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  • UFC 284 Live Results (11th February 2023) Battle For P4P Number One

UFC 284 Live Results (11th February 2023) Battle For P4P Number One

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 12, 2023 05:48 GMT

UFC 284 Live Results from Australia as Islam Makachev takes on Alex Volkanovski. and Rodriguez and Emmet face off for the featherweight title.


05:48 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

05:48 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

05:47 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev Retains!!

What a fight for your first title defense.

05:46 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

05:45 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski reigns down punches but runs out of time. What a fight, what a finish!!

3-2 to Makhachev most likely, but the judges have not been great this evening.

05:43 (GMT)12 FEB 2023


05:43 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Voolanovski gets a partial takedown, in what is a moral victory at least.

05:41 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev shoots for a takedown, but it is rejected by the Aussie.

05:40 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski gets caught with a big knee to the face on a takedown entry.

05:39 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Fifth and final round gets underway.

05:38 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski has been talking to him the whole time, what a man!!

05:36 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski seems unfazed, throwing punches over his shoulder.

05:35 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev came out for the forth with one thing in mind, a takedown. He scores it and takes the back in seconds. Tough spot here for Volkanovski.

05:32 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski sweeps Makhachev and applies pressure on the champion. Round 3 Volkanovski, to the surprise of many.

05:30 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski is doing an outstanding job of defensive wrestling in this fight.

05:28 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Both look much less worried about each others skills in the third and are opening up a bit.

05:27 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski applies pressure but gets rocked by the Russian for his troubles. He regains his composure and clinches till the end of the round. 10-9 Makhachev, but with brighter moments in this one for Volkanovski.

05:23 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski manages to get back to his feet and lands a huge knee.

05:22 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski is looking to dart in, but Makhachev uses his eagerness against him and secures the back again.

05:20 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev ends the round on Volkanovski's back, as the Aussie smiles to the crowd. 10-9 for the Dagestan native.

05:19 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev is working for a rear-naked-choke.

05:18 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Makhachev has the back clinch against the cage, and is grinding on Volkanovski, now taking the back.

05:18 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

The pair trade hooks wildly, and Makhachev drops Volkanovski!! Wild start!!

05:17 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Volkanovski rocks Makhachev early with a straight right. Unexpected start. He has recovered quickly though.

05:15 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

A lot of early feints for Volkanovski.

05:08 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

As expected, Makhachev receives a hostile reception.

05:07 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

05:04 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Alex Volkanovski has came out to Land Down Under, much to the delight of the attendees in the building.

04:54 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Islam Makhachev vs Alex Volkanovski

Next up, the battle for pound-for-pound supremacy between Islam Makhachev and Alexander Volkanovski.

04:53 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:52 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:51 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Rodriguez is Champion!!

With 45 seconds to go, Rodriguez throws up a triangle choke, and he gets the tap!! Great performance.

04:50 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Rodriguez lands a flying knee, but once again, his recklessness lands him on the bottom, as Emmett peppers him with punches from the top.

04:48 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

The second round starts intensely as they both start swinging wildly. Emmett fliches first and shoots for a takedown. Rodriguez is firing in body kicks, and they are hurting Emmett.

04:45 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Very close round without much to separate the pair. 

04:44 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Both men are throwing wildly, and Rodriguez has ended up on his back inadvertently.

04:42 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Rodriguez has hurt Emmett twice with body kicks early, but Emmett responds with a big right hand.

04:41 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Rodriguez opens up with a frot kick up the middle, a strike that he will look to utilize against the smaller man.

04:40 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Emmet possesses the grappling edge, whilst Rodrigues is the much more diverse striker.

04:26 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Featherweight Title - Rodriguez vs Emmet

Co-Main event time, as Yair Rodrigues and Josh Emmet look to claim gold. This one is expected to be a firework-filed affair.

04:21 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:19 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:18 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Madallena Dominates!!!

As Brown backs up, Della Madallena clips him with a left-hook that sends him face down on the canvas. The Aussie then takes his back and forces the tap due to rear-naked-choke.

04:16 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Lot of early pressure from Brown, who looks to take the center of the cage using his long jab.

04:06 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Randy Brown vs. Jack Della Maddalena

Up next, body-snatching contender Jack Della Maddalena takes on his stiffest task yet in Randy Brown, the 6-year UFC veteran.

04:03 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:02 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

04:02 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Tafa Scores Knockout in Round 1!!!

Almost instantly, Tafa counters a charging Porter with a counter left hook that drops the big man in the opening exchange. Huge win for Porter.

03:58 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

Parker Porter vs Justin Tafa

The big men do battle as the Oceiana native Justin Tafa takes on American Parker Porter. Tafa most recently knocked out Harry Hunsucker by headkick.
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