now SHE'S trying to take Shevchenko's back. Unfortunately for her, she's still in a headlock position. 

Joanna escapes, with Valentina realizing that it wasn't a good position for her. The former champion hits a knee to the body and tries to control Valentina. They're pressed against each other in a clinch. They escape and Joanna raises her hand in respect. They acknowledge each other and Joanna now lands a kick to the body but Valentina gets a few punches and there's a small exchange before the round ends! 

05:08 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Shevchenko gets Joanna's back but is unable to get Joanna down. She lands a knee to the face in an awkward position, showing incredible flexibility. The round ends and we're 15 minutes down with two rounds left!

05:07 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

05:06 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 3:

Shevchenko starts with a couple of attempted kicks to the head. Joanna presses forward trying to land a kick but once more eats a kick to the body. The timing of Valentina has been INCREDIBLE! Joanna almost gets a front kick but it's comfortably blocked.
The damage is beginning to show on Joanna's nose. She misses a spinning heel kick which would have been a guaranteed knockout. Valentina misses a takedown. Joanna finallly lands a good punch to the face but she needs a lot more of those from now. Joanna manages to land a good headkick but Valentina fires back with a straight left! 

Shevchenko evades a punch and goes for a takedown before getting a knee to the face. Joanna smiles and seems unfazed! 

05:02 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Valentina is in complete control on the ground and Joe Rogan admits that Shevchenko's arsenal on the ground is much more.

Shevchenko lands a few elbows to Joanna's head and and has her arms. They get up again and Shevchenko hits a brutal knee to the chin and even has her back but unfortunately for her, the round has ended!

05:00 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 2:

Joanna goes for a few feints and tries to land a few punches but Valentina counters, nearly hitting a spinning fist. 

Valentina is looking far more powerful so far. Joanna's still not able to land anything. A kick from Joanna grazes Shevchenko's body but nothing more. Shevchenko ducks at the right time and presses right back at Joanna. Shevchenko continues to fire back with a combo but doesn't land much of it. She kicks Joanna's legs twice, the second of which is QUITE LOUD! Shevchenko continues to press on with a straight left and she's waiting to land that counter, being more successful of the two so far.

Valentina evades a punch and lands a takedown. She punches Joanna's face and then gets ANOTHER takedown. She's in side control with 90 seconds to go in the round!

04:56 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:55 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Valentina looks to go for the armbar and ties her up, having grasp of her neck.

Joanna fights out of it and is back on the feet. Valentina is still on her and goes for another takedown but Joanna fights off. 

Valentina continues to have good control against the fence as Joanna tries to escape. A shot by Valentina misses and the grip is broken. Joanna tries to go for a few jabs but suffers a vicious body kick from Valentina. 

Valentina lands a right and nearly gets a takedown as the buzzer hits! What a round!

04:52 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

The crowd is hot for this. They start off with kicks to the legs. It's Southpaw vs Orthodox in what's a very interesting match ups.

Joanna teases a jab and hits leg kicks before Shevchenko goes for the combos. Shevchenko lands a beautiful takedown and goes right into side control.

She's not letting Joanna move at all!

04:50 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Valentina Shevchenko vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk - Vacant Women's Flyweight Championship

04:43 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:37 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:33 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:29 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Gunnar keeps his distance and grabs the clinch as Oliveira reverses it and presses him against the fence.

He hits a few knees to Nelson's body. Oliveira goes for a takedown of his own but fails. The crowd isn't happy with the lack of action so far in this round. Gunnar reverses it and lands the takedown, with Oliveira trying to grab the fence again.

Nelson sits patiently in the mount and takes his time to control him. Oliveira tries to grab him but Nelson works slowly and lands some vicious elbows. He cuts Cowboy open bad! We don't just mean bad, it's GUSHING!

Nelson locks in the Rear Naked Choke but the referee doesn't even allow him to tap, he stops it right away. It's all over!

Gunnar Nelson def. Alex Oliveira

04:23 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:22 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Gunnar Nelson has his back. This does not look good for Cowboy! 

Oliveira starts punching back and it actually works. Oliveira defends well and LANDS A NASTY SHOT as he now completely reverses it! 

Oliveira starts teeing off on Nelson and this has all suddenly flipped over. Oliveira's great reach is allowing him to land clean shots, including hammerfists. 

Gunnar's head is pressed up against the fence and he's going under the leg. Oliveira continues the punches but Nelson has him down in a leglock attempt. Oliveira defends with elbows to his knees. What an end to the round!

04:19 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Oliveira  starts with a leg kick. Nelson has the karate wide-spread stance and goes for the clinch and takedown right away. Oliveira hits elbows to the back of the head, which he should be careful about. 

Nelson would have gotten a clear takedown but Oliveira grabs on the fence to prevent it. The referee stops the fight and warns Oliveira.

They put them back in grappling position. Paul Felder seems angry, saying that there should be point deductions in such cases.

04:17 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:13 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:12 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Gunnar Nelson vs Alex "Cowboy" Oliveira

This one's going to be exciting! 

04:05 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Joe Rogan and the commentators too seem surprised that one judge thought it was split decision. Clearly incorrect and Jon Anik calls that "trash". Wow

04:04 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

04:03 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Hakeem Dawodu def. Kyle Bochniak by split decision.

Split? How?

04:00 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

He loses it as Dawodu fights out. Dawodu begins throwing a series of strikes and even lands on Bochniak's face.  Dawodu almost blocks a takedown attempt and Dawodu continues to grapple before Dawodu escapes. See a pattern here?

Dawodu looks so smooth with his technique. If only he was able to finish him. Either way, Dawodu slows Bochniak with his strikes.  Dawodu blocks a takedown attempt and hits knees to the body as the fight ends.

03:57 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 3:

The round starts on the feet with Dawodu throwing punches but Bochniak clinches him and pushes him towards the cage, but only momentarily.

They're having a good striking exchange and Bochniak lands a SECURED take down. He's in half guard  trying to trap Dawodu.

03:54 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

03:53 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Kyle Bochniak may have injured his hand. He reacted in a strange way and opens his hand.

He hasn't thrown it since and the commentators acknowledge that his hand may be broken. He throws a left hand. 

This round hasn't been as quick-paced and Bochniak clinches Dawodu and pushes him towards the cage. Dawodu escapes and starts throwing punches and combos. The round comes to a close.

03:50 (GMT)9 DEC 2018

Round 2 starts similar to round one, with Dawodu putting the pressure with strikes. 
He's looking to carefully land the right punch and continues to jab before Bochniak jabs back. 

So far, Bochniak's not been as impressive in the stand up. Dawodu's clearly dominant on the feet. Bochniak, however, catches his leg and takes him down.

Dawodu rolls and is back up. I could be mistaken about whether that TECHNICALLY counts as a takedown because he got back up so fast.  Dawodu seems unfazed by Bochniak's strikes.
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