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  • UFC Fight Night : Cannonier vs Strickland Live Results (17th December 2022) The Main Event Is Now

UFC Fight Night : Cannonier vs Strickland Live Results (17th December 2022) The Main Event Is Now

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 18, 2022 03:01 GMT

Join us here at Sportskeeda for the UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs Strickland Live Results. UFC Vegas 66 looks set to be a fan-friendly card to close out the year. Follow the UFC Vegas 66 Live Results here:


03:01 (GMT)18 DEC 2022


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03:00 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

02:57 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Cannonier lands back on Strickland, and this prompts a five punch combo in return. Both men proceed to throw back and forth for the rest of the round. This one could go either way, with it probably just being edged by Cannonier.

02:54 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Strickland tags Cannonier with a hook, dropping him momentaraly.

02:51 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Round four was pretty one sided for Strickland until the last minute. Cannonier though, pored it on in the closing, although never landed clean enough to worry Strickland.

02:47 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Strickland starts the fourth throwing combos, and manages to hurt Cannonier.

02:45 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

The third begins looking like Strickland is about to take over, but Cannonier picks up near the 3 minute mark and starts tagging Strickland. Strickland manages to compose himself, although probab;y still lost the round.

02:39 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Cannonier is trying to use his explosiveness to leap into hooks. Strickland though, is managing to be evasive, and comes on strong near the end of the round .

02:34 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Strickland is now having much more sucess with his jab as Cannonier slows down a touch.

02:33 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Cannonier has been stalking Strickland around the cage, looking to land big overhand shots. Strickland seems to be conserving himself much more, which may be wise as we head into later rounds.

02:31 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Cannonier opens up the first looking the more comfortable of the pair. Strickland soon settles though and manages a takedown.

02:16 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

02:15 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Main Event time. Pressure fighter Sean Strickland looks to break powerhouse and former title challenger Jared Cannonier. We can anticipate carnage for as long it lasts. 

02:13 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

02:10 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Tsarukyan rides out the end of the round on Ismagulov's back, and should win this one comfortabley.

02:07 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Ismagulov starts the third trying to mount some offense, but Tsarukyan once again ends up on his back. It's hard to see him getting many more chances to win.

02:04 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Ismagulov has tried to break and land shots, but to no avail. Tsarukyan has been to strong, and took down and controlled Ismagulov at will. The Kahzak will need a finish in the third and final round.

02:00 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

After a back and forth opening, Tsarukyan's relentless pressure pays off and he scores repeated takedowns. Ismagulov just can't seem to keep him off his back.

01:56 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Tsarukyan makes a mistake attempting a throw as Ismagulov ends up in mount. Tsarukyan manages an almost instant sweep, proving himself to be the stronger grappler of the two thus far. 

01:54 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Tsarukyan scores an early takedown after the pair exchange leg kicks. Ismagulov makes it back to his feet, only to be taken airborne and slammed back to the mat. Strong start for the Armenian.

01:45 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Arman Tsarukyan takes on Damir Ismagulov in a battle of the new breed in the 155 division. Both men are seen as potential future contenders, and this bout will take them to that contender status with a win.

01:44 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

01:35 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Albazi Scores Lethal Uppercut Knockout!!!

The combatants make there way back to there feet, where Albazi launches a nuclear uppercut, ending Costa's night. Impressive showing.

01:33 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

As the third gets underway, Costa comes out swinging wild and pays for it. Albazi slips under a shot and lands an emphatic double leg.

01:30 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

The rest of round two was a dominant mix of control and groundand pund for Albazi. A clear win in that one for the 15-1 fighter. 

01:27 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Amir Albazi lands a jab that knocks down Costa. He follows him to the ground, where he ends up in guard.

01:24 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

A pretty even first round, with not much to score. Both men seem to respect each other, and are waiting for holes in each others game to become apparant.

01:21 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Tentative open from both men, with plenty of fainting and prodding with jabs.

01:10 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Albazi is 3-0 thus far in his UFC stint, and many feel his ceiling is in the championship region. In Costa though, he takes on someone who has proven to have a tough defense to get through.

01:08 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Next up, the biggest favorite on the card, Amir Albazi, tries to justify his pricetag as he takes on Alessandro Costa.

01:06 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

01:05 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Alex Caceres Front Leg Roundhouse Knockout!!!

Bruce-Leeroy (Caceres) Sets up a lead leg kick to the face of Julian Erosa by throwing it behind a jab. He follows up with some ground and pound, and Erosa is in a bad way.

01:02 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

The openin couple of minutes have been kick heavy for both men. Erosa is targeting the legs, and Caceres the body.

00:59 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

00:55 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Next up, a battle of the UFC veterans as Alex Caceres does battle with Julian Erosa. Both men have been known to cause upsets against surging stars, with Erosa beating Hakeem Dawodu, Steve Peterson and Charles Jourdain in his last three. Most are expecting fireworks in this one.

00:46 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

00:44 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Dober Knocks Green Out Cold!!

The pair back up to the cage and start exchanging wildly, giving Dober the chance to land a vicious left hook, putting Green out cold. Brutal.

00:42 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

As the second round starts, Dober is sloing down his shots and focusing on landing hem, which is giving him more success in the opening minutes.

00:40 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Green landing with around 59% of his strikes, wheras Dober is closer to 30%. Great round for Green, but he must be careful not to get complacent with a still very much dangerous Dober hunting him down.

00:37 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Green is making Dober miss badly with his unorthodox style. He is following up with rapid shots that have bloodied the nose of Dober.

00:35 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Straight away, Green has his hands low and is goading Dober to try and hit him, with the intention of countering.

00:34 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

00:26 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

00:25 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Bobby Green and Drew Dober do battle next in a highly anticipated lightweight match-up. Both known for there willingness to go blow for blow and test there boxing skills. This has led to many fans having this as there early pick for Fight of the Night.

00:21 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

00:19 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Oleksiejczuk Scores Knockout in Round One

Oleksiejczuk an Brundage go back and forth on a few grappling exchanges, with the Pole coming out in top position. After grinding away, He postures up and lands a few hard shots, one of which knocked out Brundage. Oleksiejczuk wins via punches in the first round.

00:05 (GMT)18 DEC 2022

Welcome to our UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs Strickland Live Results. The main card gets underway now as American Cody Brundage meets Polish brawler Michal Oleksiejczuk. 

20:52 (GMT)17 DEC 2022

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