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  • UFC Fight Night : Andrade Vs. Blanchfield Live Results (18th February)

UFC Fight Night : Andrade Vs. Blanchfield Live Results (18th February)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 19, 2023 02:42 GMT

UFC Fight Night: Andrade vs Blanchfield Live results, from the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. Catch up with all the live action here on Sportskeeda. Live Results:


02:42 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

02:37 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Blanchfield Wins!!

Blanchfield scores a takedown an emphatically takes the back of Andrade. From there she slips under the chin and forces the tap.

02:32 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Good first round for the American Blanchfield.

02:32 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Blanchfield has had a lot of early success with her striking, making Andrade miss an using accuracy rather than power.

02:28 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Both women are opening up with reckless abandon.

02:16 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Andrade vs Blanchfield

Main event time as the ladies do battle with huge title implications.

02:14 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

02:11 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Both men trade till the final bell, and it looks as though Pauga has it.

02:08 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Although he was just dropped by a big right hand by Pauga.

02:07 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Wright has managed to keep his back of the cage thus far,

02:06 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Wright needs a stoppage here in the third.

02:05 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pauga wins another round of cage clinching. Fairly quiet round to Pauga's reluctance to disengage.

02:03 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pauga lays dormant for a while, until unleashing a barrage of 6 elbows.

02:00 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Round two starts and Pauga drags Wright straight back to the fence.

01:58 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pauga manages to grab a little space, and bursts open Wright's face badly. Pauga wins round one handily.

01:56 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

A break now following a low blow from Pauga. Unintentional, so there is no position change.

01:55 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pauga maintains position as the pair trades knees.

01:53 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pauga initiates an early clinch.

01:43 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Jordan Wright vs Zac Pauga

In what is almost a guaranteed finish, former middleweight Jordan Wright and former heavyweight Zac Pauga meet in he middle at 205lbs.

01:40 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

01:37 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Parisian ends the last round on top.

01:36 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Both combatants looking labored now.

01:34 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pogues lands a takedown after a brief crotch-kick intermission. He now takes full mount.

01:25 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Parisian appears to have some broken toes.

01:24 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pogues lands another takedown, securing the first round.

01:21 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Back to the feet, and a huge front kick for Parisian.

01:20 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pogues scores an early takedown, good start.

01:19 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Pogues very emotional during his entrance, let's see if that's a factor.

01:07 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Josh Parisian vs. Jamal Pogues

Heavyweight up next as Josh Parisian vs. Jamal Pogues looks to deliver the anticipated heavy-hitting action.

01:04 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

01:04 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Prachnio wins clearly and dominantly using primarily leg kicks against a lackluster William Knight.

01:00 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Knight is like a fish out of water, a win would be a miricale.

00:58 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Yet another baffling and unproductive for Knight. Its a finish or nothing as Prachnio has dominated.

00:54 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Prachnio is connecting at will with his kicks, and Knight is yet to throw a punch.

00:52 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

The first round ends with absolutely no offense of Knights part, 

00:48 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

A lot of kicks throw to open here, with Prachnio focusing heavily of the legs of Knight.

00:45 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

00:37 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Knight vs Prachnio Next

205lb action next as William Knight takes on Martin Prachnio.

00:35 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

00:32 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Hernandez gets out and ends the fight letting off ground and pound. Close fight and the probable fight of the night.

00:31 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Miller manages to jump on a very late rear-naked-choke with 30 seconds to go.

00:28 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Miller stuffs it, and rips away with leg kicks.

00:27 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Miller tags Hernandez early, who shoots for a takedown.

00:27 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Could be 19-19, with all to play for.

00:25 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Miller is sporting two black eyes, but we make it to a third.

00:24 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

This is a bloodbath, which Hernandez is edging.

00:22 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Miller is looking more labored in his offense now.

00:21 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Step-in knees and head kicks have been the focus for Hernandez to start the second, and are proving effective.

00:19 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

An accidental groin shot on Hernandez by Miller, and that will close a grueling first round.

00:17 (GMT)19 FEB 2023

Hernandez manages to stay composed, and is managing to find his footing towards the end of the roun.
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