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Ultimate Kho Kho LIVE score, Mumbai Khiladis vs Telugu Yoddhas: Kho Kho live updates & commentary - Ultimate Kho Kho Match 20

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 26, 2022 21:52 IST

Match will start at 8.45 PM IST.


21:45 (IST)26 AUG 2022

Full-Time! Mumbai Khiladis 54 - 46 Telugu Yoddhas
Mumbai Khiladis' consistency across all four turns gets them a deserved win against the Telugu Yoddhas. It was even stevens at the innings break, with both teams on 26 points. However, Mumbai's attack turned up at just the right time as they picked up 24 points in Turn 3 without conceding any. The Yoddhas tried their best to make up ground, but a 4-point Dream Run from the Khiladis virtually killed the game off. The usually deadly Yoddhas struggled to pick up points in their powerplay, conceding Dream Runs in both turns despite having two Wazirs on the mat. In the end, the Yoddhas' sub-par defensive performance in Turn 3 costs them the match. 

Well, that's that as the coverage for this match comes to an end. We've seen some excellent Kho Kho being played across two cracking contests today. Join us tomorrow for two more matches as the Ultimate Kho Kho League reaches its business end. Until then, this is me, Shreyas signing off! Good Night.

21:44 (IST)26 AUG 2022

7' The Yoddhas' Wazir Rokeson Singh puts in a crucial skydive. Time running out for the Yoddhas to get anything from this game. With 11 seconds to go, a pole dive claimed but not given despite a review.
Mumbai Khiladis 54 - 46 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:43 (IST)26 AUG 2022

6' Time running out for the Yoddhas. Mumbai can't score any more defensive points but 14 points is a lot. Well, Avik Singha tagged by a skydive as the Yoddhas are pushing!
Mumbai Khiladis 54 - 43 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:42 (IST)26 AUG 2022

5' Vijay is tagged after a prolonged chase but another defender remains. He does last long enough to get an extra two Dream Run points before getting tagged. A 14-point lead still for Mumbai. Would be a good time for the Yoddhas to put in some Skydives.
Mumbai Khiladis 54 - 40 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:41 (IST)26 AUG 2022

5' That could be the game for the Mumbai Khiladis. That's a Dream Run in the Powerplay! Two defenders still on the mat and more points on offer.
Mumbai Khiladis 52 - 34 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:40 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' A Pole dive claimed on Mumbai captain Vijay Hajare and he's confident there was no touch. The decision is reviewed and it's successful yet again!
Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 36 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:39 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' A touch claimed on Sreejesh but he reviews immediately. After being in pursuit for a while then, Sreejesh runs out of steam, but the defender crosses the central lane. Review retained. A touch immediately after reduces Mumbai's lead to 14.
Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 36 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:36 (IST)26 AUG 2022

It's the Powerplay and it means so much for both these teams! Can the Yoddhas make the most of it? All eyes on Sreejesh as Mumbai's Batch 2 makes their way out.

21:36 (IST)26 AUG 2022

2' Batch 1 is dealt with as the Yoddhas find their way back. Not a skydive, but it still does the job. This match is heading for a nail-biting finish.
 Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 34 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:34 (IST)26 AUG 2022

1' That's back-to-back skydives as the Telugu Yoddhas up the ante! Deficit is down to 18 now.
Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 32 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:32 (IST)26 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 3: Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.
That was an interesting watch. No defensive points for the Telugu Yoddhas in that turn, and they've left themselves a lot to do in the final turn. Mumbai tagged ten defenders and did so at regular intervals. It's Mumbai's game to lose from here as they have the quality in their defense to protect their lead. What can Durvesh Salunkhe and co. do? Find out in the final seven minutes! A thrilling finish awaits.

21:29 (IST)26 AUG 2022

7' It's all systems go for Mumbai now. Every point they score from here on could win them this match. The Yoddhas can't score any defensive points here, all up to Mumbai. Well, there's a touch claimed by the attacker but it isn't given. The decision is reviewed and it goes the Khiladis' way. Decision overturned and it's a skydive! Three crucial points for Mumbai.
Mumbai Khiladis 50 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:27 (IST)26 AUG 2022

6' That's an excellent effort from Shubham! That's a skydive and Mumbai extend their lead. It's another touch and two more points added to their tally. Well, Mumbai are getting those skydive points now, good work! Avdhut Patil reviews the decision, but it doesn't go in his favor. Batch 3 sent back and there's still more than a minute left.
Mumbai Khiladis 47 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:22 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' Two touch points and the powerplay having its effect. Just one more touch required to send back the second batch. Pratik Waikar still on the mat. He eventually runs out of steam and Batch 2 back in the hut for the Yoddhas. However, once again, no skydives or pole dives in that powerplay. Mumbai missing out on points here.
Mumbai Khiladis 39 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:20 (IST)26 AUG 2022

The Khiladis activate their powerplay!

21:20 (IST)26 AUG 2022

2' The Wazir Durvesh Salunkhe corners a defender but doesn't put in a skydive. Two points taken, but he could've had another! Finally a skydive, as the first batch is dismissed in a little over two minutes.
Mumbai Khiladis 33 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:18 (IST)26 AUG 2022

1' Prajwal KH out as the Mumbai Khiladis come out flying! Only a running touch though.
Mumbai Khiladis 28 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.

21:12 (IST)26 AUG 2022

Half-Time! At the end of Turn 2: Mumbai Khiladis 26 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas.
Gajanan evades the Yoddhas' attackers and picks up two Dream Run points to level the scores just seconds before the buzzer goes off. What a match we've had! It's all even heading into the innings break. Both sides have scored four defensive points apiece, and their defensive outings in the second inning could prove to be decisive. The Yoddhas have been smart in putting in dives and picking up that extra point whenever they can, and that's something Mumbai should work on. Nothing to separate the teams. An exciting couple of turns coming up! Don't go anywhere.

21:12 (IST)26 AUG 2022

7' Durvesh Salunkhe stumbles as a relentless Arun Gunki gets three points with a skydive. Gajanan Shengal still out there, though.
Mumbai Khiladis 24 - 26 Telugu Yoddhas

21:10 (IST)26 AUG 2022

6' First touch for the Yoddhas, but Durvesh Salunkhe is still on the mat. A minute to go and one point is the difference.
Mumbai Khiladis 24 - 23 Telugu Yoddhas

21:09 (IST)26 AUG 2022

5' Vijay Hajare delivers for his side and lasts long enough to get his side a Dream Run. Pratik Waikar quickly get rid of him with a skydive. It's pretty close right now.
Mumbai Khiladis 24 - 21 Telugu Yoddhas

21:07 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' Sreejesh and Mumbai captain Vijay Hajare holding on as the Telugu Yoddhas turn up the pressure during their Powerplay. A Skydive removed the first defender.
Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 16 Telugu Yoddhas

21:06 (IST)26 AUG 2022

2' Another skydive and that's the batch done. in dives to get them. Those extra points for the dives could make a massive difference in the end.
Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 13 Telugu Yoddhas

21:06 (IST)26 AUG 2022

1' The Yoddhas return the favor and that's an early skydive. That's three points added to their total. Arun Gunki was out early in defense, but puts in a crucial skydive.
Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 10 Telugu Yoddhas

20:59 (IST)26 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 1: Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 4 Telugu Yoddhas
The Yoddhas' 4th batch of defenders did well to avoid conceding any more points to the Mumbai Khiladis. They take an 18-point lead into Turn 2 and it's anyone's game now. The Yoddhas have among the best attacks in the league and they'll be up against the in-form Mumbai defense. It promises to be quite a battle!

20:57 (IST)26 AUG 2022

7' The Telugu Yoddhas can't get another Dream Run as the third defender is tagged before the stipulated time. Can Mumbai extend their lead even further?
Mumbai Khiladis 22 - 4 Telugu Yoddhas

20:56 (IST)26 AUG 2022

6' That's back-to-back skydives and the Khiladis are taking back control. Still some time to go.
Mumbai Khiladis 20 - 4 Telugu Yoddhas

20:55 (IST)26 AUG 2022

5' What a terrific frame that was! A terrific skydive from Mumbai's Wazir Durvesh Salunkhe, but it was a fraction of a second late as the Yoddhas got another two Dream Run points. This is what Kho Kho is all about!
Mumbai Khiladis 14 - 4 Telugu Yoddhas

20:52 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' A touch but another Central lane offense. And that's a Dream Run for the Yoddhas. Pratik Waikar tagged, but reviews immediately! He has gotten plenty of them right so far. Another close decision this. It's taking a long time, but finally, the defender is declared out!
Mumbai Khiladis 11- 2 Telugu Yoddhas

20:50 (IST)26 AUG 2022

4' Good recovery from Batch 2 as they're holding on for a Dream Run. A touch given, but the defender reviews. This is looking close! Both the touch and a central lane offense in question. Excellent review! The on-field decision reversed.
Mumbai Khiladis 9- 0 Telugu Yoddhas

20:48 (IST)26 AUG 2022

3' Deepak Madhav departs as Mumbai continue their strong start. Two Yoddhas defenders still on the mat. Can they last long enough for a Dream Run?
Mumbai Khiladis 9- 0 Telugu Yoddhas

20:47 (IST)26 AUG 2022

1' Mumbai using their powerplay and Skydive immediately. And another touch! What a start for the Mumbai Khiladis as two defenders depart. Top defender Arun Gunki was among them. Durvesh Salunkhe is doing everything for the Khiladis and gets the touch on the final defender. 
Mumbai Khiladis 7- 0 Telugu Yoddhas

20:44 (IST)26 AUG 2022

The attackers take their place on the mat and so do the Telugu Yoddhas' defenders. Live action coming up!

20:42 (IST)26 AUG 2022

Toss Update: The Telugu Yoddhas have won the toss and have chosen to defend.

20:41 (IST)26 AUG 2022

Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of Match 20 of Ultimate Kho Kho 2022!
We hope you've caught your breath after the first match of the day as an in-form Mumbai Khiladis and the Telugu Yoddhas go head-to-head in the second match on a Friday night doubleheader.The Khiladis got their second win of the tournament from unlikely circumstances as Durvesh Salunkhe did the unthinkable and secured an 8-point Dream Run to beat the Rajasthan Warriors. They'll look to get back in the running for the playoffs with a win here.The Yoddhas have been in top form throughout the tournament, winning four out of six matches so far. They have an opportunity to go up to second on the points table with a win here. This match promises to be a thrilling one, and I, Shreyas, will take you through all the action that unfolds.
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