UFC 288 Live Results( May 6th)

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UFC 288 Live Results, brought to you live from New Jersey as Aljamain Sterling takes on former two-weight king Henry Cejudo UFC 288 Live Results:


05:15 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

05:14 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

05:13 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Great final round for Cejudo, who scores a takedown and manages to and some clean punches.

05:06 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Sterling has another runaway round on the strikes counter, and lands a brief takedown.

05:01 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

05:00 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Good third round for Sterling, but Cejudo scores a takedown in the dying seconds.

04:54 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Tough round to score with Sterling ahead on strikes, but Cejudo having his fair share of success.

04:52 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Close the first round, with Cejudo getting the better of the striking. Sterling scores a takedown at the end of the round.

04:40 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

04:39 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

04:29 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Main Event Time!!

Champion Aljamain Sterling defends against former two-weight champion Henry Cejudo for the 135lb title.

04:26 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

04:21 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Hard to score any more than one round for Burns, if any here. A dominant performance by Belal Muhammad.

04:19 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

04:18 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Burns comes on stronger in the fourth but is winging his shots. 4-0 Muhammad.

04:09 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Deja vu, as its yet another round of pressure from Muhammad. 3-0 on our scorecards.

04:03 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

The second round was more of the same, with burns having brief moments of success.

04:02 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Round one goes to Muhammad, as he pressures Burns for the majority of the round, with effective striking.

03:48 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Co-Main Event

Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad are set to do battle for the number one contenders spot at 170 lbs.

03:42 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

03:41 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

03:40 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Andrade starts out aggressive, and the pair engage in a slugfest. Yan catches her overextending and knocks the former champ out cold.

03:27 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

03:17 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

AnAndrade vs Yan

Women's action up next as Andrade takes on Yan in a bid to stake a claim for a title shot.

03:13 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

03:10 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Evloev manages to secure a takedown, but is reversed as Lopes very nearly catches a kimura.

03:09 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

More of the same in the second, as Lopes starts to fade due to a lack of proper camp.

03:08 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Round one is a wild affair as Lopes gives Evloev all he can handle on the feet. The Russian manages to score a takedown and controls the rest of the round.

02:48 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Evloev vs Lopes

Russian prospect Evloev takes on debutant Lopes at featherweight in what could be a huge upset in New Jersey.

02:41 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

02:40 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

02:39 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

The second round is pretty much the same. Gracie manages to pull guard but doesn't mount much offence, 10-9 Jourdain.

02:29 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

First round over and Jourdain was by far the most accurate, although Gracie manages to pull guard, which makes it a tough round to score.

01:39 (GMT)7 MAY 2023

Kron Gracie vs Charles Jourdain

Tonights opener features the featherweight division, as the famous Gracie names takes to the octagon once more, this time Kron, as he3 takes on creative striker Charles Jourdain. 
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