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Ultimate Table Tennis returns after a long hiatus and the post-pandemic action kicks off with the Player Draft, which is all set to be staged at NSCI, Mumbai. Stay tuned for live updates to find out in which franchises will your favourite players end up.


13:03 (IST)2 JUN 2023

That's all from our end for the UTT season 4 player's draft. The tournament is scheduled to be played from July 13 to July 30 at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune. 

13:00 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Final squads of UTT Player's Draft

Bengaluru Smashers: Manika Batra, Kirill Gerassimenko, Sanil Shetty, Natalia Bajor, Poymantee Basiya, Ankur Bhattacherjee.

Chennai Lions: Sharath Kamal, Yanzgzi Liu, Benedikt Duda, Sutirtha Mukherjee, Payas Jain, Prapti Sen.

Dabang Delhi TTC: Sathiyan Gyanasekaran, Sreeja Akula, Barbora Balazova, Ayhika Mukherjee, Anirban Ghosh, Jon Persson

Goa Challengers: Suthasini Sawettabut, Harmeet Desai, Alvaro Robles, Reeth Tennison, Krittwika Sinha Roy, Anthony Amalraj

Puneri Paltan TT: Omar Assar, Manush Shah, Archana Kamath, Snehit S.F.R, Anusha Kutumbale, Hana Matelova

U Mumba TT: Manav Thakkar, Lily Zhang, Aruna Quadri, Diya Chitale, Mouma Das, Sudhanshu Grover

12:50 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Round 6 and it's a wrap

Anthony Amalraj goes to Goa Challengers and debutant Ankur Bhattacharjee to Bengaluru Smashers. Czech international Hana Matelova will play for Puneri Paltan TT. 

Sudhanshu Grover and Prapti Sen have been picked by U Mumba TT and Chennai Lioms respectively. Meanwhile, Swedish international Jon Persson goes to Dabang Delhi TTC. 

12:45 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Round 6 Order: Goa Challengers, Puneri Paltan, Bengaluru Smashers, U Mumba TT, Chennai Lions, Dabang Delhi TTC

12:44 (IST)2 JUN 2023

With Anusha Kutumbale going to Puneri Paltan, that brings the end of the Round 5. Just one more round left.

12:43 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Bengaluru Smashers pick Poymantee Basiya in the Round 5. 

12:42 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Anirban Ghosh will play for the Dabang Delhi TTC this season. 

12:42 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Krittwika Sinha Roy goes to Goa Challengers

12:41 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Payas Jain has been roped in by Chennai Lions. 

12:41 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Veteran Indian women's player Mouma Das has been picked by U Mumba TT. 

12:39 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Four rounds have been completed so far with 24 players, including the ones retained before the draft, are signed. Two more rounds to go for the remaining 12 available slots. 

12:37 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Round 5 order: Bengaluru Smashers, U Mumba TT, Chennai Lions, Dabang Delhi TTC, Goa Challengers, Puneri Paltan

12:37 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Reeth Rishaya Tennison was the last pick of Round 4 and Goa Challengers is the team to sign the 28-year-old.

12:35 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Indian paddler Snehit Suravajjula FR goes to Puneri Paltan. 

12:34 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Bengaluru Smashers have added Polish paddler Natalia Bajor to their squad. 

12:33 (IST)2 JUN 2023

U Mumba TT has roped in the Mumbai prodigious Diya Chitale to their squad. She joins the side at the auction table and will be a part of their discussions going forward. 

12:32 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Indian Oympian Sutirtha Mukherjee has been picked by Chennai Lions. 

12:31 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Bengal's Ayhika Mukherjee has been drafted by Dabang Delhi TTC. 

12:30 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Round 4 order: 

Dabang Delhi TTC, Chennai Lions, U Mumba TT, Bengaluru Smashers, Puneri Paltan, Goa Challengers 

12:30 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Three rounds have been completed so far with 18 players signed by the six teams - three each. Three more rounds will take place to fill the remaining 18 slots. 

12:28 (IST)2 JUN 2023


Bengaluru Smashers: 
Manika Batra, Kirill Gerassimenko, Sanil Shetty
Chennai Lions: Sharath Kamal, Yanzgzi Liu, Benedikt Duda
Dabang Delhi TTC: Sathiyan Gyanasekaran, Sreeja Akula, Barbora Balazova 
Goa Challengers: Suthasini Sawettabut, Harmeet Desai, Alvaro Robles
Puneri Paltan TT: Omar Assar, Manush Shah, Archana Kamath 
U Mumba TT: Manav Thakkar, Lily Zhang, Aruna Quadri. 

12:25 (IST)2 JUN 2023

And that brings an end to Round 3 of the UTT Draft. All teams have three players each and will be looking to have a good second half and complete their squads! 

12:24 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Nigerian Quadri Aruna will play for U Mumba TT. The African champion will be looking forward to donning the orange jersey. 

12:23 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Commonwealth medallist Sanil Shetty joins Bengaluru Smashers. 

12:22 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Indian paddler Archana Kamath goes to Puneri Paltan. 

12:21 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Goa Challengers pick Alvaro Robles from Spain. The Spaniard played for Goa in the previous edition as well.

12:19 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Slovakia's Barbora Balazova joins Dabang Delhi TTC and she will make her UTT debut this year.

12:17 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Yangzi Liu from Australia goes to Chennai Lions. The 20-year-old will  make her UTT debut in the upcoming season. Chennai get the first pick in Round 3 as well and snap up Benedikt Duda. 

12:16 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Two-times Senior national champion from India Sreeja Akula goed to Dabang Delhi TTC. 

12:15 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Commonwealth Games medallist Harmeet Desai has been roped in by Goa Challengers. 

12:14 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Indian left-handed paddler Manush Shah goes to Puneri Paltan. 

12:13 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Benagaluru Smashers makes first signing in draft

Kirill Gerassimenko from Kazakhstan is picked by Bengaluru Smashers.

12:11 (IST)2 JUN 2023

U Mumba TT acquries services of top USA paddler

Lily Zhang from USA goes to U Mumba TT. 

12:10 (IST)2 JUN 2023

The order for picks in Round 2 and Round 3 are as follows:

Round 2:
U Mumba TT, Bengaluru Smashers, Puneri Paltan, Goa Challengers, Dabang Delhi TTC, Chennai Smashers

Round 3: Chennai Smashers, Dabang Delhi TTC, Goa Challengers, Puneri Paltan, Bengaluru Smashers, U Mumba TT 

12:09 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Who is Suthasini Sawettabut?

Suthasini Sawettabutni is a table tennis player from Thailand, who is currently ranked 36 in the ITTF Women's singles category. She won gold in 2015 Southeast Asian games and one in mixed doubles in the same event of the 2017 edition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysai. 

12:03 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Round 1 completed

Each of the six teams has picked one player in the round 1. The second round will start shortly. 

12:01 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Suthasini Sawettabut from Thailand goes to Goa Challengers

Goa Challengers have roped in Thailand's Suthasini Sawettabut. 

11:58 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Puneri Paltan signs Egypt's Omar Asar

Puneri Paltan have made the first signing of the UTT season 4 as they roped in World no. 22 Omar Asar from Egypt. He ihas won the All-African event in 2015 and 2016 in men's singles. He has also participated in 2012, 2016 and 2020 Olympics. 

11:57 (IST)2 JUN 2023

The franchises have their picks! Only Puneri Paltan and Goa Challengers get picks courtesy of not having retentions. 

11:16 (IST)2 JUN 2023

The Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) player draft for season 4 will take place on Friday, June 2 at the National Sports Club of India in Mumbai. Six teams will participate in the event with Bengaluru Smashers being the latest entrant. 

Top Indian paddlers Achanta Sharath Kamal (Chennai Lions), G Sathiyan (Dabang Delhi TTC) and Manika Batra (Bengaluru Smashers) have been retained by their respective franchises. 

Each team will have to rope in a squad of six from the available pool of 40 players. A team can pick four Indians (two male and two female) and two foreign players (one male and one female). 

Chennai Lions, Dabang Delhi, Goa Challengers, Puneri Paltan Table Tennis, U Mumba TT and Bengaluru Smashers are the six teams for the UTT season 4. 

11:14 (IST)2 JUN 2023

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Ultimate Table Tennis Season 4 Draft! The league is making a stupendous comeback after a long hiatus and it promises to be a nerve-wracking event as the six teams pick their squads for the upcoming season. Promises to be a cracker of an event and expect plenty of twists, turns, oohs and ahhs! Sit back, relax and enjoy as we at Sportskeeda take you through all that unfolds over the course of this Player Draft! 
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