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  • UFC 286 Live Results (March 18th) Usman vs Edwards III

UFC 286 Live Results (March 18th) Usman vs Edwards III

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMar 19, 2023 00:09 GMT

UFC 286 Live Results, from London, England at the O2 Arena. Join Sportskeeda for all the updates on tonight's action. Live Results:


00:09 (GMT)19 MAR 2023

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That concludes this evenings live results.

00:08 (GMT)19 MAR 2023

00:05 (GMT)19 MAR 2023

Close final round, with Edwards landing the cleaner strikes, and Usman getting a takedown. This could be Edwards's fight marginally. A draw wouldn't be the biggest surprise.

23:58 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Very close fourth round, with Leon landing cleaner, buy Usman controlling position and landing a brief takedown.

23:52 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Edwards will be very disappointed in that round 3.

23:49 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Now Edwards scores his second groin shot of the night.

23:47 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Fence grab by Edwards, and that has cost him a point in a pivotal round.

23:46 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Usman scores a takedown early in the third.

23:45 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Edwards looks to be coasting throughout the second, but Usman rocks him and scores a takedown. It looks as though a finish is imminent, but Edwards recovers. 1-1.

23:37 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

A tentative start from the pair to open, with Usman looking the less comfortable of the pair.

23:37 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Edwards warned for grabbing the gloves of Usman.

23:36 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Edwards dropped Usman with a huge bodykick, but he manages to recover. 

23:10 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Edwards vs Usman

Main event time as Kamaru Usman tries to regain his title from the pride of Birmingham, Leon Edwards.

23:09 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

23:08 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

23:07 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Wow. Fiziev rocks Gaethje to open the round, but the round turns around in Justin's favor. Gaethje gets a moral victory takedown to end he bout. Close one.

23:01 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Much better second round for Gaethje, who is now stringing together combinations in his heavy-handed style. Looks to be 1-1 heading into the third.

22:55 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Fiziev looks to have taken the first, but Gaethje had his moments toward the end.

22:51 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Huge speed edge to Fiziev.

22:48 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

22:47 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Justin Gaethje vs Rafael Fiziev

A huge fight at 155 as Justin Gaethje takes on Rafael Fiziev. Don't blink, as this one is guaranteed action.

22:33 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Gunnar Nelson Wins!!

Nelson works his way into the mount, landing a few big elbows before locking in a quick armbar, forcing the tap with ten seconds left in the first round.

22:30 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Gunnar Nelson vs Bryan Barbarena

Nelson sores a takedown with 2 minutes left in the first round.

22:21 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Gunnar Nelson vs Bryan Barbarena

Nelson returns in a tough match-up against hard-nosed American Bryan Barbarena.

22:20 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

22:15 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Casey O'Neil vs Jennifer Maia

Maia has managed to bust her opponent's face up and looks on the way to a points victory.

22:11 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Casey O'Neil vs Jennifer Maia

O'Neill is gonna need a huge final round to win this.

22:08 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Casey O'Neil vs Jennifer Maia

Jennifer Maia looking the stronger of the two here.

21:56 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Casey O'Neil vs Jennifer Maia

Women's contenders do battle next, with both looking to get one step closer to that coveted 125 lb title shot.

21:51 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

21:38 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Very tight round as we head to the end of the third.

21:33 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Vettori has focused on his strikes more this round, and has probably managed to take this second.

21:30 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Fairly slow opening to round two.

21:29 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Dolidze wins the first round decisively. Vettori has never been treated like this on the feet.

21:23 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Marvin Vettori vs Roman Dolidze

Dolidze rocks Vettori early, but he manages to regroup

20:54 (GMT)18 MAR 2023

Marvin Vettori vs Roman Dolidze

To kick off the spectacular main card, Italian Marvin Vettori looks to retain his contender status at 185 against surging knockout artist Roman Dolidze.
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