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  • UFC Vegas 68 Live Results (February 4th 2023) Main Card Results

UFC Vegas 68 Live Results (February 4th 2023) Main Card Results

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 12, 2023 03:52 GMT

UFC Vegas 68 Live Results, Live on Sportskeeda, as Derrick Lewis takes on Sergey Spivak in the heavyweight division. UFC Vegas Live Results Here:


03:52 (GMT)12 FEB 2023

08:21 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Goodnight From Sportskeeda!

Spivak calls out Jon Jones half-heartedly to close off the night. That's all for this evening's action, thanks for joining us!

08:18 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

08:17 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Spivak Subs Lewis

Five takedowns in three minutes for Spivak, and he secures a head and arm choke fairly easily. Huge win for The Polar Bear.

08:15 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Lewis manages to get up a few times, but with no separation.

08:14 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Spivak controlling Lewis and landing ground and pound.

08:14 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Lewis looks to engage, put Spivak manages to land a hip throw that ends up with Lewis in bottom position.

08:08 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Interesting note, Lewis has never lost in Vegas and is 8-0 in the state.

08:04 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Lewis vs Spivak

The main event is upon us as heavyweights Derrick Lewis takes on Sergey Spivak.

08:03 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

07:58 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Jung has controlled most of the round, but Clark threw everything he had in the final minute, a close one.

07:53 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

The third round starts with it all to play for.

07:50 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Devin Clark looks much better in the second as Jung appears to fatigue a touch.

07:45 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Clark lands on top near the end of the round following a failed takedown by Jung. 

07:44 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Jung looks like the much larger man in the cage and seems to be absorbing Clark's shots well.

07:43 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Jung has started the first round strongly, looking to take Clark down after grinding him down against the cage.

07:37 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Da Jung Un vs Devin Clark

Co-Main event time as Da Jung Un takes on Devin Clark in an expected firefight. 

07:30 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

07:24 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Tybura has maintained control for the first three minutes with ease. Strong grappling by the Pole.

07:22 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Tybura has got Ivanovs back and is working for a choke.

07:20 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

A very close fight that very well could be 1-1. Ivanov is breathing extremely heavily in the corner.

07:19 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Ivanov is relentless with his forward pressure. Both men are connecting in the second round with a much higher frequency.

07:14 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Tybura probably takes the first as Ivanov is a touch hesitant at times. Fun round.

07:12 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Tybura gets caught with a hard jab, but recovers.

07:11 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

This one has opened like getting plus money on the fight not to go the distance is a bargain. Both men are throwing hard.

07:03 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Tybura vs Ivanov

The heavyweights of Europe do battle next as Poland's Tybura takes on Bulgaria's Ivanov.

07:02 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

07:01 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Choi vs Nelson Ends In Draw

The fight ends in a majority draw, and Nelson will be thanking his lucky stars for that point deduction.

06:57 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Choi headbutts Nelson and has an immediate point taken. Stern refereeing. The rest of the round is spent by Nelson chasing a takedown. We go to the judges scorecards.

06:51 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Round three opens and Choi instantly cracks Nelson with a hook. Nelson manages to secure back control and is recovering, whilst managing to score a takedown.

06:49 (GMT)5 FEB 2023


Round two closes and the stand-out moment of the round was Nelson's. Hard to judge the scoring so far though.

06:48 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Choi regains some footing in the fight as he digs deep into Nelson's legs with a series of brutal kicks.

06:45 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Round two opens and Nelson rocks Choi with a massive overhand!!

06:43 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Round one closes, and it is a fairly even match-up thus far. Hard to score.

06:41 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Choi gives up his back, and Nelson leaps the chance at a rear-naked-choke. Choi though manages to reverse it into an advantageous crucifix position, trapping Nelson's arms.

06:40 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

The fight opens up with a huge slam from Nelson, who gains top position as a result.

06:36 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Dooho Choi vs Kyle Nelson

Hall of Famer Choi returns to face Kyle Nelson following a three-year military related layoff.

06:25 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

06:24 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

06:19 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Fuggit Upsets The Odds

Fuggit then takes Kinshita's back, and works in hard ground and pound to force the stoppage.

06:18 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Fuggit is controlling Kinoshita against the cage, and when they disengage, he manages to land a straight right that drops the Japanese fighter.

06:16 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Kinshota drops Fuggit with a massive headkick, but Fuggit manages to engage in some grappling that gets him out of danger.

06:12 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

This will be Fuggit's first full-camp fight in the UFC, following a short-notice debut against Michael Moraes.

06:01 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Kinshota vs Fuggit

In our main card opener, 22-year-old Yusaku Kinshota takes on Adam Fuggit. Kinshota comes into the UFC with high expectations on his shoulders, but Fuggit is no east task.

05:57 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

05:37 (GMT)5 FEB 2023

Main Card Starts Next

Welcome to our live coverage of the UFC Vegas 68 main card. Yusaku Kinoshita vs. Adam Fugitt gets us underway at the top of the hour.

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