Vinesh Phogat vs Vanesa Kaladzinskaya 53kg women's wrestling LIVE: Vinesh loses in the quarterfinals!

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Catch live from Vinesh Phogat vs Vanesa Kaladzinskaya 53kg women's wrestling: Vinesh loses!


09:26 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Well, that was all from this LIVE blog 

Vinesh Phogat loses her quarter-final match against Belarus' Vanesa Kaladzinskaya by fall. She was just not good enough today. She got a strong start in the first round but the quarterfinals ended all hopes of a gold medal from the 26-year-old. She now awaits her fate. If Vanesa wins her semifinal bout then Vinesh will be competing in the repechage round, for a bronze medal. 

There is still a lot of action for the Indian fans to look forward to. There are two Indian wrestlers, Deepak Punia and Ravi Kumar Dahiya, who could still secure medals for India. You can catch all the action from Tokyo Olympics on Sportskeeda. 

09:19 (IST)5 AUG 2021

It is yet another heartbreak for India's Vinesh Phogat. And once again, it is in the quarter-final bout. Vinesh will acknowledge that her opponent was better than her throughout the bout. Vanesa was on the attack and Vinesh just couldn't find an answer to the relentless pressure. 

Vinesh would now hope that Vanesa wins her semifinal bout to give her a shot at the bronze medal through the repechage round. 

09:16 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Here is the scoresheet from the game.

Vinesh conceded a victory by fall

09:15 (IST)5 AUG 2021

India's medal prospect and the first seed in the competition, Vinesh Phogat, is out of the race for a gold. 

09:14 (IST)5 AUG 2021

It is heartbreak for the Indian. It is celebrations for the Belarusian! She dominated the fight. With her last move, Vanesa gets her opponent on to the mat, pins Vinesh's shoulders and gets the victory by fall. 

09:12 (IST)5 AUG 2021

VINESH LOSES! Vanesa Kaladzinskaya wins by fall.

09:12 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh trails 7-3!

09:12 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vanesa yet again gets around the Indian. 2 points for the Belarusian. 

09:11 (IST)5 AUG 2021

An entirely different look to the match now.

09:11 (IST)5 AUG 2021

India win the challenge. The score is now 3-5!

09:10 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The referees are taking their time with this decision. A very very close call.

09:09 (IST)5 AUG 2021

A nervous wait for both the grapplers.

09:09 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The clock has been stopped with 1:51 remaining.

09:08 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The Indian coach has filed a challenge. India feel that their wrestler did enough to win the 2 points on her previous move.

09:08 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vanesa now leads 7-2!

09:08 (IST)5 AUG 2021

But a fantastic counter by Vanesa. She holds on and doesn't let the Indian score. She then counters the move to win 2 points of her own. 

09:07 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh gets a leg hold and finally manages to get around the back of her opponent.

09:06 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh has just 3 minutes to come back and take the bout.

09:06 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The second round begins.

09:06 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The wrestlers choose to end the first round without taking any risks. They score is 5-2 in favor of Vanesa Kaladzinskaya. 

09:05 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Strong defense by Vanesa. The Indian tried to attack but to no avail.

09:04 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh will need to up her game to level the scores.

09:04 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vanesa leads 5-2 now.

09:04 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh gets 2 points but Vanesa counters to get her lead back! 2-4!

09:03 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh goes 0-2 down as we head into the second minute.

09:03 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vanesa gets behind Vinesh! 2 points for the grappler from Belarus.

09:02 (IST)5 AUG 2021

30 seconds up. The score is 0-0!

09:02 (IST)5 AUG 2021

A cautious first few seconds by the Indian

09:02 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vinesh Phogat is in the red corner and the bout begins.

09:01 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The winner of this bout will make it to the semi-finals 

09:00 (IST)5 AUG 2021

And the Indian is making her way to the mat.

09:00 (IST)5 AUG 2021

This will be first of the four quarter-final bouts

08:59 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Up next - Vinesh Phogat in action!

08:57 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The last time the Indian faced Vanesa Kaladzinskaya, she beat her in the final of the Outstanding Ukrainian Wrestlers and Coaches Memorial tournament to win the gold medal at the competition. 

08:55 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Meanwhile, Vinesh will be in action very soon. Just one bout before she takes the mat.

08:54 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Some fantastic news for the Indian fans. The Indian men's hockey team has won the bronze medal match 5-4 against Germany. INDIA WIN A HOCKEY MEDAL AFTER 41 YEARS.

08:40 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The bout is just a few moments away.

08:33 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Vanesa Kaladzinskaya won her first round match against Romania's Andreea Ana through technical superiority. 

08:15 (IST)5 AUG 2021

08:12 (IST)5 AUG 2021

08:05 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Mark the timings - Vinesh Phogat vs Vanesa Kaladzinskaya at 8:56AM IST.

08:03 (IST)5 AUG 2021

We now know Vinesh's opponent. Belarus' Kaladzinskaya won her round of 16 bout against Ana from Romania and will face the Indian in the next round.

08:01 (IST)5 AUG 2021

With this win, Vinesh Phogat is through to the quarterfinals of the tournament. She will be in action at 8:56AM IST in the next round. Her opponent is yet to be decided.

07:58 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Here is the scoresheet from the game

Vinesh dominated the fight

07:57 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The former Olympic bronze medalist Mattsson is out for now. Some brilliant wrestling by Vinesh. A masterclass!

07:56 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The bout ends! VINESH WINS 7-1.

07:56 (IST)5 AUG 2021

The wrestler from Sweden has finally got a point. She manages that win a leg hold. 7-1.

07:54 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Less than a minute to go now!

07:54 (IST)5 AUG 2021

Superb defense by Vinesh! Mattsson lunges forward to establish a hold but Vinesh calmly sees the attack out.

07:53 (IST)5 AUG 2021

A big lead for the Indian with 2 minutes remaining 
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