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Ultimate Kho Kho LIVE score, Telugu Yoddhas vs Chennai Quick Guns: Kho Kho live updates & commentary - Ultimate Kho Kho Match 8

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 17, 2022 21:52 IST

The match will begin at 8:45pm IST.


21:52 (IST)17 AUG 2022

Right then, while the Quick Guns managed to exact revenge on their southern counterparts, the Mumbai Khiladis suffered another hefty loss at the hands of the Giants. That caps off another enthralling day here at Pune. Join us back on Friday for two more action-packed contests! Until then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! 

21:46 (IST)17 AUG 2022

FULL TIME! Telugu Yoddhas 46-53 Chennai Quick Guns

An absolute nail-biter, if ever there was one. Went right down to the final minute, where the Quick Guns held their nerve and defended the total. A brilliant showing from the Quick Guns and they have secured their first win of the season! The Yoddhas will certainly be disappointed with this. They just were not upto the mark in attacking department and let the Quick Guns bag multiple defense bonuses. In the end, it was perhaps that itself that proved to be the difference between the two sides. The Quick Guns have exacted revenge for their loss on the opening night! 

21:45 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' The final defender, Mahesh Madhukar, keeps the attackers at bay and has sealed the deal for the Quick Guns! And look at them celebrate! A player puts in a back-flip too! 

21:44 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' A sky dive from Rohan Shingade and it is Raju who has to depart! What a superb dive! Leapt through the air and got the touch. However, there is still a 7-point deficit to cover with less than thirty seconds left to play!

Telugu Yoddhas 46-53 Chennai Quick Guns

21:43 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' A pole dive from Arun Gunki and it is Sibin M who has been given as out. He has reviewed it but it is to no avail as he has to depart! Quick Guns lose their review too! No more reviews available for either side in this contest now!

Telugu Yoddhas 43-53 Chennai Quick Guns

21:42 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' Batch 2 of the Quick Guns has entered the mat while the Yoddhas have opted for the Power Play! This is going right down the live wire! 

21:41 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' A full-bodied sky dive from the Yoddhas attacker and skipper Amit Patil is tagged just by the fingertips! Has to depart in the end but he has done his job certainly! 

21:40 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' DREAM RUN! The skipper fetches the side another defender bonus!

Telugu Yoddhas 37-53 Chennai Quick Guns

21:39 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' Madan cannot survive the Yoddhas onslaught for too long and has to depart in the end off a hand touch! 

Telugu Yoddhas 37-51 Chennai Quick Guns

21:38 (IST)17 AUG 2022

4' A sky dive and it is Ramji Kashyap who is sent back. Was pursued relentlessly from the attackers and it had to take a special effort to send him back.

Telugu Yoddhas 35-51 Chennai Quick Guns

21:37 (IST)17 AUG 2022

Batch 3 has been sent in to defend now

21:37 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' Defender bonus is granted to the Chennai Quick Guns and soon after, a dive from the attacker sends back the last remaining defender of Batch 4!

Telugu Yoddhas 32-51 Chennai Quick Guns

21:36 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' Manoj Patil runs out of gas and allows a simple touch in the end. 

Telugu Yoddhas 30-49 Chennai Quick Guns

21:35 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' A touch has been claimed on the defender but had not been given by the umpire. The Yoddhas review it but they lose the review! Seemed to be taken out of desperation more than anything else. 

21:33 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' Some terrific defending by the Quick Guns but in the end, Narsayya has to make his way back. to the bench.  

21:30 (IST)17 AUG 2022

At the end of 2nd Innings, 3rd Turn: Telugu Yoddhas 25-49 Chennai Quick Guns

A 24-point lead for the Quick Guns in this contest and they will have to pull off some good defending with tired legs if they are to win this fixture. The Yoddhas, who's attacking was quite under-par in the first innings, will be hoping for a much better showing as they look to extend their unbeaten streak!

21:29 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' Gets a touch trapped in the cross lane and it results in his dismissal as the defender has to make his way back. Just a few moments after that, a sky dive results in the final Batch 2 defender being dismissed!

Telugu Yoddhas 25-49 Chennai Quick Guns

21:27 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' A sky dive sends back the Arun but the defenders are doing exceptionally well to evade the attackers. 

21:25 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' A sky dive from Ramji Kashyap gets the better of the final Batch 1 defender, Prasad Radye. Leapt through the air, extended his arm and got the touch in. 

Telugu Yoddhas 25-41 Chennai Quick Guns

21:24 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' Madan gets a running touch in on Dhruv and almost immediately, a pole dive is executed successfully on Avdhut Patil.

Telugu Yoddhas 25-38 Chennai Quick Guns

21:23 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' Another sky dive, this time from Kabilan, sends back Prajwal and the Quick Guns have eliminated the batch just a few seconds before the bonus was granted.

Telugu Yoddhas 25-33 Chennai Quick Guns

21:22 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' A sky dive by Ramji Kashyap on V Subramani and the Quick Guns will be looking to eliminate this batch quickly before they get the defender bonus. 

21:21 (IST)17 AUG 2022

1' A simple running touch on Rokeson Singh results in the Quick Guns adding two points to their score.

Telugu Yoddhas 25-27 Chennai Quick Guns

21:20 (IST)17 AUG 2022

1' The second innings is underway and almost immediately, the Quick Guns Wazir falls to the ground. Seems to have twisted his ankle badly and he limps off the mat, helped by the team physics. Oh dear! These are not pretty signs. 

21:19 (IST)17 AUG 2022

HALF TIME! Telugu Yoddhas 25-25 Chennai Quick Guns

Whew! What an exciting first innings we have been treated to! Chennai have kept their Southern counterparts at bay with some terrific defending. A couple of defender bonuses helped boost the Quick Guns' own score too. A couple of sky dives in the end have helped the Yoddhas level the score. Promises to be a riveting second half! Who will emerge on top? Stick around to find out!

21:16 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' Twin sky dives on Sibin M and B Raju help the Yoddhas level the score at 25 points apiece. 

21:14 (IST)17 AUG 2022

A Dream Run in the Power Play! Whew! 

21:14 (IST)17 AUG 2022

6' A sky dive on the skipper, Amit Patil, followed by a pole dive on Madan, fetches the Yoddhas some much needed points.

Telugu Yoddhas 19-25 Chennai Quick Guns

21:13 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' Another thirty seconds have passed and another defender bonus has been added! 

21:13 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' DREAM RUN! Defender bonus of two points is now granted to the Quick Guns!

Telugu Yoddhas 13-23 Chennai Quick Guns

21:12 (IST)17 AUG 2022

4' After much evasion, it is Ramji Kashyap who has to depart after the attacker put in a sky dive. 

21:10 (IST)17 AUG 2022

Batch 2 of the Quick Guns is in now and the Yoddhas have opted for the Power Play!

21:09 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' Kabilan has to make his wayback as the attacker cleverly tags him with an extended arm.

Telugu Yoddhas 10-21 Chennai Quick Guns

21:09 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' K Ram Mohan is rooted to his ground in the cross lane and a simple touch is executed in the end. 

21:08 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' After much evasion, Pritam gets tagged by the attacker near the pole! First points in the attacking department. 

21:06 (IST)17 AUG 2022

At the end of Innings 1, Turn 1: Telugu Yoddhas 4-21 Chennai Quick Guns

It has been a splendid showing from the Yoddhas, who have defended brilliantly in this game. They are known to go hard at the start and string together a big first innings lead. It will be interesting to see whether they can replicate their strategy in this game as they look to secure a lead going into the second innings. 

21:04 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' Rohan survives the final few seconds and remains not out. 

21:04 (IST)17 AUG 2022

7' A couple of sky dives in quick succession as Adarsh and Pratik Waikar are sent packing.

Telugu Yoddhas 4-21 Chennai Quick Guns

21:01 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' Well, Madhav lasts another thirty seconds and adds another two points to the Yoddhas' tally. However, just after that, he is tagged by the attacker and has to depart.

Telugu Yoddhas 4-15 Chennai Quick Guns

20:59 (IST)17 AUG 2022

5' A touch has been claimed on Deepak Madhav but it has not been grated. A defender bonus has been granted instead but the Quick Guns have decided to review it! The review is unsuccessful and the on-field decision remains! DREAM RUN! 

Telugu Yoddhas 2-13 Chennai Quick Guns

20:58 (IST)17 AUG 2022

4' A review from the Yoddhas as a touch point has been granted but the defender felt otherwise. The review is unsuccessful and Arun Gunki was indeed out.

Telugu Yoddhas 0-13 Chennai Quick Guns

20:57 (IST)17 AUG 2022

4' A running touch on Arun S fetches the Quick Guns another couple of points. 

20:55 (IST)17 AUG 2022

3' The Quick Guns have opted for the power play as the second batch makes it way on the mat. 

20:55 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' A simple running touch in the end, quite comfortable for the attacker as it was the Yoddhas defender who ended up being rooted to his ground.

Telugu Yoddhas 0-8 Chennai Quick Guns

20:54 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' Another terrific dive, this time from Narsayya sends back Prasad to the bench.

Telugu Yoddhas 0-6 Chennai Quick Guns

20:54 (IST)17 AUG 2022

2' A sky dive from the Chennai skipper, Amit, gets the better of Dhruv. First points on the board for the Quick Guns!

20:52 (IST)17 AUG 2022

The Quick Guns are in position and play is underway!

20:48 (IST)17 AUG 2022

Toss Update:

Telugu Yoddhas have won the toss and unsurprisingly, have opted to defend first. 

18:53 (IST)17 AUG 2022

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