UFC 232 Results, 29th December 2018, Live Commentary & Updates

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A rematch 5 years in the making and the fight to determine the baddest woman on the planet! UFC 232!


05:42 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Thank you for joining our live coverage of UFC 232. We hope you enjoyed the PPV as much as we did! Have a good night or morning, wherever you are in the world! 

05:40 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Jones calls out Daniel Cormier for a 3rd fight at Light Heavyweight to PROVE that he's the champ champ! 

05:37 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:35 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 3:

Jones starts off landing a punch to Gustafsson. Jones gets the takedown this time!  He's elbowing Gustafsson, who's aggressively trying to fight out of it. Jones has Gustafsson in half-guard.

Jones reaches back and goes back to half-guard position. A bit of side control for Jones and he has his back. He hits a flurry of punches to no response. It's all over! Jones regains the title

Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson by TKO in round 3

05:32 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:31 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:31 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Gustaffson starts with a flurry of punches that lands. Is he getting his rythm back? Jones evades a spinning elbow. Gustafsson is pressing Jones and the former champ is circling around him. 

He just isn't able to fully reach Jones. Jones is showing some impressive footwork and the pace is now in Gustafsson's favour. Jones lands a vicious leg kick that sees Gustafsson momentarily wobble. 

He hurts his legs again and Jones is beginning to mix it up. Don't be surprised to see Jones utilize a LOT more kicks. Gustafsson lands a punch to Jones' head regardless. Jones feints a kick and eats a little of the elbow from Gustafsson. 

Jones has Gustafsson's head locked and elbows him as he breaks the lock.  Jones spin kicks Gustafsson. We don't know if that hurt him or not

Round 2 ends.

05:27 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 2:

Gustafsson gets attacked by a body kick and inside leg kick. Gustafsson is holding back a bit and ducks a big power punch. 

A teep kick by Gustafsson sees him stalking. He has Jones on the clinch and but Jones evades. Gustafsson finally starts opening up a bit with punches, but eats a nasty kick to the body. the referee stops the fight, as he gets poked in the eyes. That was a pretty blantant eyepoke. Jones says he's ok but a doctor comes to check it in. Aaand we're good. Gustafsson gets a stern warning.

05:24 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:23 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Alexander Gustafsson attempts a superman punch, but Jones evades. They're very close to each other, not keeping too much distance. 

Gustafsson lands a shot to Jones, who circles around him. This round is clearly them "testing the waters", so to speak. Jones gets a kick to the body. Interestingly, the crowed booed him for not attacking. We end round 1

05:22 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 1: 

Jones is planted on his feet and stands as Gustafsson approaches him.  They get into a clinch and Gustafsson goes for the kick.

Jones goes for a takedown but is stuffed. The referee stops the fight and it seems Jones kicked Gustafsson VERY low (that's all we'll say). The ref warns Jones and Gustafsson lands a punch, with the ref warning him to watch his fingers.

Jones gets hit with a knee to the body. Gustafsson seemed to be hit by Jones' counters. Gustafsson is stalking Jones and the ref warns Jones this time to watch his fingers. 

Jones gets a good elbow to the face.  They're in the clinch and Jones is trying to goad Gustafsson to duck low so he can get hit with the knees. 

Gustafsson feints a bit and blocks a headkick from Jones.  Jones tries a single leg takedown but Gustaffson fights out. Good defence.

05:18 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Who else is nervous?

05:15 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:06 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

05:05 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

It's time for the MAIN EVENT!

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson - UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

5 years in the making! 

05:04 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:58 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:58 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:58 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:57 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:56 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

What a freaking fight!  The crowd is on their feet! 

04:54 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 1: 



04:51 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:48 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

It's time for the most high-level match-up in Women's MMA history! 

Cris Cyborg (c) vs Amanda Nunes - UFC Women's Featherweight Championship

Will the Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes manage to get the job done?

04:36 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Michael Chiesa proved that Welterweight is his right weight class. He calls out Neil Magny as his next challenger! 

04:34 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:33 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 2:

They start off with a few good striking exchanges and Chiesa is moving forward. Condit gets taken down AGAIN against the cage. 

Chiesa starts working on Condit's arm and is in Kimura position. HE HAS IT AND HE TAPS! 

Michael Chiesa def. Carlos Condit by submission

The former interim Welterweight Champ has been submitted! 

04:31 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:31 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:30 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Carlos Condit vs Michael Chiesa

Round 1:

They start off in the clinch, with Chiesa getting a trip on Condit. Chiesa looks absolutely massive.

He gets the better of Condit on the ground and even has his back, but Condit does a great job in getting back up. The fight is now back on the ground and Chiesa lands a few power shots on top. Condit adjusts his legs and goes for an armbar and it looks like Chiesa tapped but SOMEHOW he escaped! That was insane! 

Chiesa lands ANOTHER takedown and it's clearly an issue for Condit. Condit looks to counter Chiesa into a kneebar but Chiesa scrambles and escapes. Condit rolls off but the round ends. This is an elite level fight on the ground!

04:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:12 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

It's a unanimous decision victory for Corey Anderson! 

04:10 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 3:

Final 5 minutes of the fight. Anderson attempts another kick and surprisingly, hasn't attempted a takedown. Anderson has done better to conserve his energy.

Anderson may have wobbled a bit. Latifi stuns Anderson but he walks forward like a zombie. Incredible reselience from Anderson. Latifi lands another shot, without power. Anderson tries another kick but loses balance momentarily. 

Andrson goes for a takedown but it's seemingly stuffed. He's slowing down as well and Laitifi gets a spinning heel hook, but Anderson is ok! Got to wonder how he's managed to stay strong. Anderson gets a few feints and eats a leg kick. 

Anderson lands a NICE right hand as we wrap up the fight. Latifi eats a shot and taunts him for more, but the buzzer hits. Good fight! We go the distance.

04:04 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

04:04 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

7/7 takedown stops so far for Anderson. He lands a good kick again and Anderson can sense that Latifi is tiring out. 

Latifi isn't showing good body language as his hands are down. Anderson continues to go for the body and Latifi is breathing HEAVY! 

The tide continues to turn as Anderson has Latifi pressed against the fence. Latifi clips Anderson with a left but Corey Anderson is unphased. Great endurance from the #10 Light Heavyweight fighter.

Anderson keeps close distance and lands a left to end the round. Anderson has clearly won this round.

04:00 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 2:

Anderson quickly starts with a kick to the body, which lands effectively. He goes for the clinch and releases it before getting the punch.

Anderson's chin seems to be holding up as he eats a right. Anderson stuffs a takedown but Latifi continues to press. Anderson shows incredible defence and lands a knee to the body.

03:57 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Round 1:
Anderson ladns a big left hand and Latifi slips when going for an explosive punches. Anderson NEEDS to utilize the kicks more. Anderson ducks a right hand and lands a good counters punch.

He teases a jumping knee but goes for the clinch instead. The round ends with Latifi missing a punch.

03:56 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Feints from Corey Anderson to start things off. Latifi takes a step back while Anderson presses on.  Laitifi shows some explosiveness and Corey Anderson gets another leg kick. Anderson blocks two takedown attempts. Latifi stuns Anderson. The fight is stalled as Anderson's mouthpiece falls out.

Latifi eats a kick to the body and blocks Anderson's second attempt. Latifi lands an effective counter punch and stuns him. The crowd is howling and "Woo"ing, meanwhile.

Corey Anderson goes for a headkick and Latifi lands a left hook, though it seems to only graze him.

03:46 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

03:41 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Next up - Ilir Latifi vs Corey Anderson - Light Heavyweight bout

03:37 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

03:36 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

That's 4 in a row for Volkanovski! 

03:36 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

03:36 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

03:35 (GMT)30 DEC 2018

Volkanovski is teeing off on Mendes again and Mendes HAS HIS BACK WITH A TAKEDOWN!  Volkanovski blocks a rear-naked choke but a scramble sees Volkanovski's get back up!

Mendes is hurt! An elbow and punches sees Mendes in big trouble. We're just in round 2 and this is a WAR! IT'S OVER! VOLKANOVSKI finishes MENDES! WHAT A FINISH!

Alexander Volkanovski def. Chad Mendes by 2nd rd TKO!
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