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  • UFC 246 Results, Live Updates, Highlights and Commentary Online from UFC 246: McGregor vs Cerrone (18th January 2020)

UFC 246 Results, Live Updates, Highlights and Commentary Online from UFC 246: McGregor vs Cerrone (18th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 19, 2020 05:45 GMT

What will happen when Conor McGregor returns to the Octagon?


05:45 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Well, that's it for tonight guys! I've been Anirban and it has been my pleasure to bring you all the action from tonight!

05:40 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:40 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:38 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

There is massive respect between McGregor and Cowboy. Cowboy was taken by surprise in this one totally, but the veteran deserves respect. 

05:36 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Conor McGregor says that he likes his weight division and he says that he has a little more work to do. Then he is ready for any of the fighters as the camera pans to Kamaru and Jorge. 

05:34 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:34 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:33 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:33 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:33 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Result: Conor McGregor defeats Cowboy Donald Cerrone via TKO at 40 seconds. 

05:32 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:32 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Conor shattered his nose and eye with his shoulder and then hit him with a high kick and pounded him on the ground. 

05:30 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

That fight is over. What a return by Conor McGregor. Is it time for a rematch with Khabib?

05:30 (GMT)19 JAN 2020


05:29 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

What a ground and pound by McGregor. CONOR HAS WON!

05:29 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Cowboy is straight in and Conor has busted open Cerrone. He is shaken. He is down!!!!!!!

05:28 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The fight starts now.

05:28 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:27 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:25 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Bruce Buffer is announcing the main event and there are goosebumps. 

05:23 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Conor McGregor is out now and he is wiping down. His charisma is out of this world. 

05:21 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:21 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:21 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Cowboy is out and now it's time for Conor McGregor to make his entrance. 

05:20 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The tension can be felt all around the world at the moment

05:17 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Dave Batista says that Cowboy will win with a Submission! At this point it's all nerves. 

05:08 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

It's time for the main event of the night!

Conor McGregor vs 'Cowboy' Cerrone!

05:06 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:06 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

05:04 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The crowd is very anti-Holly Holm but the backflip celebration gets them back on her side. 

05:01 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Results: Holly Holm defeats Raquel Pennington via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

04:59 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

It's over. Holly Holm wins. We are gonna have to wait for the scores. 

04:59 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The referee stops the clinching and asks for more action. Holm goes right back to the clinch. Pennington does not look like she is going to do anything. 

04:57 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The third round is certainly more active on the part of both fighters. 

04:57 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Holm is stopping anything that Pennington is doing with several high kicks. 

04:56 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Holm is the one with a high head kick. This is Pennington losing all the way unless she gets something really fast. 

04:55 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Pennington is advancing with more purpose in the third round. She is showing more desperation, but not enough. 

04:53 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The second round comes to an end and this has been a show by Holm. Unless Pennington knocks out Holm this fight is over. 

04:51 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Holly is using her strength but Pennington comes back with knees and strikes. Holly Holm is smothering Pennington. 

04:50 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Holm is back to clinching Raquel Pennington. The fight is wearing down Pennington the entire time. 

04:48 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

04:47 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Pennington is looking to take her down, but Holly has a guillotine as the first round ends. 

04:46 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Pennington is trying to move, but Holly is keeping unreal pressure on her. She is finally able to turn, only to be turned back and eat two knees. 

04:45 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

They are both clinching at this point. Holly ha the pressure and is getting in some good shots to the head. 

04:44 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Neither woman has been able to gain an advantage at this point in the fight yet.

04:42 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

The fight begins with the two women measuring each other up. This fight is tense already. 

04:42 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

04:41 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

Holly Holm may be older but by no means is she the weaker one in this mix. The fight is about to start with Bruce Buffer announcing them!

04:33 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

04:27 (GMT)19 JAN 2020

It's time for the co-main event: Holly Holm vs Raquel Pennington
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