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Ultimate Kho Kho LIVE score, Rajasthan Warriors vs Chennai Quick Guns: Kho Kho live updates & commentary - Ultimate Kho Kho Match 21

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 27, 2022 20:31 IST

The match will begin at 7:30pm IST.


20:31 (IST)27 AUG 2022

Full Time! Rajasthan Warriors 36-57 Chennai Quick Guns.
No relief for the Rajasthan Warriors as their woeful run continues. Not at any point did they look like challenging the Quick Guns, who've absolutely strolled to a win. Chennai's defense is arguably the best in the league and they showed why, scoring 14 defensive points across both turns. Their attack was also on point for most of the match, with a 4-point Warriors Dream Run the only exception. It's a deserved two points for them as they get their points difference back to positive figures!
That's it from the coverage of the first match on Super Saturday! It's by no means over, though. Switch Tabs to catch the Odisha Juggernauts taking on the Mumbai Khiladis in the second match of the night. Until then, this is me, Shreyas, signing off!

20:26 (IST)27 AUG 2022

6' Chennai can't score any more points from here on, but if things remain as they are, they'll win by 23 points. A minute to go and Batch 3 is unscathed. Wait, there's a running touch and Madan goes back.
Rajasthan Warriors 36 - 57 Chennai Quick Guns

20:24 (IST)27 AUG 2022

5' The Wazir corners a defender and picks up an easy touch. No dive points though. Another touch follows. Only one defender remains. Can the Warriors prevent another dream run? They can! Hrushikesh Murchavade to the rescue as his skydive eliminates Batch 2.
Rajasthan Warriors 34 - 57 Chennai Quick Guns

20:22 (IST)27 AUG 2022

Rajasthan activating their powerplay!

20:22 (IST)27 AUG 2022

4' A dive finally opens the Warriors' account but Chennai eases to a Dream Run! Another skydive, but yet again, it's not enough as another defender remains. It's a four-point Dream Run! Again! The batch is eventually eliminated, but Chennai are blowing the Warriors away.
Rajasthan Warriors 27 - 57 Chennai Quick Guns

20:19 (IST)27 AUG 2022

2' Great start this from the Chennai Quick Guns. More than a minute goes before the first touch comes from the Rajasthan Warriors. The defender reviews the decision and it's looking close. The decision is overturned! This is looking ominous for the Warriors. Chennai look on course for another Dream Run.
Rajasthan Warriors 19 - 53 Chennai Quick Guns

20:16 (IST)27 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 3: Rajasthan Warriors 19-53 Chennai Quick Guns.
Well, that was better to watch from the Rajasthan Warriors, especially towards the end of that turn. However, the four defensive points they scored doesn't seem enough for them to find a way back into the match. It's a 33-point lead for the Chennai Quick Guns, who'll look to win big, with score difference likely to play a major role in their qualification. Final turn coming up!

20:13 (IST)27 AUG 2022

7' They've done it! Something to cheer for from a Warriors' perspective. Can they make it four points? Chennai look tired here! They've done it! Hrushikesh Murchavade and Dilrajsing Sengar get their side four defensive points! Chennai pick up a quick touch before the buzzer goes off.
Rajasthan Warriors 19 - 53 Chennai Quick Guns

20:11 (IST)27 AUG 2022

6' Much better effort from the Rajasthan Warriors but Suresh Sawant runs out of gas after evading Chennai attacks for quite a while. Rajasthan in with a chance of getting a Dream Run!
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 51 Chennai Quick Guns

20:09 (IST)27 AUG 2022

4' A running touch sends one defender back to the bench. Abhijith Patil has to go after getting tagged by an excellent Pole Dive! That's a third touch in quick succession and batch 2 also bites the dust!
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 49 Chennai Quick Guns

20:07 (IST)27 AUG 2022

Chennai pushing to extend their lead here. Activate their powerplay!

20:06 (IST)27 AUG 2022

3' Nikhil in with a chance for a Dream Run but isn't allowed to score the Warriors' first defensive points of the match. Another skydive completes the rout as the Quick Guns pick up from right where they left off.
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 42 Chennai Quick Guns

20:05 (IST)27 AUG 2022

2' Well, another skydive claimed by the Chennai Quick Guns and the attacker reviews! Replays show that there is a touch but is that a central lane offense? Majahar is the defender in question, by the way. The decision is overturned. That's three points for Amit Patil on his counterpart!
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 39 Chennai Quick Guns

20:02 (IST)27 AUG 2022

1' That's a skydive to open proceedings in Turn 3. Mohammad Taseen has to depart.
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 36 Chennai Quick Guns

19:59 (IST)27 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 2: Rajasthan Warriors 15-33 Chennai Quick Guns.
This has been an absolute no-show from the Rajasthan Warriors. The Turn 2 scores were, Chennai 10- 15 Rajasthan, and Chennai were defending! The Quick Guns showcased their defending prowess yet again, with Ramji Kashyap and Madan combining to produce a 6-point Dream Run during Rajasthan's Powerplay! The Warriors could tag only six players and head into Turn 3 facing an 18-point deficit. Can they put in a better defensive showing in Turn 3? We're about to find out!

19:56 (IST)27 AUG 2022

7' He's made it a 6-point Dream Run! Chennai absolutely running away with this match. Madan wanted so badly to make it an 8-point Dream Run but is given out. He wants to review the decision but Chennai already burned theirs in Turn 1. Nevertheless, top stuff from him! Only 12 seconds to go.
Rajasthan Warriors 15 - 33 Chennai Quick Guns

19:54 (IST)27 AUG 2022

7' Yes! They've done it and have hardly broken a sweat. Ramji Kashyap and Madan still remain. Ramji tagged but Madan carries on to turn it into a four-point Dream Run! Back-to-back for the Quick Guns!
Rajasthan Warriors 13 - 31 Chennai Quick Guns

19:53 (IST)27 AUG 2022

5' That's an important skydive from Suresh Sawant as the Warriors open their account in the Powerplay. However, two players still remain on the mat for Chennai. Can they get a Dream Run during the Powerplay?
Rajasthan Warriors 10 - 27 Chennai Quick Guns

19:51 (IST)27 AUG 2022

No choice for the Warriors but to use their Powerplay. They need points and they need them quick!

19:50 (IST)27 AUG 2022

4' No, they can't. Mahesh does it! The Quick Guns continue their stellar defensive performance, with Mahesh Shinde securing two points. He's made it four!! He eventually runs out of gas but not before doing his job. Advantage Chennai for sure.
Rajasthan Warriors 7 - 27 Chennai Quick Guns

19:48 (IST)27 AUG 2022

3' That's another touch and Mahesh Shinde is the only one on the mat. He's a few seconds away from a Dream Run. Can Rajasthan Deny him?
Rajasthan Warriors 5 - 23 Chennai Quick Guns

19:47 (IST)27 AUG 2022

1' That's a pole dive and Pritham Chougule has to go. The Warriors starting positively.
Rajasthan Warriors 3 - 23 Chennai Quick Guns

19:42 (IST)27 AUG 2022

At the end of Turn 1: Rajasthan Warriors 0-23 Chennai Quick Guns.
A dominant attacking display from the Chennai Quick Guns as Ramji Kashyap returns to form and how! Rajasthan's defense looks brittle, as it has been throughout the tournament. While Chennai will look to seize control of the match with some Dream Run points, Rajasthan needs their attackers to follow Majahar Kalandar's lead and support their star attacker. An exciting turn to follow!

19:41 (IST)27 AUG 2022

7' The Quick Guns are claiming a touch but it hasn't been given. Manoj Patil seems confident and the decision is reviewed. Well, that's a waste of a review as replays show a clear central lane offense.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 23 Chennai Quick Guns

19:39 (IST)27 AUG 2022

6' Pole Dive, excellent awareness from the attacker! Hold your horses, a skydive immediately follows! Ramji Kashyap is on fire here! The third batch also accounted for.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 23 Chennai Quick Guns

19:38 (IST)27 AUG 2022

5' A relentless Ramji Kashyap picks up another touch. Chennai's attack looking sharp today!
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 17 Chennai Quick Guns

19:37 (IST)27 AUG 2022

4' The other Wazir gets in on the action and picks up a running touch. Dilrajsing Sengar is the last man on the mat for the Warriors. Good start by the Quick Guns this. And Ramji Kashyap does it again! It's another skydive from Chennai's star player and that's batch 2 out of the mat.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 15 Chennai Quick Guns

19:35 (IST)27 AUG 2022

3' Narsayya makes immediate use of the Powerplay. Puts in a Skydive and suddenly, the Quick Guns are up by 10 points.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 10 Chennai Quick Guns

19:34 (IST)27 AUG 2022

The Chennai Quick Guns have activated their Powerplay!

19:34 (IST)27 AUG 2022

3' Another defender goes back to the bench. Can Akshay Ganpule hold out long enough for a Dream Run? No! Terrific Skydive from Ramji Kashyap! Crucial intervention as Akshay was seconds away from getting a Dream Run.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 7 Chennai Quick Guns

19:32 (IST)27 AUG 2022

1' First blood drawn by the Chennai Quick Guns! Skipper Amit Patil tags his brother Abhijith.
Rajasthan Warriors 0 - 2 Chennai Quick Guns

19:30 (IST)27 AUG 2022

The players from both sides have taken up their positions on the mat and we're all set for live action!

19:25 (IST)27 AUG 2022

Toss Update: The Rajasthan Warriors have won the toss and have chosen to defend.

19:18 (IST)27 AUG 2022

Good Evening! Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of Match 21 of Ultimate Kho Kho 2022!
The Rajasthan Warriors and the Chennai Quick Guns go head-to-head in Saturday's first match. Both sides come into this one off the back of a defeat. While the Quick Guns lost 51-45 to the Gujarat Giants yesterday, the Rajasthan Warriors lost to the Odisha Juggernauts with the same scoreline. The Quick Guns remain fourth on the points table, ahead of the Mumbai Khiladis on points difference. Meanwhile, the Rajasthan Warriors put in a much-improved performance against the Juggernauts and were unfortunate not to pick up their first points of UKK 2022. 
Both teams have plenty to play for, and this promises to be a thrilling encounter, and I, Shreyas, will take you through all the action that unfolds on the mat.
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