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Pennetta wins US Open title, announces retirement

Updated: 14 September 2015 00:28 IST - Published: 12 September 2015 22:57 IST
She said everyone likes to retire on a high, and that she won't be competing in the sport any more. What a way to go out!
And big news from the presentation ceremony: PENNETTA IS RETIRING FROM TENNIS!
Pennetta and Vinci have been long-time friends and are Fed Cup teammates, and they displayed genuine affection for each other after the match.
Pennetta struck 28 winners against Vinci's 21, and committed fewer unforced errors too - 22 to 30.
Pennetta becomes the first Italian and the second-lowest seeded player to ever win the US Open.
Flavia Pennetta has won the 2015 US Open title, defeating Roberta Vinci 7-6, 6-2 in the women's singles final!
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