UFC 289 Live Results: Nunes vs Aldana (June 10th) Amanda Nunes Retires

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The UFC 289 Live Results are brought to you from British Columbia in Canada. In the main event, Amanda Nunes retained her title in a dominant display over Irene Aldana to secure her eight title defense. In The co-main event, Charles Oliveira manages to knock out Beneil Dariush to stake his claim as the number one contender. Follow the UFC 289 Live Results down below :


04:58 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes Wins

Another dominant performance by the greatest of all time, as Amanda Nunes retains via unanimous decision. 

04:57 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes Scores Big Takedown

As is standard practice in risk mitigation for defending champions, Amanda Nunes scores a takedown to start the round, and has held top position for 3 minutes. 

04:52 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Aldana Shows Iron Chin

Aldana has been hit with everything but the kitchen sink, and is still coming forward as we head into the fifth round.

04:50 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Aldana Now Cut

Nunes lads a sharp elbow, cutting Aldana and adding to the previous swelling caused by the champion.

04:46 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

We Head To Championship Rounds

Aldana seemed to find some courage at the end of the third, choosing to stand and trade with Nunes on the feet as the round finished.

04:44 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Takedown Scored For Nunes

Nunes manages to score quick back-to-back takedowns and is in complete control in this match-up.

04:42 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes Looking For Finish

Nunes has come out for the third round much more aggressive, hunting for big power punches.

04:39 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes Letting Her Hands Go

Nunes looking more comfortable now and is unleashing more three and four-punch combos as the second closes. 2-0 Nunes.

04:36 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Amanda Scoring Points

Nunes is mainly prodding with jabs and leg kicks, and receiving not much in return from Aldana.

04:33 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

End Of The First

The biggest talking point of the round was the cut, but a rather uneventful round outside of that.

04:32 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes In Control

Aldana seems worries about the power of Nunes, but manages to catch Nunes awkwardly, cutting her in the process.

04:30 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes Scores Early Takedown

But seems to use it as a warning, and lets Aldana back up almost instantly.

04:28 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

And We Are Underway

The bells go as Aldana looks to summit the seemingly impossible mountain that is relinquishing Amanda Nunes of her bantamweight title.

04:07 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Nunes vs Aldana In Main Event

The all-time greatest female MMA fighter Amanda Nunes looks to further solidify her status as the champion against Irene Aldana, who looks to add to Mexico's trophy case of UFC titles.

04:04 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Oliveira Stops Dariush!

Dariush tries to get out of the way of a barrage of strikes but is caught and dropped with a left hook, and Oliveira follows up with ground and pound for the win.

04:01 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Oliveira Grabs A Leglock

Dariush has a scary moment as "Do Bronx" grabs a hold of the leg, but manages to wriggle free.

03:59 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Bout Underway

Both men walk to the center and blast kicks, with Oliveira coming out ahead by landing a heavy head kick. Dariush manages to score a takedown to even things out.

03:53 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Who Is Next In Line

Dana White has been heard to comment that whoever wins this fight is next in line for a shot at Islam Makhachev.

03:43 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Oliveira vs Dariush

Former champion Charles "Do Bronx" Oliveira takes on Beneil Dariush next for the number one contenders spot in the lightweight division.

03:40 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Mallot Wins Emphatically !!

Mallot drops Fugitt early in the second round, and dives on a guillotine, getting the tap early in the second.

03:37 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Malott Wins First Round

Mike Malott manages to secure a second takedown, and makes the first round fairly easy to score in his favour.

03:35 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Fugitt Makes Mistake

Fugitt attempts a trip but is reversed and thrown by Malott, who lands in half-guard. Fugitt manages to get back to full guard.

03:34 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Malott In Charge Early

Malott walks across the cage and hurt Fugitt almost instantly with a body shot followed by a straight right.

03:23 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Mike Mallot vs Adam Fuggit

Mike Mallot is the final Canadian to take the stage, as he attempts to take out Adam Fuggit to make it 5/5 for the country. The bout takes place at 170lbs.

03:13 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Ige Wins Despite Late Efforts

Ige produces a hearty performance in what should be a comfortable win.

03:11 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Landwehr To Go For Broke

With Ige clearly winning 2-0, Landwehr will need to go all out in the final round.

03:07 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Carnage To Close The Round

Dan Ige manages to drop Landwehr once again with a left hook, but is caught with an upkick while throwing ground and pound. Wild ending to the round.

03:04 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Landwehr Cuts Ige

Landwehr throws a punch that opens up a cut on Ige's forehead.

03:03 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Brawling To Start The Second

The good manors of the first round are done, and both men are being a touch more reckless now.

03:01 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Saved By The Bell

Dan Ige catches Landwehr with a flying left hook that drops him right as the bell sounds.

02:58 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Tentative From Both Fighters

Neither man wants to be first to slip up, which is making for a slower starting bout than expected.

02:56 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Ige Strikes First

Both men are jostling for the centre of the cage, with Ige claiming it using his jab.

02:47 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

02:45 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Ige vs Landwehr

In what is expected to be a fight of the night contender, the 145 division is on display as Dan Ige takes on Nate Landwehr.

02:39 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Canadian Ahead On Strikes

Barriault is around twenty strikes ahead in this third round.

02:37 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Cardio Running Low?

The fight is now more clinching against the cage than striking, with Anders getting the best of the exchanges.

02:30 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Slowing Of Pace

Anders is very much plodding but manages to score a takedown, doesn't secure it long though.

02:28 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Time Out

The second round starts, but is immediately stopped for a groin shot.

02:25 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Brutal Battle

Both men are hitting each other with all they have, with the power laying on Ander's side, and the speed on the Canadians.

02:22 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Anders Battling Back

Anders unleashed some knees and elbows from the clinch, and is battling back into the fight.

02:21 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Barriault Drops Anders !!

Within the first thirty seconds, Barriult drops Anders with a kick into a straight punch combination. Anders recovers well.

02:18 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

First Round Underway

With both men known for their heavy striking arsenal, it would be no surprise to see the judges rendered useless in this one.

02:05 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Homecourt Advantage ?

Canadians are three for three so far on the UFC 289 card, with just Barriult and Mallot left to make it a clean slate.

01:57 (GMT)11 JUN 2023

Marc-Andre Barriault vs. Eryk Anders

The main card gets underway as Canadian middleweight Marc-Andre Barriault takes on former college football standout Eryk Anders in the middleweight division.

20:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

UFC 289 Co-Main Conumdrum

Apart from his previous outting against now-champion Islam Makhachev, Oliveira is unbeaten since 2017. Dariush in comparision is undefeated since 2018, making this one impossibly close.

20:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Chris Curtis To Lean On Strickland's Help?

Chris Curtis is a long time friend and teammate of loose cannon Sean Strickland, who Imavov lost to in his last bout. Curtis is still the underdog in the bout, even with that invaluble knowledge.

20:25 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Four Homeland Competitors

There are four Canadians competing on tonights card in Mike Mallot, Kyle Nelson, Marc-Andre Barriult and Aiemann Zahabi.

20:24 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

Amanda Nunes vs Irene Aldana

The biggest discrepancy in price tonight is between tonight's main event combatants. Nunes is a -315 favorite, whilst Aldana is around +275.

20:23 (GMT)10 JUN 2023

UFC 289 Returns To Canada

The Rogers Arena will play host to tonight's UFC 289 event and has a capacity of 19,000. Canada has been one of the UFC's biggest live gate markets, so tonight should be loud.

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