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Venus Williams vs Garbine Muguruza live tennis score, Wimbledon 2017 Finals

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 15, 2017 14:43 GMT

Williams 0 - 5, 5 - 7 *Muguruza [* indicates next server]


14:43 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

That's all for our live coverage on the women's singles today. Hope you all were as captivated by this match as we were. 

We'll leave you with one great factoid - Venus Williams ends Wimbledon at World No. 9.

14:42 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Muguruza says she was 'nervous' - "I grew up watching her, so it was really intimidating to play her! Of course I was nervous."

14:41 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

"I miss you, Serena," Venus says, and I tried to do the things you do. There'll be other chances." Our hearts are full! 

She also appreciates her opponent. "You played amazing, Garbiñe, I know how hard you work."

14:38 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

This was Muguruza's second Wimbledon final - she made the finals in 2015, but lost out to Serena Williams! 

Some absolutely brilliant stuff from both players here today, but Muguruza sustains an absolutely mammoth level of energy and fight to win today.  A well-deserved win and quite the fight from both players.

14:33 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

This is the first ever Wimbledon title and second Grand Slam title for Garbine Muguruza, who beat Serena Williams for the French Open title in 2016.

14:30 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

And it's all over! Muguruza brings up THREE championship points - until Venus fights back for 30-40. But she's tired, and Muguruza wins the match on a challenge.


WIMBLEDON 2017 has a new champion - GARBINE MUGURUZA! 

14:26 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

It's now been eight games on the trot for Garbine Muguruza, who is in the driver/pilot/player's seat and a game away from her first Wimbledon title.


14:23 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

This match is running away from Venus Williams.. and Muguruza leads 4-0 in the second and looking like she'll bagel Venus, now. Venus' legs look a bit tired but she's chasing everything down regardless. Fighting spirit and how.

14:21 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

14:19 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

14:18 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

It's looking a bit grim for Venus Williams at the moment. She's now down 0-3 with a couple of squandered opportunities and a couple of cheap errors. 

She sends that backhand wide and Muguruza has the double break of serve.


14:16 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Muguruza is taking control of this match and how! But both players are being pushed to the limit here on Centre Court. But down 0-40, Venus battles back for 30-40.

An unnecessary fh error loses her that break opportunity.

2-0 to Muguruza

14:10 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

And there's the break! Garbine Muguruza is really attacking Venus' forehand now and she seals off with an ace to break Venus in Game 1 of set 2.

Can Venus come back now? 

1-0 in the second, Muguruza leads a break of serve.

14:06 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus Williams fights off a couple of break/set points but in the end a strong finish from the talented Spaniard. She's playing some brilliant defensive tennis here.

Muguruza takes the first set 7-5! 

13:59 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

What a passing shot! Venus comes slightly into the net and lobs that one. Fleet of foot and easy does it. 

Muguruza's serving to win this set, though. Quite a lot of pressure on Williams. But it's pressure she's likely used to.

13:57 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Couple of feisty shots from Venus Williams but the errors are increasing - and fast! After netting one, she commits another fh error as she sends a flier a bit way too long. 

First break of the match to Muguruza at 6-5.

Garbine Muguruza to serve for the first set.

13:52 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

That was the best rally we've seen in a long while.  19 shots. NINETEEN. Muguruza now sends Venus running - and Venus is running like a professional athlete - that she is, but she's also running like a teenager. Phenomenal stuff.

She brings up two set points - and although the service hold goes to Muguruza in the end, there's a NINETEEN SHOT rally. 

Yes I'm highlighting that.

5-5 in the first.

13:49 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Muguruza ups the speed on her serve. Venus moves her around from left to right and seems to have the most innate sense of where to slot it. Left. Right. Left. It's like an Army marchpast, at least directionally.

It looks like Venus fully intends to break serve.

A couple of forehand errors from Muguruza here and it's break - and set - point Venus Williams! 

13:47 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

There isn't any drastic variation from Venus Williams - but this is what classic grass court tennis looks like. 

A LOVE HOLD for Venus Williams.

For the second time in this match.

Williams leads 5-4.

Muguruza to serve to stay in the set.

13:46 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus Williams is magic on the court. Although Muguruza is favoured in the odds, Venus Williams has 5 titles here. 

In contrast, this is only Muguruza's second final here.

13:45 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Almost a love hold for Muguruza but she overdoes that forehand, as she's already done a few times today, and it's another hold for the Spaniard.


13:42 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

She remains still and stands her ground does Venus Williams, and her Spanish counterpart is made to chase shots around the court . She brings it back to deuce with a DF but in the end a huge serve helps her take a big service hold. 

4-3 Williams

13:37 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

But Muguruza does the exact same, and we're now at Deuce Number 3.

13:37 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Phenomenal from both players here to serve up some great aces and now the pressure is on Williams, albeit a bit self-inflicted with a forced fh error. 

That brings up break point for Muguruza.

13:31 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

A long shot to finish off, and Venus' break opportunity is gone. Game Muguruza.

3-3 on serve.

13:30 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

She doesn't get enough spin on that forehand unfortunately, and it's at deuce after she nets it.

13:30 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Phenomenal stuff from Venus Williams. She has incredible agility - she always has, and she goes on the full stretch to send a cross-court shot there to bring up break point! 

13:25 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus is staying firm down the T and sends Muguruza running around instead. Again, Muguruza can't time her return just right and it's long. 

A LOVE HOLD for Venus Williams for 3-2! 

13:25 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus Williams' forehand is one of the strongest on tour, and she's standing down the T, and sends a walloping forehand winner towards the sidelines. 

Phenomenal passing shot and she's raced to 40-0 as Muguruza nets the return.

13:24 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

An easy service hold from Muguruza with a couple of shots down the T and she's doing well to hold serve here. 


13:22 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Whopper of a service hold from Venus Williams with a couple of signature cross-court shots. A bit of a struggle netting some otherwise routine shots, but Venus intends to fight.

But so does former French Open champ Garbine Muguruza.

Williams holds for 2-1 on serve.

13:15 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

First service game for Muguruza and she starts off with a double fault. Ouch! 

13:14 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

A flubbed cross-court forehand from Venus, but no matter. She pulls it back with a couple of stunning forehand winners down the line and it's Game Venus.

1-0 to Williams.

13:12 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Play commences. Venus Williams begins serve. 

Venus Williams begins her women's singles final with an ace down the T.

13:10 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus Williams leads their head to head record 3-1. 

13:10 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

This is also their first ever meeting at a Grand Slam.

13:09 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

It's the career 5th meeting between Williams and Muguruza - and the first on grass.

13:04 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus has a total of seven Grand Slam titles, of which five are at Wimbledon. 

13:02 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Former World No. 1 Venus Williams is considered among the greatest tennis players in history - with younger sister Serena considered the Greatest of All Time with a whopping 23 Majors

13:02 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

At 37 years old, Venus is the oldest player in the men's and women's draw to reach as deep as she did into the draw. 

13:01 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Venus Williams made her tennis debut in 1997. 20 years ago.

This year, she played three opponents BORN in that same year en route to the finals. 

13:01 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

10th seed Venus Williams takes on 14th seed Garbine Muguruza for the Wimbledon women's singles title! 

13:00 (GMT)15 JUL 2017

Welcome to our coverage of the women's singles final! 
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