Ultimate Kho Kho 2022 Highlights, Match 1: Gujarat Giants demolish Mumbai Khiladis 69-44

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Gujarat Giants pick up momentum from Turn 3 and convert it into a massive 69-44 win over Mumbai.


21:11 (IST)14 AUG 2022

Well, action's not over folks! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the day here as the Telugu Yoddha take on the Chennai Quick Guns! Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! 

21:05 (IST)14 AUG 2022

Final Score: Mumbai Khiladis 44-69 Gujarat Giants

Dominance! Sheer dominance from the Gujarat franchise as they have completely swatted aside the Mumbai outfit! In a game of sheer energy and skill, the Gujarat Giants have emerged on top by a huge margin on a day when the Khiladis seemed pretty lacklustre. A massive 25-point difference and it will be Giants who have announced their arrival in this tournament in style!

21:05 (IST)14 AUG 2022

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-43 Gujarat Giants

21:04 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' The Mumbai defenders manage to play out the remaining time but it will be to no avail. Mumbai have been completely annihilated by the Giants!

21:03 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' A sky dive is executed but it is a foul. No points awarded. 

21:02 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The second batch of Mumbai is back on the mat now. 

21:02 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' An exceptional pole dive from the Giants attacker sends back the Mumbai skipper.

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-43 Gujarat Giants

21:01 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' Rohan and Avik perish courtesy of a couple of running touches and the Mumbai skipper is the line player left defending.

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-40 Gujarat Giants

21:00 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The first batch of the Khiladis return again now!

21:00 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' A comfortable running touch by the Wazir on the last Mumbai defender and Mumbai are ALL OUT!

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-36 Gujarat Giants

20:59 (IST)14 AUG 2022

5' A sky dive on Abhishek sends him back while a running touch on Sribin KP leaves just one Mumbai defender on the mat. 

20:58 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The fourth and final Mumbai batch is on the mat now and Gujarat are sniffing an all out here! 

20:58 (IST)14 AUG 2022

4' Mumbai Khiladis absolutely crumbling here as the third batch has been eliminated in inside a minute! A self out, a running touch and a pole dive fetch the Giants 8 points in under a minute!

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-25 Gujarat Giants

20:57 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The third batch is on court now! 

20:55 (IST)14 AUG 2022

3' Gajanan is tagged while Pathan perishes off a brilliant sky dive! The last Mumbai defender has to make his way back to the bench too!

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-17 Gujarat Giants and in the context of the game, the Giants just have a one-point deficit with over four minutes to go! 

20:53 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The power play is over and we are down to the one Wazir again. 

20:53 (IST)14 AUG 2022

1' The Wazir gets a touch on Vijay Hajare and the Mumbai skipper walks back to the bench. And almost immediately, both his batchmates follow him as the defense crumbles, allowing two comfortable touches!

Second innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-10 Gujarat Giants

20:51 (IST)14 AUG 2022

Two Wazirs in operation and both are teaming up well to cause some troubles for the Mumbai outfit, who are just about managing to survive here. 

20:50 (IST)14 AUG 2022

It is time for the Giants' attack in the second innings and the first Mumbai defense batch enters the mat. The Giants have opted for the Power Play first up too! 

20:47 (IST)14 AUG 2022

End of Innings 2, Turn 3: Mumbai Khiladis lead 44-30

At the end of Mumbai's attack in the second innings, the score reads Mumbai Khiladis 20-4 Gujarat Giants. The Giants look well in control of the game! They are all set for a win here unless Mumbai can pull off something fantastic! 

20:45 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' With 23 seconds left on the clock, Suyash perishes off a touch by Sreejesh! The fourth batch for the Giants makes their way to the mat.

Second Innings: Mumbai Khiladis 20-4 Gujarat Giants

20:44 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' Milind is tagged and so is Jagganath Das off a pole dive! Mumbai are pretty slow in getting the points now. The Giants have been awarded the defense bonus points again!

20:43 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The Giants are defending pretty smartly and are not allowing even a single touch to be scored! All touches are coming off fouls and are not being awarded. 

20:42 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The third batch is in for the Giants and there is a plenty of support for the Giants in the crowd! 

20:42 (IST)14 AUG 2022

5' Pote has survived and the two and a half minute mark is crossed. Two bonus defense points to the Giants! And almost immediately, the Mumbai Wazir gets rid of him with a touch.

Second Innings: Mumbai Khiladis 13-2 Gujarat Giants

20:41 (IST)14 AUG 2022

4' Sagar has been tagged by the Khiladis and it is Aniket Pote who is causing some troubles for the Khiladis again! 

20:39 (IST)14 AUG 2022

3' The second batch has entered as the power play ends. Only one Wazir in action now for Mumbai and straightaway, they have gotten a touch on P Siva Reddy.

Second Innings: Mumbai Khiladis 9-0 Gujarat Giants

20:38 (IST)14 AUG 2022

2' A sky dive that gets rid of Akshay followed by another swift touch on the last remaining defender has fetched Mumbai seven points in this innings.

Second Innings: Mumbai Khiladis 7-0 Gujarat Giants

20:36 (IST)14 AUG 2022

1' Pokarde has to depart as he trips, allowing the attacker to touch him comfortably. 

20:35 (IST)14 AUG 2022

And we are back for the second innings! Mumbai to attack once again and they have opted for the power play straightaway once again! 

20:31 (IST)14 AUG 2022

1st Innings: Mumbai Khiladis 24-26 Gujarat Giants

The Giants will certainly be the happier side going into the second innings, having a narrow but certain two point lead! Attacking first, Mumbai eliminated three batches and Gujarat returned the favour while they were attacking as well. The Giants have been much more aggressive when it comes to the pole attacking and that has fetched them many more points then it has the Khiladis! 

20:30 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' A touch on Sribin KP just before the buzzer sounds ensures that the Giants are in the lead going into the second innings! 

20:29 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' A comfortable touch on Salunke as he trips and falls. And the third batch is done as well! Can Mumbai survive with 21 seconds left on the clock?

20:28 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' A touch on Visag sends him back! Meanwhile, a sky dive brings about the end of Abishek.

Mumbai Khiladis 24-22 Gujarat Giants

20:26 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The third batch is in the middle now with a touch over two minutes left on the clock 

20:26 (IST)14 AUG 2022

5' The final touch comes on Sreejesh S by the Giants Wazir with a pole dive and the Giants are awarded three more points! And that will bring an end to the power play!

Mumbai Khiladis 24-17 Gujarat Giants

20:25 (IST)14 AUG 2022

5' Sreejesh S has to depart courtesy of a hand touch and Pathan shortly follows him. A sky dive on the latter fetches the Giants an additional point too!

Mumbai Khiladis 24-14 Gujarat Giants

20:23 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The Giants have opted for the Power Play now! Two Wazirs are in the middle to attack!

20:23 (IST)14 AUG 2022

4' A touch finally on Rohan as the defender falls into the trap of the Giants. The first batch has been eliminated.

Mumbai Khiladis 24-9 Gujarat Giants

20:22 (IST)14 AUG 2022

3' Rohan survives the five seconds he has needed too and since two and a half minutes have passed, Mumbai get the defender bonus!

Mumbai Khiladis 24-7 Gujarat Giants

20:21 (IST)14 AUG 2022

3' A touch has been claimed on Rohan but it has not been granted. The Giants review it! There was no touch there indeed and the umpire's decision has been upheld! Rohan will continue defending for Mumbai. 

20:20 (IST)14 AUG 2022

2' After evading the attackers for a long time, the skipper and Avid depart, while the former goes to a touch, the latter perishes to a sky dive.

Mumbai Khiladis 22-7 Gujarat Giants

20:18 (IST)14 AUG 2022

The attackers take their positions while the defenders have entered. It is skipper Vijay along with Avik and Rohan to defend for Mumbai. 

20:17 (IST)14 AUG 2022

And we are back for the Giants' attack in the first innings!

20:14 (IST)14 AUG 2022

End of Innings 1:

Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 2 Gujarat Giants!

Mumbai have made a solid start to the match, but Gujarat have sneaked through two points in defence too!

20:13 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' Skipper Shetty is touched and has to depart. Another couple of points to Mumbai! 

20:12 (IST)14 AUG 2022

Only 35 seconds left on the clock as the final batch enters. Can Mumbai inflict the all-out?

20:12 (IST)14 AUG 2022

7' The last defender, Suyash Gargate evades the attackers but in the end, some smart attacking by Mumbai sees him get eliminated as well. The third batch has been wiped out as well.

Mumbai Khiladis 20-2 Gujarat Giants

20:11 (IST)14 AUG 2022

6' A sky dive and Nilesh Patil has to make his way back followed closely by another sky dive in the same minute that sees the back of T Das!

Mumbai Khiladis 18-2 Gujarat Giants

20:09 (IST)14 AUG 2022

5' Pote gets in a bit of a muddle and it is a comfortable touch for the attacker. The Giants' second batch has been eliminated!

Mumbai Khiladis 13-2 Gujarat Giants
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