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  • UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs Cannonier Live Results (June 17th) Cannonier Defeats Vettori

UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs Cannonier Live Results (June 17th) Cannonier Defeats Vettori

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 18, 2023 05:47 GMT

UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs Cannonier Live Results, brought to you live from The UFC Apex in Las Vegas Nevada. In the main event, top-ranked middleweights Marvin Vettori and Jared Cannonier try to stake a claim as the number one contender. In the co-main event, Arman Tsarukyan welcomes Joachim Silva to the top 5 in a highly anticipated match-up


05:47 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Event Finished

Thanks for joining us here at Sportskeeda, we hope you enjoyed the coverage on what turned out to be a great night of fights. Until next time.

05:15 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Wins

Cannonier wins by unanimous decision in a record-setting performance.

05:13 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Takes It

After brutalizing Vettori for the last round, this should be a comfortable win for Jared Cannonier. 

05:10 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Talking

Vettori is trash talking a little now, trying to provoke a brawl with Cannonier.

05:07 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Final Round

Vettori will need a knockout to win this one now, with Cannonier probably up 3-1.

05:07 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Takes Fourth

Cannonier broke the all-time middleweight strikes record last round, and is looking very fresh still.

05:05 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Busted Up

Vettori's face is a bloody mess, and that has a lot to do with the highly accurate jab of Cannonier.

05:02 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Main Event Rounds

We enter the fourth round and both men look set on slugging it out in the center.

05:00 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Now Scores Takedown

Cannonier slips, allowing Vettori to drag him to the mat from behind, both men are back to there feet now.

04:58 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Takedown

Cannonier manages to land a takedown, as well as a few damaging punches.

04:57 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Fully Recovered

Vettori is very much now back in the fight, and is landing well.

04:54 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Survives

Vettori somehow musters up the energy to mount a comeback late in the third, although it was clearly 10-8 Cannonier. It will be interesting to see how much gas Cannonier used trying to finish the fight.

04:52 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Hurt

Cannonier is now landing heavy ground and pound, as Vettori looks very fatigued, and hurt.

04:51 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Piles On Pressure

After catching Vettori with a left hook, Cannonier starts throwing in combinations.

04:50 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Second Round

Both men get right back to exchanging as the second gets under way.

04:48 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Tight First Round

Both men are hitting each other almost at will, with Vettori perhaps slightly edging it in the damaging blows department.

04:45 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Cannonier Returns

After recovering, Cannonier clips Vettori with a right hand that wobbles the Italian. Intense opening round thus far.

04:44 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori Rocks Cannonier

Almost instantly, Vettori clips Cannonier with a big left hand and wobbles him.

04:39 (GMT)18 JUN 2023


Cannonier chose a strange, ominous-sounding theme for his walk-out, whilst Vettori chose the more traditional Eye Of The Tiger, of Rocky fame.

04:27 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Vettori vs Cannonier

Main event time now as Italian Marvin Vettori takes one former title challenger Jared Cannonier in a bid to take the spot of number one contender.

04:25 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Tsarukyan Wins!!

Tsarukyan slams Silva and reign down a barrage of ground and pound, leaving him bloodied and forcing the stoppage,

04:23 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Tsarukyan Scores Takedown

The hird round is in Tsarkyans hands now as he scores a takedown again in the third.

04:20 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Silva Rocks Tsarukyan!!

The 7/1 underdog rocks Tsarukyan badly an puts him on wobbly legs, he manages to score the desperation takedown though.

04:18 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Second Round

Tsarukyan is pushing and pulling Silva in every direction, setting a tiring pace.

04:14 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Back Control For Tsarukyan

The takedown pretty much decides the first round, and its a fairly easy one for Tsarukyan.

04:11 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Instant Takedown For Tsarukyan

It takes under a minute for the Armenian to score the first takedown, and he is now in the driver's seat.

04:00 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Arman Tsarukyan vs Joachim Silva

Co-main event time as Tsarukyan, as the biggest favorite on the card, tries to stop the underdog Joachim Silva, who looks to announce his arrival in a huge way.

03:57 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Petrosyan Wins

Arman Petrosyan takes home the win on the judges scorecards.

03:51 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Petrosyan Takedown

Duncan lands and rock Petrosyan with a barrage of spinning attacks, but he manages to land a desperation takedown.

03:49 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Duncan Needs Knockout

Duncan could be two rounds down heading into the third, and will need a finish to win.

03:45 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Duncan Tiring?

Duncan is slowing down now, with Petrosyan rocking him briefly.

03:44 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Petrosyan Returns Fire

Petrosyan now tries to attack the leg of Duncan, as Duncan did in thee first.

03:43 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Round Two

Petrosyan is looking to put a bit more on his strikes in the second as he tries to gain some momentum.

03:40 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Duncan Attacks The Leg

Duncan is consistently attacking his opponent's lead leg, and it is paying off.

03:36 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

First Round

Duncan looking loose and wild here to start off, throwing a spinning hook kick.

03:25 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Christian Leeroy Duncan vs Arman Petrosyan

One of the UK's biggest prospects Christian Leeroy Duncan faces Contender Series veteran Arman Petrosyan next in the middleweight division.

03:16 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Sabatini Stops It In The Second

Sabatini once again instantly engages in wrestling and manages to once again get the top position and takes an arm triangle, forcing the tap.

03:13 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Sabatini Firmly In Control

Sabatini has had top position for the entire first round and has nearly had the ref stop in a couple of times. Almeida is going to need a big turnaround in the second

03:08 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Sabatini Grapples Early

Sabatini is using no discretion as to his plans, as he instantly pursues a takedown.

02:59 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Pat Sabatini vs Lucas Almeida

Higley touted featherweights do battle here, with another short one expected. Sabatini looks to use his experience to take on the bigger Braziliian powerhouse.

02:53 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

02:50 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Torres Wins!!

Torres hits Motta with a huge elbow that sends him to the canvas out cold! Devastating finish.

02:49 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Motta Starts Strong

Torres is leaving his chin in the air, and Motta cracks him with a hard shot on the end of it.

02:39 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Manuel Torres vs. Nikolas Motta

The lightweight division is on display next as a pair of DWCS alumni met in whats expected to be a short affair.

02:38 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Dalby Wins!

Nicholas Dallby takes it after a fun affair by way of decision.

02:31 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Dably In Control

Dably has a controlling position against the cage and looks the fresher of the pair in the third round.

02:28 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Final Round

Dalby looks to be ahead thus far, but its all to play for in this last round.

02:25 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Dalby On Top

Dalby manages to reverse position and is now working for an arm triangle.

02:24 (GMT)18 JUN 2023

Salikhov Takedown

After some grappling against the cage, Salikhov manages a takedown with 3 minutes left of the second round.
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