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  • UFC 283 Live results (21st January 2023) Main Event Starts Now!!

UFC 283 Live results (21st January 2023) Main Event Starts Now!!

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 22, 2023 06:12 GMT

Join us for the UFC 283 Live Results as we head to Brazil for the first PPV of the year. Heading the card we have two UFC title fights, following on from a 13-fight undercard. UFC 283 Live Results here:


06:12 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Jamaal Hill Is The New Champion

That's all from UFC 283, thanks for joining us here at Sportskeeda.

06:11 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

06:09 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Jamaal Hill Is The New Champion

Teixeira manages to make the final bell and presses the last 30 seconds. Hill should have a comfortable win on the scorecards to gain the light-heavyweight title.

06:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Final minute and a half, Hill maintains the top position.

06:06 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Teixeira gets mount, but Hill manages to reverse, huge for Hill.

06:05 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

06:05 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Side control for the Brazillian.

06:04 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Teixeira gets a last-round takedown. This is captivating.

06:03 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

They let it continue.

06:02 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Teixeira may not be allowed to come out for the last round, he can barely see.

06:01 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Teixeria is being taken apart here, despite trying his best to fire back.

06:00 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Teixeira offers a brief response, much to the delight of his native crowd.

05:58 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill lands the head kick once again, and it seems to be Teixeira's kryptonite.

05:56 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill chooses to let Teixeria back to his feet. He then proceeds to connect almost at will. Hill is firmly in the driver's seat heading into the championship rounds. 

05:54 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Somehow Teixeira survives a brutal onslaught of ground and pound.

05:53 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill drops Texeria again with a headkick!!

05:51 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Texeria attempts an almost instant takedown, but it is once again stuffed by Hill.

05:50 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

We head into the third with both men looking a touch battered.

05:49 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill manages to get to his feet with a minute to go and cracks the former champion with a straight right.

05:48 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Texeria is now on top and looking for an arm triangle.

05:47 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Both men are bleeding profusley now.

05:47 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Texeria now scores a huge takedown with two minutes left.

05:46 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Texeria now cracks Hill with a hook!!

05:46 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill wobbles Texeria with two headkicks!!

05:43 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

As the round comes to a close, Hill probably takes it. This one looks ready to ignite.

05:43 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Hill is managing to connect from distance, but Texeria is unfazed thus far.

05:39 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

As the main gets underway, Hill manages to stuff a few early Texeria takedown attempts. That will give him confidence.

05:19 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

05:18 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Figuredo Moves To 135lbs

Figuredo makes all the motions to suggest he was about to retire, but it turns out he is just going to bantamweight.

05:13 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Glover Texeria Vs. Jamaal Hill

It is main event time, and it is for the 205lb title.

05:12 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno Wins Via Doctors Stoppage

The doctor steps in and stops it in favor of Moreno as Figuredo is unable to see from the damaged eye.

05:11 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Going into the fourth, Figuredo looks like he needs a finish.

05:08 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno Drops Figuredo!!

Moreno is now in top position and on the way to 3-0 on the scorecards.

05:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno Drops Figuredo!!

Moreno drops Figuredo with a hook, but also appears to scratch the eye, according to the Brazillian.

05:04 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno ends the second with three minutes of control time, and could well be up 2-0.

05:02 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

A crazy grappling scramble ends up in three reversals and Moreno in a deep guillotine, but after a brief moment of panic, Moreno pops his head out and resumes top position.

05:01 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno comes out and ups his output for the second round, and is busting up Figuredo's right side.

04:58 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

After a brief exchange on the feet, Moreno lands another takedown, but Figuredo manages o reverse it into a leg lock, but the bell goes in time. Close first round.

04:55 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Moreno lands a takedown, but lands in a half attempt at a guillotine by Figuredo. Both men return to their feet after a minute.

04:51 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Introductions are underway, the atmosphere is tense to say the least.

04:32 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Figuredo Vs. Moreno 4

The flyweight title is on the line now in our co-main event as Devisdon Figuredo takes on Brandon Moreno.

04:31 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

04:29 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Burns Wins With Ease!!

Burns passes to mount, and sets up an arm triangle, making it look almost effortless.

04:27 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Feeling out process for the first few minutes, until Burns scores a takedown, and passes to half-guard.

04:08 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Gilbert Burns Vs. Neil Magny

A pair of battle-tested UFC veterans do battle in our third to last fight.

04:07 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

04:05 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Almost everyone in the building hoped the fight would be stopped, but the referee let it go, and Murphy took damage up until the bell, in what is surely a loss.

04:00 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Murphy is trying to throw back but to little avail. Mid way through the third.

03:58 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Andrade hurts Murphy, forcing another failed takedown attempt. The round closes with Andrade landing a combination in the multiple of tens. 2-0 to the Brazillian.

03:54 (GMT)22 JAN 2023

Andrade appears to have slowed a little, but not much.
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