Valencia vs Real Madrid Live Score and Commentary, La Liga 2017-18

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Valencia 1 - 4 Real Madrid (Mina 58'; Ronaldo 17', 38', Marcelo 83', Kroos 89')


22:36 (IST)27 JAN 2018


Los Blancos played one of their best matches this season, as they dismantled a very impressive Valencia outfit with a display of superbly clinical finishing. 

'Twas a fantastic match, and an absolute pleasure to cover. Thank you for the company! Anirudh Menon signing out... 


22:34 (IST)27 JAN 2018

92' Nothing happens. Apart from Ronaldo passing the ball straight to Parejo during a counter

22:32 (IST)27 JAN 2018


22:32 (IST)27 JAN 2018

Absolutely lovely, lovely, goal that. After more excellent work down the left from Marcelo and Asensio, Kroos plays a superb one-two with Kovacic and passes it into the far corner in that inimitable style of his

22:30 (IST)27 JAN 2018


22:29 (IST)27 JAN 2018

88' Luka Modric is taken off for his more defensively minded compatriot Matteo Kovacic. 

22:28 (IST)27 JAN 2018

86' Parejo gets into the book for absolutely smashing into Casemiro - the Brazilian was going absolutely nowhere there

22:27 (IST)27 JAN 2018

85' Kroos eases Parejo off the ball, looked a fair shoulder charge, but the ref calls it a foul. Zaza then bursts into the box, but the linesman spots a handball and that's that. Great call from the man with the flag, there. 

22:26 (IST)27 JAN 2018

Marcelo and Asensio play a delightful one-two, the Brazilian then romps into the box and smashes a low, hard drive through Neto and into the near corner of the net. 

22:25 (IST)27 JAN 2018


22:24 (IST)27 JAN 2018

82' OOOO MY! Luka Modric and Carvajal run rings around Gaya before the former plays a lovely ball into the box; Ronaldo looks like he's scored with his first-time half-volley, but Garay throws himself at it. 

22:23 (IST)27 JAN 2018

81' UFF! Marcelo drives down the left flank, cuts in, and lifts a teasing ball into the box where Garay is on his toes to make sure Ronaldo doesn't get to it.

22:22 (IST)27 JAN 2018

80' Andreas Perreira tries to charge into the Madrid box all by his lonesome, but a rejuvenated Casemiro isn't having any of it. 

22:21 (IST)27 JAN 2018

79' OOOOO! Ronaldo Ronaldos the ball at goal, but Neto knows its going over, just over, and he doesn't even flinch. 

22:20 (IST)27 JAN 2018

78' Garay plows into the back of Ronaldo, and the two have a frank exchange of views. 

22:19 (IST)27 JAN 2018

77' Nacho wins a freekick off Montoya inside his own half; and Marcelino takes this stoppage to bring on Andreas Perreira for Toni Lato; and Zidane withdraws a tired-looking Benzema for Marco Asensio

22:18 (IST)27 JAN 2018

75' Simone Zaza is thrown on for Rodrigo, and he gets into a  dangerous area straight away - but Varane is alert

22:17 (IST)27 JAN 2018

74' OOO LA LA BENZEMA! The much-maligned Frenchman sashays past Garay with an exquisite piece of ball control, and the ball runs out off the Argentine; but the linesman flags it out as a goalkick

22:16 (IST)27 JAN 2018

73' OH OH OH! Kondogbia leads a superb Valencia counter - he picks out Gaya, who in turn swings it to Soler; but the young man cant control the chest high ball with his feet, inside the box, under pressure from Nacho

22:14 (IST)27 JAN 2018

72' Rodrigo gets pickpocketed by Varane and Madrid move forward; where Kroos wins a momentum-sapping foul off Martin Montoya

22:12 (IST)27 JAN 2018

71' Yellow for Carvajal as he brings down Gaya at the edge of the box. No complaints from the Spaniard. Parejo's delivery into the box isn't the best, though, and it doesn't clear the first man

22:11 (IST)27 JAN 2018

69' eh. Bale is taken off for Lucas Vazquez. Just to make sure the Welshman doesn't strain any of his fragile ligaments, I guess. 

22:11 (IST)27 JAN 2018

68' OOOO LA LA! WHAT A MOVE! Modric stabs a superb ball to Bale, and the Welshman storms past Lato like the young man isn't there. He cuts into the box and squares it to Ronaldo, whose shot is blocked excellently by Montoya

22:09 (IST)27 JAN 2018

66' WHAT A SAVE NAVAS! THAT IS IMMENSE! Valencia take the freekick quickly and Parejo plays it to Soler who smacks a superb shot at goal - Navas going one way, extends his leg the other way to stop the ball. Great, great reactions

22:07 (IST)27 JAN 2018

65' Coquelin marauds into the Madrid half, no, really... and wins a foul off Benzema.... 

22:06 (IST)27 JAN 2018

63' UFF! Mass confusion reigns as Soler sends a tasty ball into the box; and Nacho hacks it away with uneasy hastiness. 

22:04 (IST)27 JAN 2018

62' Carlos Soler does brilliantly to rip past Marcelo and whip in an early cross that Gaya gets to andd he tries to hit it on the volley- on his right foot, that's too hard a skill for the left full-back

22:03 (IST)27 JAN 2018

61' Real Madrid look to respond immediately with a corner of their own... Kroos' delivery is a good one, and it bounces around the box before Bale slams an awkward looking shot well high of Neto's crossbar. 

22:02 (IST)27 JAN 2018

60' OUCH! OUCH! Gaya gets into the book for a nasty, late, challenge on Varane. 

22:01 (IST)27 JAN 2018

OOOO, just as I say that! Valencia win a corner thanks to some bold play from Montoya. Parejo swings a delightful ball into the box, and Santi Mina ghosts in front of Nacho and smashes a header into the net! WOOF! Game on!

22:00 (IST)27 JAN 2018


22:00 (IST)27 JAN 2018

57' Real Madrid are pinging the ball around the back to calm things down -  a 2-0 lead is comfortable, 2-1 with half-an-hour to go? Not so much. 

21:57 (IST)27 JAN 2018

56' Another penalty call - this time at the Real Madrid end - as Soler goes down under pressure from Carvajal; but once again the ref gets his decision right  

21:56 (IST)27 JAN 2018

55' Benzema ghosts into the box and slams it into the side netting. 

21:56 (IST)27 JAN 2018

54' Benzema plays Ronaldo into the box, and the great man goes down under pressure from Parejo. No chance that's a pen, and the ref doesn't give it. 

21:55 (IST)27 JAN 2018

52' Bale gets a yellow for showing some dissent toward the linesman; he mimed a pair of binoculars at the official. Tsk. Tsk. Needless. 

21:53 (IST)27 JAN 2018

51' Ohhhhh, that explains it. Guedes was seen stretching his hamstring after that last minute shot in the first half; possibly a precautionary measure this then. 

21:51 (IST)27 JAN 2018

49' OOOO! Another high-pressure decision as Mina goes down under pressure from Casemiro, but once again the ref gets it correct. 

21:50 (IST)27 JAN 2018

48' WOOF! Coquelin! The ex-Arsenal man does ever so well to make sure Modric didn't pick out Ronaldo with a delightful looking ball. 

21:49 (IST)27 JAN 2018

47' Valencia have pegged Madrid back, but Modric leads another of Madrid's scary counters... 

21:48 (IST)27 JAN 2018


Guedes off, Soler on!! Marcelino makes a rather weird decision there

21:35 (IST)27 JAN 2018


Absolutely smashing first forty-five as Valencia and Real Madrid stand toe-to-toe, slugging away; but a couple of lapses at the back have mean Real Madrid have a two-goal lead in this all-important clash. This could just be the beginning of the turnaround

21:32 (IST)27 JAN 2018

46' OOOOO! The last action of the first half sees Guedes float across the box and lash a shot just across the face off Navas' goal. Should be a corner, but the ref wants his break...

21:30 (IST)27 JAN 2018


21:30 (IST)27 JAN 2018

44' OH RODRIGO, OH RODRIGO, OH RODRIGO. Santi Mina skips past Modric like he isn;t there, ghosts into the box, and lifts the perfect ball back into the six yard box where his partner, with an open goal gaping six yards in front of him, cushions a volley into Row Z

21:28 (IST)27 JAN 2018

42' OH MY DAYS! THAT LOOKED A PENALTY! Montoya skims into the box, lays it into the box and Dani Parejo flops down with Casemiro near him. Slo-mo replays show that was as clean a dive as any you've ever seen. Great refereeing, the temptation to appease this angry, angry, Mestalla must have been something else. 

21:25 (IST)27 JAN 2018

40' OW! Ronaldo sells Montoya down the river, steps-over a couple of times before Parejo cleans him up just outside the box. Inexplicably the ref waves play on. More explicably there's steam coming out of Ronaldo's ears

21:24 (IST)27 JAN 2018

38' GOOOOOOOAL! CRISTIANO RONALDOOOOO! He smashes it into the bottom left corner of the net. 

21:23 (IST)27 JAN 2018

38' PENALTY! Montoya jumps into Benzema who is waiting for the Caravajal ball and it is a sureshot penalty. The ref obliges

21:22 (IST)27 JAN 2018

37' Modric sweeps a ball out to Marcelo who kills it dead with a velvet soft touch, his cross is cleared but its send back to Caravajal on the other flank by Kroos. The Spaniard curls one into the box.... 
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