UFC Fight Night BJ Penn vs Rodriguez Results, play-by-play Live Updates 1-15-2017

Follow all the action as the Prodigy BJ Penn returns to the Octagon after more than 2 years!
Updated: 16 January 2017 05:57 IST - Published: January, 16 2017 05:32 AM IST
Dmitrii Smoliakov vs Cyril Asker

For a heavyweight fight, neither man is starting off chin-up, guns blazing. They're cautiously circling each other with Asker taking control of the centre of the Octagon. He tries to weave into the pocket with a one-two but Smoliakov, unwilling to be bogged down, pushing him back with a flurry of punches, accidentally headbutting Asker.

The referee stops the action briefly and checks on him. Once he ascertains that both fighters are ready to go again, he lets the fight continue. Asker, this time, shoots in with a takedown attempt pressing Smoliakov against the cage.

He gets it but as soon as Smoliakov's back hits the mat, he starts wildly fighting Asker off with hammer fists from the bottom. However, Asker switches position from side control to a North-South.

Before Somliakov realises what is happening, Asker transitions extremely smoothly into mount and starts raining down strikes on Smoliakov. Unable to buck and get him off, Smoliakov has no choice but to cover up.

The referee gives him a fair chance to fight back but when it becomes obvious that Smoliakov doesn't have anything by way of substantial offence, he calls the fight.

Result: Cyril Asker def. Dmitrii Smoliakov via TKO in Round 1
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BJ Penn seems in high spirits heading into the fight...but will his good cheer last?

Main Event: Yair Rodriguez v BJ Penn 
BJ Penn needs no introduction at this stage of his career; he is an MMA legend and was one of the first inductees into the UFC Hall of Fame. His MMA career dates back to UFC 31 in 2001 and he has an illustrious career career, managing to join the very small club of people who have won UFC titles in two weight classes. 

Unfortunately those days are long behind him and you have to go back to November 2010 to find his last victory. His last outing, which was a third meeting with Frankie Edgar, was a particularly poor showing in which he was defeated by TKO.  Even though he is 38 years old, Penn is still a dangerous fighter, he has solid boxing and incredible jiu-jitsu and he has trained for this fight with his old coach Jason Parillo so there is hope that we will see a rejuvenated BJ Penn this time around.

As for Rodriguez, he has attracted a lot of hype in his short career but it is easy to see why. He has already amassed a 5-0 record in the UFC and has a flashy style that consists of various flying, jumping and spinning techniques such as the jumping switch kick to the head that knocked out Andre Fili.  He likes to stay on the outside and keep range with his kicks, his boxing is improving but he is still not comfortable in the pocket.

On the ground he has an active guard and likes to create scrambles. His biggest asset is his athleticism, he moves around the cage with incredible speed and fluidity and he can keep a good pace for 25 minutes.This will be an uphill task for Penn to say the least, he will need to close the distance on the rangey Rodriguez who will be able to keep up a fast pace with plenty of kicks.

Trying to get close enough to Rodriguez to land punches or shoot for a takedown is going to wear down the ageing Penn and Rodriguez will get a finish late in the fight. 
Prediction: Rodriguez via KO

Co-Main Event: Joe Lauzon v Marcin Held  

These two fighters have many similarities but also some key differences which will decide the fight. Both of them are aggressive submission hunters; Held is a leg lock specialist and has no qualms about rolling to his back to grab a leg and he is tenacious once he gets a hold of one, while Lauzon has the most post fight bonuses in UFC history including six Submission of the Night honours. 

This aggressive grappling style leads to another trait they both share, suspect cardio. Both men can exhaust themselves early in a fight looking to get the finish and leave themselves exposed later in the fight. 

One area in which they clearly differ is their age, with Lauzon being eight years older. Despite having been in many wars throughout his career, Lauzon has been performing well in recent fights, and despite only being 24 years of age, Marcin Held has a wealth of experience with 27 MMA fights already behind him.

The main difference between these two men and the thing which will decide the fight is striking, and more specifically punching power. Held’s striking is fine, he keeps a consistent jab in his opponent's face but it is merely a setup to get him close to enough to initiate a grappling exchange. 

Lauzon throws hard punches in the pocket and has surprising hand speed, as shown by his quick finish of Diego Sanchez. This fight is sure to be fun but I think the more diverse Lauzon will come out on top. 
Prediction: Lauzon via Decision

Court McGee v Ben Saunders 

This is going to be a very close and competitive fight. McGee is well rounded and incredibly durable, he isn’t very athletic but he has good technique in every area and is a tenacious wrestler. 

Saunders is more inconsistent, he has flashes of brilliance, such as when he secured the only omoplata victory in UFC history, but he has holes in his game.

While he has an excellent guard, he is far too content to stay there and try for hopeful submissions, and he is susceptible to big punches in the pocket. 
Prediction: McGee via Decision

Sergio Pettis v John Moraga   

This is another well matched fight as rising prospect Pettis gets a step up in competition against a man who has faced off against the best the division has to offer in Moraga. 

While Pettis is a striker, he is very different to his brother. He lacks the power but he makes up for this by having good fundamentals and a stronger boxing game. Moraga is good everywhere, but great nowhere. 

Pettis has won his last two fights, while Moraga has lost his last two and I think that says a lot about this fight. 
Prediction: Pettis via Decision

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