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Ultimate Kho Kho LIVE score, Odisha Juggernauts vs Gujarat Giants: Kho Kho live updates & commentary - Ultimate Kho Kho Match 11

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 21, 2022 20:44 IST

The match will start at 7.30 PM IST.


20:44 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Well, action's not over folks! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the day as the Rajasthan Warriors take on the Telugu Yoddhas! Till then, this is me, Mohamed Farzan, signing off!

20:31 (IST)21 AUG 2022

FULL TIME! Odisha Juggernauts 50 - 47 Gujarat Giants

A close-fought encounter comes to an end! The Odisha-based club lost to the Giants when they meet each other last time but this time around the former side has won by 3 points. They won the game only by a very small margin but surely were the dominating side since the start of the game. The Juggernauts ensured they give their best shot though they couldn't get the 3rd batch out in Turn 4. The star Aniket Pote's efforts go in vain as Gujarat Giants lose their 1st every encounter this season. The Giants stay atop the points table as they manage they earn a bonus point courtesy of not getting all-out in the final turn. 

20:28 (IST)21 AUG 2022

There comes the final whistle! The Odisha Juggernauts win the game and has taken the perfect revenge.

20:26 (IST)21 AUG 2022

6' A running touch by the attacker in the dying minutes of the game to hand the Juggernauts a 3-point lead. 

Odisha Juggernauts 50 - 47 Gujarat Giants

20:23 (IST)21 AUG 2022

5' The Juggernauts are in the lead by a point. They sent two defenders back and it was all down to Aniket Pote to hand his side a Dream Run. However, a clever move from the attacker saw Aniket Pote get out courtesy of a skydive touch on his head.

Odisha Juggernauts 48 - 47 Gujarat Giants

20:21 (IST)21 AUG 2022

4' The Gujarat Giants' defender stays at the mat for 30 more seconds before getting out courtesy of a skydive. Odisha trails by 6 points now!

Odisha Juggernauts 41 - 47 Gujarat Giants

20:20 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' A Dream Run for the defender and he picks up a couple of points. Meanwhile, Odisha also bagged a couple of points courtesy of a running touch.

Odisha Juggernauts 38 - 45 Gujarat Giants

20:19 (IST)21 AUG 2022

2' Odisha Juggernauts lose their review! An unsuccessful review from the attacker as he claims he touched Jaggannath courtesy of a skydive. However, the referee's decision stays. 

20:17 (IST)21 AUG 2022

1' Early points for the Juggernauts in Turn 4.

Odisha Juggernauts 36 - 43 Gujarat Giants

20:16 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Turn 4 is underway!

20:15 (IST)21 AUG 2022

End of Turn 3: Odisha Juggernauts 34 - 43 Gujarat Giants

20:15 (IST)21 AUG 2022

6' One skydive and a running touch help the Giants earn 5 points during the dying minutes of Turn 3. They just have a 5-point lead and will and Odisha will look to seal the deal.

Odisha Juggernauts 34 - 43 Gujarat Giants

20:13 (IST)21 AUG 2022

5' Odisha Juggernauts' defender Dilip stayed on the mat for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. He picked p six points for his side before getting out and ensured his side stayed closer to winning the game.

Odisha Juggernauts 34 - 38 Gujarat Giants

20:11 (IST)21 AUG 2022

4' Another easy touch for the Giants!

Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 36 Gujarat Giants

20:09 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' One of the Wazirs has sustained an injury and the substitute is on the mat now. An easy touch for the attacker as they pick up a couple of points.

Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 34 Gujarat Giants

20:06 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Gujarat Giants have opted for their powerplay during the 2nd set. 

20:05 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' Aniket Pote gets the final touch 17 seconds before Dream Run. The first batch is all-out!

Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 32 Gujarat Giants

20:04 (IST)21 AUG 2022

2' The Giants are back in the lead with two consecutive skydive touches. 6 points to their name and they are in the lead by a couple of points,

Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 30 Gujarat Giants

20:01 (IST)21 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 2: Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 24 Gujarat Giants

The Juggernauts are in the lead by 4 points at half-time. We have 14 more minutes on the clock and it could be anyone's game from here on.

19:58 (IST)21 AUG 2022

7' Aditya gets a skydive touch on the last defender who was just a couple of seconds away from securing a Dream Run. 3 more points for the Juggernauts!

Odisha Juggernauts 28 - 24 Gujarat Giants

19:57 (IST)21 AUG 2022

5' A skydive from the attacker helps Odisha picks up 3 more points. They give another defender out courtesy of a running touch.

Odisha Juggernauts 25 - 24 Gujarat Giants

19:55 (IST)21 AUG 2022

5' The Giants get a couple of points courtesy of a Dream Run from Sagar. He couldn't stay in the middle for too long as he departs courtesy of a skydive.

Odisha Juggernauts 20 - 24 Gujarat Giants

19:53 (IST)21 AUG 2022

4' The star player Aniket Pote departs! He tries to trick the attacker but fails to do so. The Odisha-based club pick up a couple of points.

Odisha Juggernauts 17 - 22 Gujarat Giants

19:52 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' Another skydive touch from the Wazir sees Sagar go back! The batch has lasted a min now and eyes will be on Aniket Pote for the Dream Run.

Odisha Juggernauts 15 - 22 Gujarat Giants

19:51 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Gujarat Giants' star player Aniket Pote is in action!

19:50 (IST)21 AUG 2022

2' A running touch and a skydive during the early moments of the second minute see the Juggernauts pick up 5 more points in the game.

Odisha Juggernauts 12 - 22 Gujarat Giants

19:49 (IST)21 AUG 2022

1' Odisha Wazir goes for the skydive to pick up early points in the game. Clever movement from the attackers as they start their turn on a positive note. 

Odisha Juggernauts 7 - 22 Gujarat Giants

19:46 (IST)21 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 1: Odisha Juggernauts 4 - 22 Gujarat Giants

We're now all set for the commencement of Turn 2. The Odisha will be attacking now and has taken their powerplay during the 1st set.  

19:46 (IST)21 AUG 2022

7' Aniket vs Avinash - Aniket Pote puts in a skydive to touch Avinash who was trying to escape the skydive. The referee gives not out but Aniket asked for the review immediately. However, reviews show that there was no hand touch and thus the Giants lose their review. Two players from the final set are out and only Avinash remains!

Odisha Juggernauts 4 - 22 Gujarat Giants

19:41 (IST)21 AUG 2022

6' Aniket Pote sends Vishal back with the help of a skydive after the latter earns 4 points for his side.

Odisha Juggernauts 4 - 18 Gujarat Giants

19:41 (IST)21 AUG 2022

5' Gujarat Giants pick up three moves points as the 2nd batch inches close towards their Dream Run. Odisha defender Vishal stays at the mat for over 3 minutes and earns his side four points with two dream runs.

Odisha Juggernauts 4 - 15 Gujarat Giants

19:38 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' Three more points for the Giants courtesy of another skydive. They are looking to pick up full points from all their moves today.

Odisha Juggernauts 0 - 12 Gujarat Giants

19:37 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Gujarat Giants opt for the powerplay! They on the match with two Wazirs now.

19:36 (IST)21 AUG 2022

3' Another skydive results in Odisha losing another defender. Jaga executes the jump with perfection to all-out the first match. The first batch missed the dream run by a few seasons.

Odisha Juggernauts 0 - 9 Gujarat Giants

19:35 (IST)21 AUG 2022

2' Gujarat Giants have picked up six points early on in the game. The attackers picked up two sky-diving touches and bagged the full points from both attempts. 

Odisha Juggernauts 0 - 6 Gujarat Giants

19:31 (IST)21 AUG 2022

And the match is underway!

19:29 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Toss Update: Odisha have won the toss and elected to defend.

19:23 (IST)21 AUG 2022

Hello & welcome to Sportskeeda live coverage from Match 11 of the Ultimate Kho Kho League at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Stadium in Pune.

Odisha Juggernauts will take on the Gujarat Giants in the opening fixture of the day. The Odisha-based club won their opening encounter 51 - 43 vs Chennai Quick Guns and also trounced the Rajasthan Warriors by 19 points in their most recent outing. The Gujarat Giants, on the other hand, are on a roll having won all matches they've played thus far. They have defeated Mumbai Khiladis twice and the Juggernauts once. 

Gujarat Giants defeated the Odisha Juggernauts 54 - 49 and will look to defeat the team once again. Meanwhile, Odisha will look to take revenge by winning today. We're in for a cracker of a contest as the two teams take on each other shortly. Stick around as I, Mohamed Farzan, will keep your company throughout the game.
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